Saturday, August 29, 2009

Welcome to my Dog-Blog!

My name is Jack, and through my personalized dog-blog, I want to share my life's adventures with you.

See, I am not just any ordinary dog (at least I don't think I am!). I am a Travel Writer's Assistant and Sidekick! And I love to hit the road with her on our adventures around New Mexico!
But first, Iet me tell you a bit about myself. In addition to traveling around our beautiful state, I do have a history...I am a rescue dog....and here is how my story began!

My person.....her name is Jill (that's right.....we are the "Jack and Jill" team!) was actively searching for a new bulldog partner. Her special friend, Patricia, who lives in Colorado (and is a special angel in her own rights) works actively for a Great Dane rescue organization. She knew Jill was looking for a bulldog, and when she came across my photo and profile on the Pueblo CO animal shelter website...well, she just knew!
A phone call, and the process was started. Soon I was adopted by Jill. I was a sprite 7 months young, full of p....and vinegar! My first family didn't understand that doggies need more than love and food...they also need direction and training. I didn't know that at first, but I soon learned from Jill what behaving is all about! Of course that came after a couple of little chewing up her new, snuggly soft settee....or stealing and eating that yummy raw steak on the counter.....or chewing through a corner of about 25 of her kids' books.....hmmm. I could go on, but perhaps it is just better to forget those little indiscretions.

Anyway, she adopted me, brought me into her home in Albuquerque...after we took a nice long ride from Colorado to New first "travel adventure". And now we love to zip around the state in search of new exciting things and places for folks and their pets to go! (I'll share a secret with you...she says my input in these adventures is very important. OF COURSE I knew that all along!)

What is my job here, you ask? Well, it is to share with you these adventures, some tips for "traveling with your pet", sharing with you MY favorite things to know/do/see/experience....and just have fun with you along the way. Be on the lookout soon (we'll clue you in...) for a new article on the horizon, called "On The Road with Jack and Jill....traveling with your pet around New Mexico". Filled with fun adventures and tips for traveling with dogs.

So....there you have it...a snapshot of what this DOG-BLOG is all about! Stay tuned...and I'll tell you about some funny...and not so funny things that have happened to me already....some dog-smarts and some not-so-dog-smarts.....etc. But it is Saturday morning...and we are off on a hiking adventure, so signing off for now.....