Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This Thanksgiving I'm Thankful for.......

                                                    Good Food  (Buffalo Thunder Resort)
My Family (The Jack & Jill Team)
I'm thankful for my adopted kitty brother OSCAR
                                                       and my Doggie Sister, Roxie
                                           My Two Footed Friends  (Los Alamos Fire Dept.)

                                                          My 4-Footed Friends  (Pepper & Cayenne---R.I.P.)
 My Conference Business Partners (Toni-PetSmart, Dayna & Tango the Fire Safety Dog)

                                            & My TV partners (Nikki & Kristin "New Mexico Style")

                                           I'm thankful for my Travel Adventures & Dog-personal Driver
 & My MANY Travel Adventures (Ghost Ranch)
         and OH-Did I say.....GOOD Food?  (Green Chili CheeseBurger Elkhorn Cafe Chama)

I'm doggone Thankful for Just Everything & Everyone! 

And here's hopin' you have a doggone HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

PS  Read my blog below for some sage bulldog Thanksgiving advice from your favorite bulldog reporter!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Stuffin' is for Turkeys....not Doggies! Travelin' Jack's Thanksgiving Pet Tips

Travelin' Jack's almost Turkey Day...and EVERY dog knows that is one special day!  I know...I hafta be patient.....But in my family it means first....OVER THE RIO and THRU THE northern New Mexico we go! So...guess I'll have to pack my bags and my travel crate......ya know it's always impuptant for dogs to have their very own get-away rest space....especially when folks are gathered from near and far, making lots of noise and people talk and such!  Sometimes a dog just has to get away from all the hubbub and find a little quiet time....ya know?
So I recommend to all my fellow dog-travelers, take your Doggie Crate with you when you hit the gramma's house...or where-ever!  That way, you can slip away for a little dog-nap when the mood hits!

But first thing first.  We know this holiday is all about eatin'.  And since I'm travelin' this holiday, I'm gettin' out MY personal Dog-China....and it's a travelin' bowl set no less!  Check out these slick new Martha Stewart food containers.  My own tasty nibbles and kibbles packed in my nifty DOG FOOD handy dandy unbreakable measuring cup (gotta keep an eye on the calories even at THANKSGIVING ya know!)  and my brand new 5 piece Double Feeder Bowl Set. All by Martha Stewart. That talented celeb has created a whole line of Pet Products and dog-die for!  All by Martha Stewart and available at my very FAV pet store  Petsmart!

Check out this dog bowl.  First it starts with a non-skid shiftin' and slidin' during dinnertime ya know!?!  Then there are the stainless steel bowls that insert right inside the pretty white food bowl base.  And then...there's even an air-tight lid to keep my special food fresh and portable!  Just the handiest, dog-dandiest bowl set for DOGS ON THE GO! Like ME-Travelin' Jack!              
                     the day is here....and I'm READY doggone it!  What are we waitin' for anyway!  Oh you want some Pet Tips for the big day, eh? goes...straight from Travelin' Jack's lips!
1) NO TURKEY BONES!  Talk about dangerous for dogs!  And we DON'T want any Thanksgiving Day trips to the Veterinary emergency room now do we?  They can splinter, cause lots of problems and BIRD BONES are the worst!
2) NO RICH SIDE DISH LEFTOVERS. You know what I'm barkin' about.  Those yummy potatoes, gravy,  They just have LOTS of calories that us svelt pups don't need.  Much better to stick with our regular personal favorite dog food dinner for us pups.
3) CHOCOLATE. We all know that chocolate is not good for us canines...but sometimes guests (being very polite to their hostess) will bring a nice tasty box of chocolates for the big day.  And then they open it up...sample a chocolate before dinner...and then off they go on all their personal preparations.  Now stop right here and think about it from our pup-spective....There they are...all those heavenly chocolates sittin' pretty as can be....opened up on the coffee table!  And guess what else!  EASY for us pups to reach!  And before you know it.....yup....GONE!  Now you see what I mean don't ya?
4) FEED THE PETS FIRST!  I know, that sounds pup-spicious..but it's true.  Here's another Travelin' Jack gem.  IF you feed the dog first.....his own normal dog food (maybe with a special turkey canned food topping), let them enjoy their dinner,
then put them up before the BIG PEOPLE DINNER.  The pups are full and ready for a nap while you are dining!  Maybe a  post-dinner snooze in the ol' travel crate...maybe a nap in the guest bedroom...maybe even a little play time in the enclosed backyard!  Whatever means there will be no dogs under the table a-beggin'.....and much as I dog-claim NEVER to do this dog-dasterdly CAN happen from some less than perfect pups out there...just a-waitin for something to drop from the table!  And of course there are those KIDS too...who think the easiest way to get rid of the brussel sprouts is to hand it off to the dog.  Now THAT really IS not the dogs!   
AND THEN THE DINNER IS OVER....yer all stuffed with the stuffin...and other goodies...and what follows then? Tip Number.....

5) TAKE A WALK IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS! Nothin' better than workin' off all those calories than a good brisk hike...and talk about Happy Pups!  Well..this is just the cat's meouw.....or dog's bark...or somethin' like that.  But any way you look at it...everyone is happy on a walk!   
                                                                     Come on Roxie...let's GO!  But then after the walk.......'s time to put on the GAMES ON T-shirt....get comfy on the sofa...and turn on the TUBE for that Turkey Day Football game!  Even us DOGS have to have football on Thanksgivin' Day! 
                                                 .......So get over it! And just get ready for the BIG GAME!
...and just get ready for the BIG GAME!  Signin' off now.....the game's a-startin!

PS (pup-script).  If you follow my dog-vice with all these great turkey tips, you'll have one happy pup for the holiday celebrations.  AND also, PetSmart gifted me with all these great Martha Stewart products.  LUV 'em all!  And that's the doggone truth!

Doggie Hug, Slurpy Kisses....and HAPPY THANKSGIVING....all!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Mexico Style Rocks! says Travelin' Jack!

I made my second LIVE appearance on "New Mexico Style" on Kasa Fox TV today!  YuP it's true..this PUP is livin' the good life.  The Diva of Morning TV once again wowed this dog with her charm, her hugs and kisses..and compliments.  Guess I am fer SURE one lucky dog!

We chatted about lots of things..including my being a finalist in the 2011 New Mexico Book Awards.  But hey...why bark about it on the blog...instead just watch the video segment for yourself!

.  Tomorrow, November 18th is THE BIG NIGHT....when awards are announced!  I'm a-hopin' big time!  And IF I win....I'll be the 1st EVER Dog-Author to win a New Mexico Book Award!  So keep your fingers and paws crossed out there...all you Travelin' Jack fans and friends!  We'll let you know VERY soon!  In the meantime...I'm just gonna go get my beauty rest for tomorrow night....and I might just dream a doggie-dream about my Dream Gal, Nikki S!  MWAAAAHHH! That Jack-smack is just for you!!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Canine Salute to Our Country's Dog Military Heroes!

Travelin' Jack here...Yankee Doodle Doggie.  It's a special day today.....where we honor our military veteran heroes ALL.  That means the tough MEN, the brave WOMEN and the very talented CANINES who serve selflessly to protect our country.  So today, I am putting bulldog silliness aside and I seriously salute both our Veterans and our active Military personnel.

First I want to salute two of my favorite Military Veterans.  My people-dad JIM LANE who served bravely in the Viet Nam war.  Thanks JIM for your great service to the USA!  And my TV Dad, RICHARD HOLCOMB who launched my dog-personal TV career..who also served bravely and selflessly in Viet Nam. Thanks RICHARD for your service!  AND a DOGGONE BIG THANKS to ALL the US heroes...whether alive or dead, whether retired or active, whether here or in a far away land....YOU ARE HEROES to all of us Americans safe at home.  Thanks for your bravery and your personal sacrifices!

I also want to BARK OUT  a big Veterans Day salute to my SECRET MILITARY PERSON currently serving overseas.  Recently Jill was flying on a Delta flight and the crew on board shouted out a request to the passengers to send a written Holiday Thanks to our active overseas Military service people.  SO.....even while my paws were firmly planted on the ground in New Mexico....Jill wrote a note on my behalf to a special MILITARY service-person and passed it back to the Delta Flight Attendant to pass along to YOU!  I  hope you get this....and that you know that all of us home here in the USA wish you a safe holiday overseas....AND some tasty turkey too!  I do hope to meet you in DOG-PERSON one day soon so you will no longer be my SECRET MILITARY PERSON!  Bein' the travelin' dog I am...why I would even cross the highways and byways of America to meet you! What a doggone grand reunion that would

In the meantime...on this Veterans Day in 2011....we THANK YOU all!  

And as I was penning this salute, I received this e-mail from Dr. J of Top Dog ...with a very special military salute to my CANINE COUSINS serving in the Military.  This article is just too doggone good not to thanks to Dr. J for sharing this piece...thanks to Rebecca Frankel for writing the piece..and thanks to Pets For Patriots for the great work you are doing with our military canines and service people!  You are all TOP DOG in my books!

Read on......    

The Military's Canine Forces:  Honoring the Dogs that Fight for our Country

Hello Travelin' Jack & Jill,

Dogs have been fighting alongside U.S. soldiers for more than 100 years, seeing combat in the Civil War and World War I. But their service was informal; only in 1942 were canines officially inducted into the U.S. Army. Today, they're a central part of U.S. efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan -- as of early 2010 the U.S. Army had 2,800 active-duty dogs deployed (the largest canine contingent in the world). And these numbers will continue to grow as these dogs become an ever-more-vital military asset. This Veterans Day, let's not only thank and remember our human veterans for their service, but also our four-legged companions. Scroll down to see images of these heroic service dogs in action and be sure to read the stories that go along with them. Once you are done reading these heroic and heartwarming stories, please turn your attention to the Pets for Patriots program listed at the bottom of this email.
I hope all of you have a happy and memorable Veterans Day.  -Dr. J

Staff Sgt. Philip Mendoza and his military working dog, Rico, wearing specially made goggles, train aboard a helicopter at Joint Base Balad, Iraq.
Staff Sgt. Philip Mendoza and his military working dog, Rico, wearing specially made goggles, train aboard a helicopter at Joint Base Balad, Iraq.

A U.S. soldier with the 10th Special Forces Group and his dog leap off the ramp of a CH-47 Chinook helicopter during water training over the Gulf of Mexico as part of exercise Emerald Warrior on March 1.
A U.S. soldier with the 10th Special Forces Group and his dog leap off the ramp of a CH-47 Chinook helicopter during water training over the Gulf of Mexico as part of exercise Emerald Warrior on March 1.

The military works hard to find all dogs good adoptive homes.
The war dog retirement plan: For some dogs, the days of parachuting out of planes and tours in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan end sooner than others - whether it's from fatigue, a debilitating injury from battle, or a personality that's just not cut out for the rigors of war. But the military works hard to find all these dogs good adoptive homes. Irano, an 11-year-old retired military dog, is a good example. A former explosives detection dog, Irano has a debilitating disease called degenerative lumbosacral stenosis and has lost most of the function in his hind legs. But the Air Force found a good home for him with Army Sgt. Jeffrey Souder -- who has even built him a custom wheelchair. "As long as the dog is with the handler, he's loving life."

"As long as the dog is with the handler, he's loving life."
Thrill seekers: The first U.S. dog to take a "military parachute free fall" was Pal, a 46-pound German shepherd, in 1969. He made that jump with Sergeant First Class Jesse Mendez, a scout dog trainer during the Vietnam War.

But do dogs like leaping out of planes and helicopters?  Apparently, they enjoy it more than you would. One handler recently told the Times of London, "Dogs don't perceive height difference.... They're more likely to be bothered by the roar of the engines, but once we're on the way down, that doesn't matter and they just enjoy the view.... [The dog] has a much cooler head than most recruits." 
As former Marine and dog handler Mike Dowling put it in an interview, "As long as the dog is with the handler, he's loving life."  Above U.S. Army 1st Sgt. Chris LaLonde, center, holds his military working dog, Sgt. Maj. Fosco, while jumpmaster Kirby Rodriguez, behind them, deploys his parachute during the military's first tandem airborne jump with a canine from an altitude of 12,500 feet onto Gammon Parade Field on Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., on Sept. 18, 2009.

Lance Cpl. Daniel Franke, a dog handler attached to Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 2, enjoys a quiet moment in Towrah Ghundey, Afghanistan, on June 11, 2010.
Above Lance Cpl. Daniel Franke, a dog handler attached to Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 2, enjoys a quiet moment in Towrah Ghundey, Afghanistan, on June 11, 2010.

The difference a dog makes: No matter how war dogs are involved in battle, the military's canine forces are doing more than their fair share. There are already plenty of legendary war dogs to celebrate: the three stray mutts living on a base in Afghanistan who wrestled a suicide bomber to the ground, forcing him to detonate before ever reaching the barracks where 50 soldiers lay sleeping; the fatally wounded handler who called for his dog with his last breath; the bomb-sniffing dog who, after his trainer was killed in Afghanistan, succumbed shortly after of a "broken heart."

Like other handlers, Dowling knows this from experience. His dog Rex was "a great moral boost, a symbol of home. You come back to base [to these dogs] that are so freakin' loyal -- a dog who is waiting for you, who will play with you because they love you.... There are so many benefits."

"Canine Tactical Assault Vests' for wear by SEAL dogs."
In August 2010, The Register, a British online tech publication, reported that "top-secret, super-elite U.S. Navy SEAL special forces are to deploy heavily armoured bulletproof dogs equipped with infrared nightsight cameras and an 'intruder communication system' able to penetrate concrete walls." The article also reported that the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Group had "awarded an $86,000 contract to Canadian firm K9 Storm Inc. for the supply of 'Canine Tactical Assault Vests' for wear by SEAL dogs." The K9 catalogue boasts an array of high-tech canine devices, from storm lights to long lines and leads to an assortment of vests -- assault, aerial insertion, and patrol-SWAT -- which are rated from "excellent" to "good" in protecting the animal from harm due to everything from bullets to ice picks.

Staff Sgt. Erick Martinez, a military dog handler uses an over-the-shoulder carry to hold his dog, Argo II, at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, on March 4. The exercise helps build trust, loyalty, and teamwork.
In the photo above, Staff Sgt. Erick Martinez, a military dog handler uses an over-the-shoulder carry to hold his dog, Argo II, at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, on March 4.  The exercise helps build trust, loyalty, and teamwork.

Fierce protectors: Military dogs and their handlers often form deep bonds -- it's an essential part of the canine-handler relationship that is specifically built into their training regimen. The personal attachments are often so intense that it can take weeks of training before a dog can begin working with a new handler. Not only are these dogs fierce assault weapons, they are loyal guardians. When Private First Class Colton Rusk was shot after his unit came under Taliban sniper fire during a routine patrol in Afghanistan, Rusk's bomb-sniffing dog, Eli, crawled on top of his body, attacking anyone -- including Rusk's fellow Marines -- who tried to come near him. Rusk did not survive the assault, but Eli was granted early retirement so he could live with Rusk's family.

Staff Sgt. Erick Martinez, a military dog handler uses an over-the-shoulder carry to hold his dog, Argo II, at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, on March 4. The exercise helps build trust, loyalty, and teamwork.
Above, U.S. sergeant Matthew Templet and his bomb-sniffing dog Basco search for the explosives in an abandoned house in Haji Ghaffar village during a clearance patrol in Zari district of Kandahar province on Dec. 27, 2010.

The nose knows: A canine's olfactory powers are well known -- dogs are now even being used to sniff out rare types of cancer -- and that natural ability hasn't gone unnoticed by the U.S. military. When President Barack Obama traveled to Asia last fall, an elite team of 30 bomb-sniffing dogs were part of his security entourage. (All in all, it was a pretty cushy assignment: The dogs stayed in 5-star hotels and rode in vehicles tailored to their comfort and safety.)  More remarkable still are vapor-wake dogs. Scientists at Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine have genetically bred and specially trained canines to not only detect stationary bombs or bomb-making materials, but identify and alert their handler to the moving scent of explosive devices and materials left behind in the air, say, as a suicide bomber walked through a crowd -- all without ever tipping off the perpetrator. While not as expensive as some military-trained dogs, the cost of breeding and training these dogs cost is not cheap at around $20,000 each.

U.S. Marines attached to 1st Battalion, 6th regiment, Charlie Company relax with their bomb-sniffing dogs Books and Good One in Huskers camp on the outskirts of Marjah in central Helmand on Jan. 25, 2010.
Above, U.S. Marines attached to 1st Battalion, 6th regiment, Charlie Company relax with their bomb-sniffing dogs, Books and Good One, in Huskers camp on the outskirts of Marjah in central Helmand on Jan. 25, 2010.
A canine surge: Over the last two years, there has been an effort to rapidly increase the number IED detection dogs in Afghanistan and Iraq. Currently, the Marine Corps has 170 bomb-sniffing dogs, but has plans to deploy as many as 600 dogs to their program before September 2012. In late 2010 the Marines have also awarded a contract to American K-9 Interdiction for "as much as $35 million" to train and kennel their dogs. In February, Marine Commandant Gen. James Amos stated that he'd like to see "a dog with every patrol."

Written by Rebecca Frankel.
On a side note, I would like to draw your attention to a fantastic not-for-profit organization that I have recently stumbled upon. They are called Pets for Patriots and they connect adult and other at-risk shelter pets with service and veteran members of the U.S. military to the benefit of pet and person. Their vision is to end animal homelessness by supporting the permanent placement of these dogs (and cats) with every available, able and willing military family in the United States. I urge you to take a look at their website by clicking on their logo below. Read their stories, view their pictures and if at all possible, help their cause. Once again, have a very happy and memorable Veterans Day! -Dr. J  Top Dog Health

Pets for Patriots

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Dog's Resume....Travelin' Jack....New Mexico's Dog Extra-ordinaire!

                                      Okey Dokey Doggie......We all know I wear different hats (and sometimes Doggles too!) From being New Mexico's Pet Travel Writer Extra-ordinaire where I keep my paws to the pavement checkin' out pet friendly places in New Mexico (and beyond too!) writin' about my adventures on my own dog-personal crazy dog-blog-travelogue.....

to even running for New Mexico Dog-Governor!

Let's take a paw-step back and review my dog-resume.... 

While workin' doggone hard as New Mexico's Dog Travel Guru...I caught the eye...and camera of Travel Guide New Mexico   and  dog-itioned  for my part in this great New Mexico travel show.  And after one test shoot....VOILA!  I've got my own TV segment......
                                                           JACK'S TRACKS!

Where I posed for the camera while reviewin' and reportin' on great hotels, B&Bs and resorts......
         exploring back country this great hike at Ghost Ranch! We dog-splored the state from top to bottom.
And then for my dog-blog-travelogue......I continued to "HIT THE ROAD JACK"
touring and reviewing....even stylin' in my Doggles while takin' a Trolley Tour in Albuquerque....but               dog-gardless where your paws take ya....

It's dog-portant to dress in style.  No matter WHAT you do or WHERE you go! 
Why you just never know WHEN you might be asked to be.......


..or win an award at the New Mexico Governor's Conference on Tourism!  For my dog-fabulous work in the PET TRAVEL arena

 or even be the Featured GUEST on the hottest Radio show in New Mexico...with the Queen of Radio..Miss Terrie Q.....on KKOB Radio ........

Why I even landed a modeling role in a Veterinary Video...NOT that I would recommend this modeling role to any of my pet friends!  Check out this video where I was the Subject of a specialized CCL surgery  
But let's not tary on this chapter of my life...I'd dog-rather move onto more happy adventures!

....Like when I traveled cross country this August for my 1st Dog-Speaker role
at BlogPaws a national conference for pets and pet professionals
my Canine Parter TANGO the Fire Safety dog....WOO-DOGGIE..what a trip!

From modeling role expanded to becoming a
 PetSmart product reviewer & Dog-Model.  Here I'm modeling the 2011 Martha Stewart Pet Costume line in my scary Skeleton costume! BOO!  Scared ya didn't I????? BOL!!!!!

or even modeling my new LeashLocket for the world to see too! 

Why each day brings a new opportunity for this bully bulldog model/canine TV & Video star/writer-blogger-speaker....and Dog Model!

You just never know WHERE I might show up!
Like in the recent Veterinary News Network video segment on 'PROTECTING YOUR PETS VISION"....check out that snazzy guy in the pic (and at the end of the video too!)

or highlighted as the FEATURED PET BLOGGER article on the BlogPaws website.....

Travelin' Jack's Blog's true..this pup is a hard workin' dog.....but never fear.....
I'm hot-to-trot for the next big adventure
Modeling role
ANYTHING else I haven't YET done

I'm here....Im always ready to be yer favorite goofy buddy.....Travelin' Jack!

But WHEN you need a Super Pup Star for something doggone grand...
.....Just get in touch with my Agent...And you know just who that would be
JILL...of course!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

PS (PupScript)  Most of the photos in this article were taken by my fav photog...Ms Luanne Fabtabulous!