Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chuggin Away Up to Chama!

Well here's a great idea for a Labor Day weekend getaway! How bout the COOL mountains of northern New Mexico and the charming town of Chama! You BET this is a grand getaway! Why there's all sorts of great outdoor happenings....like fishing, hiking, biking, horseback riding. There's even a fancy dancy Art Studio Tour this weekend!

AND of course..there is everyone's (including ME!) favorite Steam Train...rollin' up the mountains. That would be none other than the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad! You can start your train ride at Cumbres Pass....why..even li'l ol' me gets in the action here! I LUV these friendly train conductors! And the ride...for two-legged persons that is...I hear is MIGHTY grand!

If you are looking for a cozy lodge....come visit me at my mountain lodge! The Elkhorn Lodge. We have room for YOU too! Tucked under the shade of the mighty cottonwoods, and riverside on the Rio Chama...why this is a destination for dogs and their persons too! And yep you heard that right! We are dog-friendly fer sure!

Anyway..if you haven't been to Chama lately...it's time to come on up! See you there!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cowboys & Horses & Good Times Oh My!

Hey did ya ever want to go on a horse drawn wagon ride? In the beauty of the mountains? And have a tasty breakfast fixed JUST for you? And make sure the cowboys and horses were A-OK?

Well......here's the plan for you...from this roamin' bulldog! Angel Fire New Mexico!

And if yer hankerin' for some cowboy action....and horses too....then Roadrunner Tours is JUST what the cowpoke in you is lookin' for! Horseback trail rides, wagon rides with campfire dinners, cattle round-ups, overnight rides, hay rides, dinner and breakfast rides. And more!

I, the very chow savvy pooch that I am (does my tummy give me away?) dog-cided on the Breakfast Ride.....in the wagon. Makes for some fun ridin....and new friends too! But there's nothin' tastier than fresh cooked bacon, scrambled eggs and pancakes too! Why Miss Nancy....you just MADE MY DAY! And yer cowboy crew too!

What a find by this travelin' dog. I dog recommend it for pooches and people alike!

And what with Labor Day right around the corner......head your hooves to Angel Fire... a doggone grand way to end the summertime fun!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gallup is Just Grand!

Well, I just had a doggone grand time in Gallup at the Inter-Tribal Ceremonial. So much to bark about...where's a pup-journalist to begin!?!

Well, maybe at my posh digs at the brand new Comfort Suites! Not only does the bed rank dog-comfy (don't tell the GM on me and my spoiled ways!) but I even got treated BIG time....toys and yummy treats waitin' just for me in my suite!

Then off to the Inter-Tribal Ceremonial. There were dancers and people to watch..why even Rodeo Queens (yup...I've got a thing for beauty queens and this little Rodeo gal was one dog-dandy find!) Saw her at the Ceremonial AND in the parade atop her mighty horse! WoW.

And what kind of trip doesn't include shopping? No better place than the historic Richardson Trading Post....visited with the grand dame of Richardson's,....Francis Richardson herself!....checked out the wares LOTS of them tucked into this fabtabulous mercantile...and a weaver too! Saw the wool both on the ball and on this friendly sheep too!

I even ran into some high ranking Politicos here....U.S. Representative Ben Ray Lujan.

Well, I could go on and on and on about Gallup...but hey...maybe, just MAYBE you should gallop on over to Gallup...and discover this gem of a town yourself!....AND make plans to attend NEXT year's Inter-Tribal Ceremonial. It is a Winner!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Country Road...Bring Me Home.....

There's NOTHIN' better than takin' a stroll down a country lane....and just in case you are a'wonderin' where this wanderin' dog is this time....it's CHAMA!

Yes, Chama New Mexico! NOT Colorado (although it's close)...NOT any other mountain state...but my very own New Mexico....a state filled with surprises around every bend in the road. Lovely scenery.....fab weather.....and lots of little hidden gems all through the state.

Tucked high in the San Juan Mountains of the Rockies...there are lots of great wanderin' spots for this dog....and you too! And Chama is a great place to roam....let me tell you!

Every weekend, my dog-sister, Roxie and I take to the hills with Jill and find some quiet, peaceful...and yes as you can see....BEAUTIFUL place to hike.

Nothin' like puttin' the paws to the pebbles and breathin' in that fresh mountain air!

Yes....Chama...one of the most beautiful spots in the U.S.

....and it's my favorite spot to roam! Think I'm goin' fishin' in the Rio Chama for my next dog-venture! or maybe I'll chase the Train....or maybe I'll go boatin' at nearby Heron Lake....

...well just stay tuned....and I'll take you somewhere else exciting in this 'enchanting' state!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Have a New BFF.....a Boy named Adam!

Hi....yup it's true...I've got a new best friend. We knew it the moment we met. I knew it the moment he put his hands on me....I was touched. He and I connected.

Yup...it's true. Adam and I met at the Inter Tribal Ceremony Parade in Gallup. I had just finished filming my TV spot for Travel Guide New Mexico and had retired from the front row of the parade route to the cool shade of the sidewalk underneath a big shady tree.

...when he leaned down, close to my face...our eyes met...and we knew. We were new BFFs right then and there! Best friends.

His mom introduced Adam to me. He is special. He understands us dogs well. He has several at home. But more than that he is special because Adam is a Downs Syndrome boy....but you know what! That is what made him SO very special to me.

We were best friends from that moment. I won't forget my Friend Adam.

He lives on a reservation near Gallup.

I wander the highways and byways of New Mexico reporting on pet friendly places and things.

But you know what....sometimes The BEST things on earth just find YOU.......as it did this day.

Here's a slurpy kiss just for you Adam!

.....and wherever our life adventures take us....our two hearts will always be connected.

...all my love to you Adam! You are the BEST in my books.


Travelin' Jack

Pilot Program for this Pooch!

Ah yes, we all remember when I had to go under the knife....torn CCL on my back leg. Well, we decided we did NOT want any more of that surgery stuff...no way, Jose!

So Jill did some research, some fast talkin' (she is good at that after all!)....and lo and behold before you can blink a dog-blink....I've been picked to be a Pilot Dog with Pall Corporation for their new Pilot Program with a super dooper cell builder program called Purecell Platelete Enhancement Therapy....or PET for short....kinda like that acronym name....has a nice doggie ring to it!

Anyway, I am now a graduate of the procedure. My very own special surgeon, Dr. Peter Schwarz of VESCNM worked with Dr. Schaffer in NY state from Pall......they planned the whole thing...then I got to take a nice nap while they did their magic.

I'm thinking positive dog-thoughts about this here special, super high-tech procedure...not only is it going to help heal my bad leg, but it is going to keep my other ligament from tearing! At least that is THE plan by this pup!

Right now, I am still a bit dopey (I know that is normal for me...but more so than normal!) from the happy gas they gave me. But planning on being back on the trail VERY soon.... so stay tuned. I'll let you know how my little pilot project works out!

And in the meantime...thanks Dr. Schaffer and Dr. Schwarz (and the whole team at VESCNM for takin' such doggone grand care of li'l ol' me, Travelin' Jack!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses....MMMMWWWWAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Travelin' Jack needs YOU!

SERIOUSLY!!!!!! In the words of our great Uncle Sam.....WE NEED YOU...I have put my special paws-touch on this well-used phrase and started my own WE NEED YOU campaign! And it is nothing other than my favorite 'pet project'....so to speak.

And here we are at Round One! I have taken on the P-AWESome job of Sponsoring two pets a month who NEED a new forever family! One Kitty....(Yes, Travelin' Jack likes kitties too!)....and One Doggy.

So DRUM ROLL.....Presenting today My Poster Kitty of the Month and my Poster Doggie of the Month....both of whom DESPERATELY need and want their own family! I can dog-spect their position as I was a shelter doggie once myself...before Jill adopted me. So My Cause Hits close to home for me.

Here they are....IN ALL THEIR CUTENESS!


# 13895

6 years, spayed female

I think my photo shows off my lovely, sweet face. I have long, soft, fluffy hair in light tones that go so well with my gentle, calm personality. Brushing keeps it looking luscious. I may even give you a cat nip! I have been well taken care of in the past and hope to go to my last and best forever home. Come seek me out and judge for yourself. I’m at Animal Humane’s main campus: 615 Virginia Street SE ABQ, NM 87108. 505.255.5523. www.animalhumanenm.org



I am a 1 year old neutered male Sharpei mix. I’m a peppy pup with lots of love to give. I enjoy running and playing with my toys, but most of all I love the time I get to spend with my people friends. I have a true desire to learn and please so with the help of a patient person I can be all I can be. Take me home and we can have many years of happiness together. I’m at Animal Humane | New Mexico’s main campus: 615 Virginia Street SE ABQ, NM 87108. 505.255.5523. www.animalhumanenm.org


Three ways.

1) You can decide to add that special 4-footed member to your family and contact Animal Humane of NM right now...before someone else adopts them!

......or if you just can't adopt

2) Send a $ donation to AHNM....so they can feed Puff and Rooster while they are in their temporary home at AHNM.

3) Share this blog site with EVERYONE you know....someone out there MAY just be looking for that best-friend...and VOILA......here's their dream pet!

AND everyone will be happy! I-Travelin' Jack....will be 'specially dog-thrilled to have these two babies in a wonderful forever home and family!

Yes...it is true....TRAVELIN' JACK NEEDS YOU! I challenge you to RISE to the Challenge!

Friday, August 6, 2010

AHHH....Angel Fire Delight!

The cool mountain air....snazzy resort, even a country club....lots of fun outdoors activities...just what this DoG ordered! And off we went to check it out.

Of course the first stop at any new place should always be the Visitor Center...and whew-doggie...let me tell you sumpin...the red carpet was rolled out for this puparoo! Why even the Exec. Director, Karen Kelly and her Guy Friday, Jimmy took time out of their busy schedules to bid me a warm Angel Fire welcome! AAAHHH....smell that fresh mountain air!

I learned all about some wonderful things to do in Angel Fire in the summer....like fishing, horse-drawn wagon cowboy breakfasts (that one is a future blog all by itself!) golfing at the Country Club...the spectacular Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park....and of course, the snazzy resort itself.

So off we go on an Angel Fire adventure. After we got the low-down from the Visitor Center, we headed straight to the Vietnam Vet Memorial...one spectacular setting, handsomely groomed walkways that this dog sure did enjoy...and of course the memorial itself! Whether you were a Vietnam veteran or not (and I wasn't---not old enough ya know!), it's worth a visit to honor those fine military folks protecting us and our country. We stayed there till almost dusk enjoying this serene setting and then off we went to the BRAND NEW Country Club for a sunset beverage.

What you say? Drinks for a dog? Well...THIS Angel Fire Country Club is SO accommodating that they welcomed us...ME..Travelin' Jack included!...onto the outdoor deck. And wouldn't you know it...I got my very own Big Boy Beverage....a Roy Rogers...cherry and all, fixed in an easy slurpin' bowl! Well now...ain't that the CATS MEOW!! or in my case the DOGS BARK! They get a paws up rating from this snooty dog....FER SURE!

Angel Fire is one FAB summertime getaway...let me tell you! I'll share more of this fab-tabulous visit in a blog comin' your way soon....I dog-guarantee!

but for now...gotta slurp up this tasty Roy Rogers! sssssllllluuuurrrrpppp!