Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Alamogordo is TOP DOG....and TOPS for People Too!

 When I hear the name Alamogordo, I think of White Sands National Monumennt....but let me tell you..that's ONLY the beginning of fun times in this great New Mexico city!
Of course NO one can discount the fun in the sun at White Sands.....but here's a few tips for the pup visitor....well even the people visitors to this big sandbox in the desert! 
1. Wear proper attire and bring your shade with you.  It's SUNNY there!
2. Drink lots of water. 
3. I got a Junior Bark Ranger Bandanna (photo 1) that is not only snazzy looking but if you wet it down with water, it keeps you cool too!
4. Bring your sled!  And if you don't have one, you can buy (and resell afterward)  one right at the Gift Shop.

It's just a hoot to check out all the families having fun on the sand dunes!  Course you gotta wear your shades too!  But the FUN has just BEGUN!  
 Next stop on our Outdoors Alamogordo adventure is Oliver Lee Memorial State Park.  They have several trails to hike.....and I found the coolest springs to cool my jets in....and my feet too! 
Well actually ALL of me!  There's nothing more fun on a warm spring day than to dip your toes into cool clear clean water!  I highly dog-recommend Oliver Lee State Park for just such an adventure.

BUT WHAT!  DOG-FORBID!  What has Jill got planned now!
 DOG WASH?    Hey wait a minute....just because I'm a wet (and dirty) dog....let's think about this a minute!
 Aw-Oh.....guess my begging didn't pay off.  Looks like it is Bath Time in the Self-Service Dog Wash!  Dog-nab it!  Actually it's not that bad...but don't tell Jill I said that!
 A full day of fun in the sun, on the trail and in the water.....time to check in to a DOG-FRIENDLY hotel.  Yep....we found one!  SEE....it says so right on the sign.  Thanks Magnuson Hotel and Suites!  We LUV dog-friendly.

Why look at this!  They don't just advertise dog-friendly....the SPEAK dog-friendly too!  A welcome Biscuit from my man John at check in!  NICE touch Magnuson Hotel & Suites!
 Hmmmm...gotta check out the lobby.  It's been renovated in full southwestern style.  Just what this dog personally likes!
But of course the real test is the Room!  Snazzy!  Yup...it passes the Travelin' Jack test!  BTW, in case you are not familiar with the name Magnuson...here's a Jack tip....it used to be called the Best Western Desertaire....till it changed brand names about a year ago.  And with that change they have renovated the property!  Pretty nicely done if ya ask this travelin' dog!
DAY 2.....of our Alamogordo Adventure.  We're off to check out the histric district!  Here I am at the Plaza.....great murals and other snazzy pieces of history to take in....and don't forget New York Avenue.....lots of fun shops and walking area to explore too!  Ya know.....a trip is not complete without shopping, right?  Right!  
But there's more to Alamogordo than OLD history...

How 'bout SPACE HISTORY!  They have a truly OUT-A-THIS-WORLD museum here in Alamogordo..the New Mexico Museum of Space History!  Here I am in the outdoor exhibit area. Look at all this cool stuff would'ja? 

 Why no matter where I look.....or SIT...there's cool stuff all around!  I'm dog-pressed!  HINT....the museum inside and their IMAX theater are only accessible to service dogs....BUT there are several dog sitting businesses in town that you can leave your pup at (for a fun pup outing) and then go explore the INSIDE of the museum and take in a grand IMAX movie too!  Everyone has fun that way!
Even Rocket Man Jack! 
But Hey...we're not done yet!  There are just so many doggone cool things to do in Alamogordo. 
Like the Toy Train Depot!  Just my size...I'm a thinkin'.   Where IS that train?  Not waitin' around though because my tummy is growlin' and it's time for a Picnic! Right next to the Toy Train Depot is a City Park filled with LOTS of giant trees, grass, picnic tables.....well, just all the goods for a nice outdoor picnic.  And then right next to THAT park is the Alamogordo Zoo!  ALL located right on White Sands Blvd...easy to see...easy to get to!  It's so easy...and fun...to explore ALL the super duper things here!

But...they say...there's another thing I need to check out.  Are they NUTS??????  
You betcha!  Nuts about Pistachio nuts that is!  Why look...it's the Worlds' Largest Pistachio Nut....together with the world's smallest nut....named Jack...NAW not true...but that is one of my bulldog jokes!   
 You too can get your picture taken here at McGinn's PistachioLand USA farm and vineyard.

 And just as I was done posin' by the nut....what do I see but a cute lookin' lassie and a very interesting Green Tour bus!  What's this about eh?  Well, let me tell you....Michelle clued me in...they take you on a Farm Tour in this snazzy bus....and WHAT?  Well behaved and leashed dogs can go too?
 OK....I'm IN!  Let's get this baby rollin'....I want to check out those Pistachio trees and those vineyards where you harvest your own grapes!  Let's Roll!

Tour's done....BTDW  (that means By The Dog Way in case you don't talk bulldog!)  there is one snazzy Gift Shop at McGinn's too!  We went shopping inside (Yes...I was invited in too!) and lo-and-behold....do I spy ICE CREAM?   Yup-pup  I do...so Jill quick got a cup of Pistachio Ice Cream  and I sure did enjoy that sweet cool treat at the end of my tour.  Thanks McGinn's for being so pet....and people friendly!  This was one great stop on our adventure!   
Yup-Pup.....Alamogordo is one cool place to visit!  Sand...Sun....Fun galore!  Take it from me.....Travelin' Jack, Roving Bulldog Reporter...this is one cool place to visit.......and I give it my PAWstigious 5-PAW review!  And we all know it doesn't get better than that!
You too can create your very own special Alamogordo Adventure.  Start by checking it out on their website www.alamogordo.net

Gotta go now...the sand and sun await Mr. Sandman....AKA Travelin' Jack!  See ya soon 'cause I'll be BARK...er BACK!  WOOF!