Saturday, April 28, 2012

High Steppin' To HIGH STYLE!

                                          And High Style is Just about to go to the DOGS! 

That's read it HERE and you read it FIRST!  The 1st EVER 4-FOOTED FASHION SHOW is in the makings!

This TV hound has done it again!  I, Travelin' Jack have barked the news to all my friends at KASA Fox TV that it's time for the Pups to hit the Red Carpet in Style!  Why we dogs after all know what FASHION is all about too!  And we've got LOTS of friends that can help bring out the best when it comes to fashion!

So...without further I meant further ADO....your's truly, Travelin' Jack  will be hosting the 1st EVER 4-FOOTED FASHION SHOW this coming Wednesday, May 2nd....right here on Channel 2, KASA Fox TV!  Along with the hostess with the favoritEST of them ALL, Miss Nikki Stanzione, we'll be showing off HIGH FASHIONED HOUNDS!     

So what does THIS dog do to prepare for a High Fashion TV shoot?  Well, what else, but drop in to my favorite resort for a little R&R and 'pup prep' before the big day.  And that would of dog-course be Buffalo Thunder Resort in Santa Fe!
                                                      First Stop- Wo' P'in Spa
Gotta get a PAW-dicure!  Why no dawg that NOSE fashion like this one knows fashion would dare be caught on the red carpet without his nails done to paw-fection!
 And then a little Massage.....aaaahhhh! Now THAT's what I'm a-barkin' about!  Paw-fect again!

A little relaxin' by the pool before the big show.  Now THIS is the Life!  Buffalo Thunder dog-definitely know how to treat a guest!  4-footed or 2-footed...this is the DAWG!

 OKee Dokee Doggie...NOW this dog is ready for THE SHOW!  I'm not gonna tell you ANY more right now...not even if you say pup-purty please!!!!! 

Yer JUST gonna have to tune into KASA FOX TV on Wednesday to see what all this furry fuss is about!  AND you Won't be disappointed...I dog-guarantee!  8 AM Sharp  ya hear?

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fetcha-pa-looza....JUST FETCHING!

Everyone knows this dog luvs Adopt-a-thons!  So no big surprise that Travelin' Jack showed up at New Mexico's Big Daddy of them all----
It's just the BIGGEST and BESTEST Adopt-a-thon of the year in New Mexico!

Over 40 shelters from around the state showed up...with lots of critters....ready to head to their new FURever homes!  LOTS of 2-footed folks came to the event too!  And I, Travelin' Jack was there to give a dogs-eye view to the whole shebang AND raise some bucks for the pups (and kitties too!).  

 I was strollin' around the site...takin' in all the sites and sounds (talk about a barking good time! WOOF!) when when what do I dog-spy... 

.....but some very crazy looking creatures.....Blue Mew and Red Ruff!  But don't dog-spair..they're OK guys....just the mascots for Petco...the Dog-Dandy Sponsor of Fetch-a-palooza! These two giant sized critters were makin' the rounds Meetin' & Greetin' peoples and dogs and just everybody 2 & 4-footed!  Good job guys!  You are A-OK in my dog-journal! 

But continuin' my moseying...who else did I run across?  None other than the BIG Boss of the Albuquerque City Shelter....Director Barbara Bruin!  She's one of my all-time favorite peeples because she helped me adopt Oscar my cat-brother!  Luv Oscar....and Luv you, Miss Barbara for hookin' me up with my feline bestest buddy!
Yep..there were many grand things to check this sweet little Bully Gal here!  Howdee-doo,  Sweety Pie...I do dog-think I'm in LUV!
There were dogs everywhere! Even Volunteers walking dogs awaitin' their families comin' to adopt them.  This little guy was being walked by one of the HUNDREDS of oh-so-grand volunteers who give from their heart and donate their time to the animals.  A DOG-ZILLION THANKS to each and every one of you good folks! 
What kinds of adoptable pets were at Fetch-a-palooza, you ask?  Well there were cute dogs of all sizes, shapes and this little American Bulldog beauty..... 
                                    and kitty kats of all colors these sweet balls of fluff! 

Yup-pup...It was one DOGGONE grand AFFAIR of the FUR!  Not only was it fun but there were OVER 500 animals adopted out to their new wonderful FURR-ever Families! In just 2 days!  YAHOO!  That is one dog-dandy big deal! 

And here's my final bark of approval on this event.....

  • Thanks to the Families who Adopted!
  • Thanks to the Animal Welfare Groups that participated!
  • Thanks to the many Volunteers who worked so hard!
  • Thanks to PetCo and all the other sponsors!
  • Thanks to the bee-u-tiful pups and kitties who behaved so puproperly throughout the weekend!
  • Thanks to the Folks who came, bought, donated....and participated in all the events!

We couldn't do it without ALL of you wonderful animal lovers Xtra-dogordinaire! 

                                                            Travelin' Jack salutes you ALL!  

But....that's not all this dawg is talkin' about today.........

                                           Now....on to my next affair.....and BLACK tie too! 
I'll be EMceeing the 1st ever 4-Footed Fashion Show on my favorite TV show "New Mexico STYLE" along with Nikki Stanzione!

WHEN:  Wednesday May 2nd
WHERE:  KASA Fox TV, Channel 2
TIME:  8-9 AM
WHO:  Adorable Adoptable Pups showing off summer pet styles!

You WON'T want to miss this one.....I dog-guarantee!  More later....but TIVO it now!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring has Sprung...Time to GET THE PICTURE....and These Paws are made for Travelin'

It's true....I've been sneezin' with all these lovely NM junipers a-bloomin...



but the good news is that means it is almost Summertime...when the travelin' fun begins!  
                                  Think I'll start my plannin' poolside! 
But NO..this dog is NOT a swimmin' thank you bob!  I'll just lounge here dry and happy!  Splash all you my Iced Tea handy....Sunscreen on my nose...and a fluffly towel....just in case someone dog-splashes me! 

And all this poolside lounging jus makes me long to "Hit the Road Jack!"  for some new adventures! Wanna join me? 

You all know by now that I am a workin dog....Pet Travel Reporter extra-dogordinaire!  So this is NOT just about's hard work doggone it!  Havin' to visit all these grand places around New on pet friendly places, things and such! 

OK....I're not convinced that this is ALL work and NO fun...and's NEW MEXICO TRUE...I've got one dog-dandy job here..bein' New Mexico's favorite Travel Dawg Reporter!  But back to dog-business.....

I'm still workin' hard on this here really 'pupular'  contest goin' on "Get The Picture"  I've already dog-scovered and correctly MATCHED 28 of the 100 vintage photos on the contest!  I've got to keep on trackin'.  It's been LOADS of fun figurin'e out all these grand ol' places scattered around New Mexico

But Hey...just in case yer workin' on this contest too...I'm MUM on the just have to figure 'em out....just like this Pup did! 

So there! No hunky hints from the dog-hunk, Travelin' Jack!  I'm barkin' out that News LOUD AND CLEAR....

                                         Travelin' Jack is out to WIN this contest!  

And dog-guess why!?! 
Not because I like to! 
Not because I love to be in Pictures.....who me?! 
Not because I'm havin' fun travelin' around New Mexico.....I call it the Land of Dog-chantment! 
Not because I want to win $10,000......OK got it!   That's the Ticket!  But here's WHY I want to win so doggone bad! 

...............................................................DRUM ROLL HERE!...........................................................

...............If I should be so doggone lucky to win........I'm dog-pledging right here right now...........

                     I'm donatin' 50% of the winnings to New Mexico Animal Shelters! read right!  I want to help out those 4-footed furry kids in the shelter..... my heroes...quietly waitin' for their furever family and new 'em!
If you want to learn more about my quest in my "AWARD WINNING book.....Travelin' Jack's Story...From Shelter to Star   you can pick up your very own copy on my website.  AND you're helpin out too...because I donate 50% of those moneys to Animal Welfare too!

                                               But I dog-gress...back to travelin' New Mexico!

While I have a whole carload of pics yet to dog-capture on "Get the Picture"...I know where a lot of them are, so those places are Tops on My List of Places to Go in New Mexico.  I'll be headin' to Red Elephant some ghost towns....

Yup Pup...I've got my work cut out for me for dog-sure!  In the are some of my dog-favorite Finds and correct MATCHES on "Get the Picture"

 WoW....look at this high-flyin' contraption!  Where is it?  NOT tellin....nope!
 And look at this settin' I dog-tellin?  NOPE...but here's a Jack-tip: Watch out for those prickly cacti! 
 Tellin' this loco location?  NOPE!  But hey glad I wasn't a bad dawg back in the days!  Not my idea of top-dog accommodations! 
 Where am I?  NOPE not tellin'.....just ring your own bells in findin' this grand spot!
Rollin'...rollin'...rollin' down the Rio.  NOPE not tellin here either!  Okay...I think you get the idea.  Go play "Get the Picture" on your own.........  
 So...for now, here's my dog-vice to all you GTP contest and Travelin' Jack followers.  You can keep an eye out for my latest pic dogscoveries on  Facebook  (yup I'm on there too!).   I post all my MATCHES there too!

But that's it for today's Hot-Off-The-DogPress News from me...I've gotta hit the road now!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Flicks...'N.......Tricks....'N.....Books.....'N.....Other Good Things!

Travelin' Jack here......and I've got some doggone grand things to bark about today!  Never a dull moment in this dog's life...and here are a few things that are comin' down in the world of Travelin' Jack.....


 We all know I am one bully of a TV hound, right!?!  And also....that my FAV TV star gal is none other than Nikki Stanzione!    Easy to see why I'm in dog-love with her, eh? 
Here we are on the set of " New Mexico Style" TV show on KASA Fox 2, talkin' about dog-portant Easter happenings.  And of course...I gotta get some licks in too!  MWAH!  Here's one for you too Jill!
Now...CLICK this
for my dog-personal interview!
I just LUV this TV show!  And stay tuned...more fun planned for the near future with the good folks at "New Mexico Style" too!

                                                   From bulldog to Bunny  Rabbit! 
Easter time is time to head out to Hinkles Family Fun Center for their annual EASTER EGGstravaganza!  And that is Just what this dog did!  I dog-magically transformed into a 'bully-bunny' to greet...and of course kiss...and hand out lollipops to the kids!  WoW!  Lots o fun! Of dog-course this pup was workin' the crowd for the 'bucks for bones' program (my little name for fundraising for our animal shelters).  This event we raised $$ s  for Luvin' Labs Rescue organization. 

....AND if you check out the Hinkle Family Fun Center'll see some photos of me at the event! 
 Check out this sweetie...who gave me a smile and a pat on the back.  RUFF job bein' a celebrity dawg...but some pup's gotta do it right?  And that would be li'l ol' me....Travelin' Jack!  I'm one Lucky Dog!

Well, we all know that I am one scribblin' pup...and that I am New Mexico's ONLY award winning Dog-Author!...and we also know that I am very photogenic!  Now here's two of my favorite things combined...makin' for one dog-fabulous HOT-OFF-THE-PAWS-PRESS news tidbit from this bulldog reporter!

There's a brand new (not even off the printin' press yet!) PUP-LITICAL book by the humorist author, Charles Sambuchino! 

Mr. Sambuchino's latest book, named pup-propriately RED DOG/BLUE DOG, will be in the stores and on the book shelves this July...and (drum roll here)

Yours truly is INcluded in this book! 
It's a fun look at politics incorporating cute dogs into the picture (dog-literally!)....and we all know how doggone cute Travelin' Jack is!  And dog-evidently Mr. Sambuchino thunk so too..'cause he included ME in his book!   MWAAAAHHHH!  There's a JACK-SMACK for you,  Mr. S. from li'l ol' me! 

Can't wait to get my paws on the book.  July just won't come soon enough, I'm dog-fraid!

                                                           OTHER GOOD THINGS! 

Well, my dog-schedule just keeps on keepin' me busy!  (and my chauffeur's too....Jill made me add that!).  A couple of our next stops will be:

FETCH-apalooza.  Why this is ONLY the Biggest Adopt-a-thon of the Year in New Mexico!  And of dog-course...Travelin' Jack would not skip a beat in gettin' to this event.  But NO-NO-NO, don't get your pup-panties in a wad...I am NOT being adopted!  Dog-Forbid! 

But pup-rather, I'll be raisin' funds for the 4-footed kids at the Albuquerque City Shelter....and tellin' everyone to adopt their NEXT BEST FRIEND from a Shelter!  You a life...gain a friend.....all those good things!  Mark your calendar for it now--April 21-22nd!

New Mexico Children's Fair. I've got LOTS of dog-fabulous things up my paw for this event.  And I'm not gonna spill the bones yet...but let me just bark about this....SAVE THE DATE!  May 5-6 at the Albuquerque Balloon Museum.  It's gonna be a REALLY big deal....I dog-guarantee it!  More about this later.......!

Yup Pup... nothin' borin' goin' on here.  Travelin' Jack is always makin' tracks for the NEXT BIG EVENT!  Not leavin' this dawg outta the!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!  

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter EGGstravaganza! Travelin' Jack spills the (JELLY) Beans on this HOPPening Event!

I was dreamin' about the Easter Bunny the other day...just imaginin' all the goodies I'd find in my own personal doggie basket........thinkin' about what kinda Easter Bonnet I might like to don for the big day

When  what happened but I woke up....and Lo And Doghold.......
 There I was all decked out in my sunflower bonnet...and a very dog-tantalizing basket right before my very bulldog eyes!....So what should I do?

Why what any dawg with jelly beans for brains would do!  Check it OUT! 

There was a little purple Easter bunny just for me....I'm a-thinkin'
 Lottsa plastic eggs.....hmmmm with doggie treats inside! Now THAT's what I'm a-talkin' about!  I think I hit the jackpot....but WAIT...there is more...of dog-course!  NO CHOCOLATE...but that's just fine by me...because chocolate is NOT good for dogs....Let the kids have the brown melty stuff.  Now for me.....I, Travelin' Jack dogfer to the squeaky toys that I can tear up!  That's what I call a dog-dandy Easter Basket!

But's NOT all about me! What would any good holiday be without sumthin' special for my 4-footed cousins in the shelters?  They need some EGGstravagant doings too!  And...this pup has just the thing up his furry paw!  Let's combine Easter eggs....candy.......a Pet Adopt-a-thon....well....there's bound to be FURRY FUN GALORE!

SO.....................Let's head to Hinkle Family Fun Center for their Easter EGGstravaganza!


 OKAY....Yup-Pup  That's what I'm barking about................................................
I'll be there fur sure!  Hope you will too!  Come by and see me....and I'll have a special Easter treat JUST for you....because I wanna be your bully bunny buddy this Easter!


Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!