Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fetcha-pa-looza....JUST FETCHING!

Everyone knows this dog luvs Adopt-a-thons!  So no big surprise that Travelin' Jack showed up at New Mexico's Big Daddy of them all----
It's just the BIGGEST and BESTEST Adopt-a-thon of the year in New Mexico!

Over 40 shelters from around the state showed up...with lots of critters....ready to head to their new FURever homes!  LOTS of 2-footed folks came to the event too!  And I, Travelin' Jack was there to give a dogs-eye view to the whole shebang AND raise some bucks for the pups (and kitties too!).  

 I was strollin' around the site...takin' in all the sites and sounds (talk about a barking good time! WOOF!) when when what do I dog-spy... 

.....but some very crazy looking creatures.....Blue Mew and Red Ruff!  But don't dog-spair..they're OK guys....just the mascots for Petco...the Dog-Dandy Sponsor of Fetch-a-palooza! These two giant sized critters were makin' the rounds Meetin' & Greetin' peoples and dogs and just everybody 2 & 4-footed!  Good job guys!  You are A-OK in my dog-journal! 

But continuin' my moseying...who else did I run across?  None other than the BIG Boss of the Albuquerque City Shelter....Director Barbara Bruin!  She's one of my all-time favorite peeples because she helped me adopt Oscar my cat-brother!  Luv Oscar....and Luv you, Miss Barbara for hookin' me up with my feline bestest buddy!
Yep..there were many grand things to check out....like this sweet little Bully Gal here!  Howdee-doo,  Sweety Pie...I do dog-think I'm in LUV!
There were dogs everywhere! Even Volunteers walking dogs awaitin' their families comin' to adopt them.  This little guy was being walked by one of the HUNDREDS of oh-so-grand volunteers who give from their heart and donate their time to the animals.  A DOG-ZILLION THANKS to each and every one of you good folks! 
What kinds of adoptable pets were at Fetch-a-palooza, you ask?  Well there were cute dogs of all sizes, shapes and colors...like this little American Bulldog beauty..... 
                                    and kitty kats of all colors too...like these sweet balls of fluff! 

Yup-pup...It was one DOGGONE grand AFFAIR of the FUR!  Not only was it fun but there were OVER 500 animals adopted out to their new wonderful FURR-ever Families! In just 2 days!  YAHOO!  That is one dog-dandy big deal! 

And here's my final bark of approval on this event.....

  • Thanks to the Families who Adopted!
  • Thanks to the Animal Welfare Groups that participated!
  • Thanks to the many Volunteers who worked so hard!
  • Thanks to PetCo and all the other sponsors!
  • Thanks to the bee-u-tiful pups and kitties who behaved so puproperly throughout the weekend!
  • Thanks to the Folks who came, bought, donated....and participated in all the events!

We couldn't do it without ALL of you wonderful animal lovers Xtra-dogordinaire! 

                                                            Travelin' Jack salutes you ALL!  

But....that's not all this dawg is talkin' about today.........

                                           Now....on to my next affair.....and BLACK tie too! 
I'll be EMceeing the 1st ever 4-Footed Fashion Show on my favorite TV show "New Mexico STYLE" along with Nikki Stanzione!

WHEN:  Wednesday May 2nd
WHERE:  KASA Fox TV, Channel 2
TIME:  8-9 AM
WHO:  Adorable Adoptable Pups showing off summer pet styles!

You WON'T want to miss this one.....I dog-guarantee!  More later....but TIVO it now!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

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