Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Dinner Delites & Howliday Dining Tips!

Howlidays are so much fun....playing in the snow in new snuggly Christmas sweaters.....

                                            Getting neat gifts to unwrap......

                              Like these Doggie Treats specially for me.....SWEEEEEET!
                                              New Toys to play with......................Hot Diggity Dawg!
                                           But maybe most of all.........HOWLIDAY DINNER! 
It's High Time for this Chow Hound to get serious!  And you can bet your doggies that I take this job VERY dog-seriously!  You might remember from my other blogs that I was a Dog-Speaker this year at BlogPaws Pet Conference in Washington DC.  I met up with LOTS of good folks and pet companies there.....and got to try out LOTS of tasty goodies. 
You know I'm always barking about eating right......specially at the after taste testing MANY different foods this year.....I told Jill what I wanted this HOLIDAY for MY VERY SPECIAL HOLIDAY MEAL...

I decided to go 'au naturalle'  with a tasty Christmas dinner of DUCK & SWEET PEAS.....from by NATURE dog food.  The good folks there have come up with Tasty AND Naturally, Nutritionally Complete Natural and Organic Dog and Cat Food.  So BESIDES being very tasty......I'll dog-test to that fact!!! also helps keep your pet feeling young with a powerful mix of vitamins, & minerals and antioxidants other dog-words it's just plain good any way you bark about it! But don't just take my word for's what experts say about by NATURE pet food....straight from TV.

They sent me my 1st bag to taste-test  (let me dog-sure PASSED my test with a High Paws rating.....but it's available right here locally at one of my favorite pet store haunts.....Long Leash on Life!    Or you can find a store near you for by NATURE pet food too!
This year by NATURE  is MY holiday meal for Christmas (and every other day too!)  Double Dog YUM! I double dog dare you to find a better doggie meal anywhere!  And I'll bet you some yummy doggie cookies on it even....(HA...I'm sure to win THAT double dog bet--tee-hee!)

 But.....Christmas is here.  And it's time to eat!  So while I'm enjoyin' my special Duck & Sweet Pea doggie meal from by NATURE on for some of my other dining hints for ways to keep your pet safe during the holidays! 
                                                       TRavelin' Jack's Pet Holiday Dining Tips!
1) Stay on Schedule. Whether you are traveling away from home and visiting family or you're enjoying the holidays at's ALWAYS a good idea to maintain a regular schedule for your pet.  They appreciate knowing they will get fed when their tummies start rumbling at the regular time...
2) Stay with your pet's normal foods.   Don't feed your pet new or unusual foods.  Keep them enjoying their regular food.  With so much commotion, the less change for your pet the better.  If you are traveling, pack your pet's dry food as individual servings in baggies.  Come dinner time, regardless of how busy, crazy the activity can quickly feed your pet his regular diet by opening the baggie and serving it up for Fido!  Quick...Easy...and everyone is happy!
3) Avoid human food! While it might be tempting to slip Fido a piece of yummy turkey...or let him enjoy leftover side dishes like potatoes or stuffing or gravy.....DON'T do it!  These foods are heavy in calories (for both people & pets), and they are rich and could upset your pet's system & lead to gastrointestinal distress. 
4) Feed Fido BEFORE your dinner! If your pet's mealtime is around the same time as your big holiday dinner.....feed him first.  Then let him go take a nap in the bedroom while you enjoy your meal in peace.  No begging from underneath the table that way!
5) THE BAD LIST of Foods to avoid for Fido.  Foods such as chocolate, raisins, macadamia nuts, & onions can be toxic for your pet.  Some can even be fatal if ingested in large amounts by your pet.
6) Share the message. While your friends and family might be well meaning in slipping a little extra food to your Fido, this is not a good idea.  Advise your guests and family in advance that Fido is well fed, and does not need anything beyond his normal food!
7) No alcohol!   While this may seem a is not!  Pets should NEVER be given alcohol.  It is NOT funny to watch Fido weave and wobble around the holiday table...and even more importantly it is Dangerous for your pet!  DO NOT allow anyone to influence YOUR pet with alcohol!
8) Visit a Vet! IF your pet has accidentally eaten or drunk something dangerous and is showing abnormal signs of distress....don't take a chance.  Take him to a Vet!  It's better to be safe than sorry...and there are always vets on duty around the holidays too!  They are prepared for emergencies. 

So...with all these good barks of advice.....I'm ready for the HOLIDAYS!  How 'bout you!  From your special friend.....Here's to a HAPPY HOLIDAY to each and every one of you!   
Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Dreamin' of a White Dog-mas....AND a Last minute Doggie Dash to PetSmart!

.It's beginnin' to look a lot like Dog-Mas....

"Why?" You ask.  Well for starters!  It snowed last night!  I woke up from my doggie dreams to see a New Mexico Winter Wonderland all around me!   
And for 2nds....I got a big box in the mail....a special dog-livery from PetSmart...filled with all sorts of special Dog-mas presents just for li'l ol' me...Travelin' Jack.  So...Thirdly....we opened that box up as fast as my paws could tear through the paper....and lo and behold!  There were some dog-dandy things inside from PetSmart

First oh-so snazzy Holiday Dog, white & black checked with a holiday bell too! 
Had to put it on right away.....then we jumped in the car......... and headed for Elena Gallegos of my favorite hiking areas in test out my second gift from oh-so dashing brand new Top Paws gray & blue striped sweater.....

Don't I look dog-onaire? 

   Right out of DGQ  (Dog-Gentlemen's Quarterly Fashion Mag for those of you not in the dog-know!)

I'm really stylin' for the winter time now.....and my sweater sure is cozy too!

Keeps the snow off my chest and tummy.....
and makes for a great outfit for snowplay.

Yup...this is one dog-dude cool sweater for real....I'd dog-recommend it to everyone to put THIS baby on your pup's  Dog-mas list!  But...before I call this romp in the snow a day.....let me just remind you that there is a doggone GOOD reason to.......

NEVER-ever EAT the yellow snow.....if you get my DRIFT!...and I'm not talkin' snow drift here!  Trust me and just take my bark advice! that I've had all this fun playin'in the snow in my snazzy new reminds me that  I need to go shoppin' for all those pups and cats on MY list! And for that last minute dash before Dog-mas,  PetSmart is THE place to shop....
    Our Growth means opportunity for you.
...for ALL those holiday MUST HAVES for the pets on my list!

So...I dog-cide to be a Secret Santa Paws shopper....I put on my disguise-a crazy Christmas Tree make sure no dog recognizes me.... 

 But I don't get far because I fall in luv right away with the HOTTEST dog toy around this Dog-mas the LUV-A-PET display,  Take a look at those stuffed cuties would'ja?  I WANT ONE OF THOSE!  Are you listenin' Santy Paws?  PULeeze?
 Or maybe I want one of THESE toys!  Let me grab that and throw it in the shopping cart. It's the perfect toy for my buddy FIDO....or maybe I'll just keep it for me!
 And here's another bin of dog-dandy toys....I'm thinkin' Winnie or Minnie might like one of these dog toys....or maybe I'll just keep it for me!
 ...and then there's the CAT toy display!  I gotta get something nice for my kitty brother Oscar...but HEY...I hope that no one is watchin' me looking at CAT toys!  Dog forbid!  I'd be the laughin stock at the dog park!
 Any one lookin?  Coast is clear....Let me get one quick and get away from this Kitty Display! this is more like it!  Look at all these great stuffed squeaky toys!  I'll get one for my pup buddy Chica.....or.....
 maybe I'll just get it for me!

But then I got caught!  One of those really HELPFUL PetSmart associates saw me checkin' out all the merchandise.  He seemed to understand that this place can just be overwhelming to a Xavier...that's his name....He and I became great friends right off..and he volunteered to help me out with my PetSmart shopping.  Thanks Xavier...You're a Dog-send!  Couldn't do it without you!

First stop!  Back to the LUV-A-PET display.  He seemed to know that I was in dog-luv with these toys!  And he got one down for me to test know ALL GOOD STORES need a trusty tester! And I can do that job just dog-dandy!

BUT here's the REAL scoop on this great stuffed animal!  CHANCE is the name of this great plush toy....It's also the BARGAIN of the 2011 pet shopping season!  Only $5 for this soft, luvable  doggie or kitty (your choice).....but it's also.......drum roll here.......the moneys from the sale of CHANCE go to the PetSmart help out the 4-footed kids in the shelters!  WoW!  Now THAT is a really cool thing all the way around!  I just gotta get one....or two....or a dog-zillion of these plush pups just so that I can help out the shelter kids!

But I think I'd better test out this babe up close...It's definitely passes the Cuddle Squeaks just's adogable to look at.....but maybe most of all...... 
                                                         It's just very SHAKE-able! 
YUP it passes the Jack Test!  4-PAWS up for LUV-A-PET toys! Available this holiday season at YOUR neighborhood PetSmart! 

Give a pet a great gift for just $5 bucks....AND help the shelter kids too!
  LUV-A-PET.......Now THAT is the HOT TIP of the 2011 Season! Hurry and get yours before they sell out....cause they're sure to fly off those shelves fast!
 Xavier finally convinced me that we needed to look at other items besides the off we went on a tour of the entire store!
 He showed me MORE great toys.  Now I could get that for Duke....or maybe just for me!
 Then Xavier...the pet-ultimate Associate reminded me that maybe we should check out the PetSmart clothing line too!  So we headed over to that area of the store....
 Talk about choice!  For the pet with haute coutoure.....this is THE spot!  Yes, Xavier... I dog-definitely like the blue one!  NICE!
 And while we were a-touring the store.....what do we pass by...but the Grooming Salon.  Yup-Pup..that's right!  PetSmart has EVERYTHING pet-imaginable!
Wow..take a look at that wouldja!  Fine job on that Poodle ma'am! I'm sure dog-pressed!

 And then we stopped by the Banfield Veterinary Hospital......right inside PetSmart!  And they have extended hours.  I KNOW because one evening I got a really bad earache...and we came here.  The Vet took great care of my ears...and Voila! I'm well again quicker than you can bark a bark!  Pretty doggone cool in my books!'ve been a great help to me today....I've done my shoppin'....and I'm doggone pooped out! PLUS I have to dog-cide when I get home whether I should GIVE these great gifts away...or just keep 'em all for me......a real dog-lemma!

I've got a headache just thinkin' about all this so I'll just head home for a little dog-nap.
and I'll dream a little doggie-dream about what Santa Paws is gonna leave in my Stocking this year!  I've been a REAL good little doggie, Santa Paws...I dog-promise!
I just hope he leaves me lots of toys and goodies from PetSmart..but MOST of all I hope he leaves me a plush LUV-A-PET by the name of CHANCE!  Maybe even 2 one Kitty and one THAT would be PAWsome!

ZZZZZing off for now.........

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

PS/PupScript-PetSmart gifted me with the collar, the striped sweater and CHANCE, the Luv-A-Pet.  I how-dog-ever, dug deep in my doggie bank account and bought lots of OTHER great toys at PetSmart-for my 4-footed friends.....or maybe I'll just keep em for me!  Thanks PetSmart! LUV YA!  My dog-personal favorite PetSmart store is located in Albuquerque on Academy Road.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Howl-i-days!

WHOOIE Doggies! Have I been on the fast track this past month!  Why with SO many holiday happenings, awards, TV spots and canine cranium is just a-whirlin'!  Here are a few of the hot holiday shindigs I participated in!  Take a few minutes out of YOUR busy holiday schedule and take a gander at some of my favorite events! 
 Starting with none other than my 2nd TV appearance with Nikki Stanzione on "New Mexico Style".   Hugs and kisses to my favorite TV diva!                 MWAAHH Nikki!
 Then from there it was off to the 2011 New Mexico Book Awards where my book "Travelin' Jack's Story...From Shelter to Star" was up for an award.  Here Jill and I are a-waitin' the big announcement.  Did I win?  Oh...the pressure....the pupsense....and

The WINNER!  YAH!  I pulled it off!  My book is WINNER in the Best Children's Activity Book of the Year category!  Thanks Paul & Barbe!  Thanks Judges!  Thanks adoring public!  I've got my 1st Pupscar! 
 And I am NOW the 1st EVER winning Dog-Author of New Mexico.....and just maybe the WORLD too!

I'm just so doggone happy....that I have to announce to EVERYONE about my win!  And where else..but my all-time dog-FAV radio show with the Queen of New Mexico's airwaves, Terrie Q.  Sayre on KKOB Radio.  Had to brag a bit about my big win....but what does the Radio Man--Dan Goss-- do while I'm there?  He makes me read the Traffic Report! Ah well...all in a dog's day of work! Guess they just know a dog-star when they see one!
 Off the air...onto the next event.  The Zia Arts & Crafts Christmas in New Mexico Show, where I'm doin' a paw-digraphing event.  Seems my fans are comin' on strong.  I'm just so doggone happy to always visit with my fans...the cute little ones........ well as the grown up ones!  Here's a Jack-SMACK for you Sweetums!  Luv this job!
 Whew, I'm dog-tired!  Maybe....a little down time for we go to the Lodge in Chama for our holiday dinner.  Turkey....trimmings....pecan pie.......
 AH...just absorb those savory smells wouldja?  Don't know if I can wait or not.  BUT HEY what're you sayin' Jill?  This is JUST a photo shoot?  I don't get to eat dinner at the table with you? 

Doggone it....I'll just go pout while you enjoy your holiday dinner!

But now we move into December....and more holiday happenings.  Here Jill is riding the Christmas Train and reading her story "Cinder Bear and the Christmas Train" on board the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad in Chama.  And who should appear but Cinder Bear himself!  Quite the handsome dude, isn't he?

A mad dash through the wintry wonderland from Chama back to Albuquerque....singin' "Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow......!" 
 On to my next paw-digraphing event at the Albuquerque Balloon Museum's Holiday Festival.....gotta get that photo in the mock-up Hot Air's this for a Holiday Photo?  PAW-fect!
and of course....more adoring Jack-fans.  Look at these two cuties....why I think they got their faces painted as holiday reindeer!  What's with that?  Why not a Travelin' Jack face painting? 

Whew, I think I need a break from all these holiday happenings.....December road trip! Got my holiday sweater on...cause we're heading NORTH to Durango Resort......a girls' getaway for Jill's Birthday.  (I think she just turned least that is what she's sayin!). 

Some tasty eatin' around the dining table with her good friends Marie and Linda...and me of dog-course! you know any other dog that would be invited to a Girls' Getaway!  HA..that's right ONLY Travelin' Jack!    
 Yep...I LUV bein' a travelin' dog.  Look at these views of the mountains from our balcony wouldja? Pretty doggone grand!

 Off for a day's trip to snowy Silverton Colorado....a dog-dandy little town tucked in the Rocky Mountains.

 and back at the make new friends of course.  Here's my latest INTERNATIONAL buddy...Maurice...from Brazil.  Hey...wanna know a secret Maurice?....listen up!
 and what visit to Durango Resort would be complete without a little fireside relax time! this spot.....and I'm a-spreadin' my paws beyond New Mexico to the lovely state of Colorado.
Back to  New Mexico...and back to work..... gotta make a visit to the big man Santa a fundraiser for one of my favorite...and BEST animal welfare organizations anywhere  PAWS AND STRIPES....helping dogs, helping heroes!  What a great cause and an even greater organization!  Thanks Santa Paws....I've been a good little dog this year...I dog-promise!

 ...and off now to yet another great holiday fundraiser.....TOYS FOR TOTS. Had to do my dog-share for the two-footed kids too ya know!  Think about all those little kids who get nice gifts thanks to the good Marines who organize this event.  You are MY newest HERO SSgt Lucas Rodriguez!


Here's an OsoBear Gift Pak with cuddly OsoBear and 3 of Jill's OsoBear activity books too. Hope it helps a little bit! it's time to hit the road's only December 13th....and there's more time for more holiday happenins' for this holiday pup!  In the's wishin' YOU a very happy and busy holiday season!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!