Friday, September 28, 2012

FOOD for Thought!

I was sittin' around the other afternoon at the Elkhorn Lodge in know that's my 2nd home...where it's my job to ensure all our pet-traveler-guests are well taken care of at the Lodge!  Dog-portant job if ya ask me! really IS dog-portant...and here's how I can prove it to ya!  There's this pawsome dog company named Desert Willow Aussies....(that's short for Australian Shepherds......which by the way don't look a THING like me, but that's OK....he's still my brother if ya know what I mean!) get back to the story...they are planning this big Aussie Reunion...and they came out to the Elkhorn Lodge to check it out to see if it was good enough for these travelin' dogs and their people.

And what do I have to do...but ensure that they get the full 4-legged Woof-elcome!
 So first we had a little sit down to talk about know all the important dog-tails of the upcoming's Mr. Augustus Macrae (Gus for short), he's a beauty don't you dog-gree?  Along with his little poodle brother Peedie...and their Mom...Miss Theresa.  Now that's one dog-dandy group let me tell you!  I got to know them pretty doggone well and made sure they are the real thing!  They are!
But once work was done, I had to show them we headed down to the Rio Chama to take a little dip and all.  Yup..that did the Trick.  They dogcided to choose Chama and the Elkhorn Lodge for their Reunion...and I am pretty doggone excited! It's not everyday you get to host dogs from ALL over the USA!     YUP-pup.........It just rocks..if ya know what I mean!

                                                               Job #1 DONE! 
They're off....and I'm still on the job here at the Elkhorn Lodge.  But BACK to the subject at paw....FOOD FOR THOUGHT!  Now THAT's a subject I can get serious about!  LUV my case you couldn't tell!

And being a dog-serious Pet Product Reviewer (one of my dog-zillion jobs ya know!), I have to test out these different foods and things every so dog-often.  And what did I get in the mail the other day..but a handy dandy  TREAT BAG from Fresh Pet!  WoW! Was I dog-cited!  Now this is what I LIKE!   A cool Fresh Pet lunch bag filled with dog treats.  And even a little puzzle game called BACON! 
.NOW this was just too good to wait around for.... I rounded up my dog-sister Roxie...and invited her to a FRESH PET Bacon Party!  They have these cool new treats...Turkey Bacon for dogs made with real turkey....naturally wood-smoked...fresh from the THAT's what I'm barkin' about!  They are called Dognation....(hint Look for it in the special Fresh Pet Fridge in your local store in the Pet Food Section).....

  Bein' the gentleman dawg that I am...I shared the first tasty tidbit with Roxie....YUP!  Passed the Pup-Test!  AND let me tell you...Roxie can be picky...but not today...not with this tasty Dognation Turkey Bacon Treat! It was gone fast!    But HEY...where's MINE?  Did ya forget about me?
OKay..that's better!  Give it to me PULEEZE!  I'm starvin' here!
Double Dog YUM!
Gone!  (but not forgotten, I dog-guarantee!)
 Thanks FRESH PET!  That was one yummy Bacon Party!   

But I've just started!....I'm on a roll now on this all important subject of food.  And my little bacon party got me started thinking about ALL my favorite foods......which leads me to the dinner table. ....
                              HEY....what's cookin?  I'm ready already!  Where's my dinner?
OKAY that's more like it!  And what's for dinner tonight you ask?  Well of dog-course it would be my FAVORITE dinner....ROYAL CANIN Bouledogue 24 (that would be FRENCH for Bulldog 24!) 
Yes it is true this Olde English Bulldogge even understands French even if I do bark it with a British accent!
But mostly about how to get down to bulldogge business.....yum....double yum....triple YUM!
 And check this out!  What makes Royal Canin SO fabulous is that it is not just dog-licious...but it's formulated JUST for us bulldogs....special ingredients (especially good for my bulldog joint health) tasty AND nutricious and shaped in this wavy design....makin' it easy for us bulldogs to eat!  Now THAT is one cool company that thinks about ALL those dog-portant things for us pups! Oh...and just in case YOUR dog is not a problemo!  They have your breed specially for your dog too!  Thanks Royal Canin! 

 ....BUT...wait just a doggone minute!  We're not finished yet.  A proper dinner for a proper Brit dawg MUST include  a very tasty and dog-licious dessert!  And I make sure Jill gets MY favorite dessert treats from our local dog treatery...THREE DOG BAKERY!  Now that is a concept I can get my teeth around!  A bakery JUST for dogs!    

And take a look at these treats wouldja?  WoW!  Now this is for dog-sure a TRIPLE DOG TREAT!
Peanut Mutter Cookie
a tasty Pawline
and a fluff-yummy Halloween Pup-Tart!
Now THAT is what the cookie doctor ordered for dog-sure!  Yessiree doggie!  Three Dog Bakery!    Dog-DEFINITELY my personal favorite shop in Albuquerque! 
And I hear through the bark-vine..they've got your pup's favorite treat there waitin' just for him!  Better head over there quick! Let your pup select his or her dog-personal favorite from the yummy selections in the Bakery Showcase!

 For now...I'm ALMOST finished with my dinner.....BUT...not before I clean my teeth!  That's right.....I want to keep my dog-teeth clean and healthy...AND no dog-breath for sirree doggie!  I must ensure that  ALL my friends and fans will welcome my slurpy what does this dog do about that?

Why I finish my meal with none other than the Original Smart Treat...
GREENIES! It's the Total Oral Health Solution! 

 I dog-personally choose the Senior Large Greenies.  Why you ask?  Well, I'm NOT a senior but I do want to take good care of my Joints and in addition to this tasty treat, they include Glucosamine and Chondroitin..and that's just PAWfect for this Pup!

Yes, it's true I'm a V.I.D.  (very important dog)...and I eat like a King with all my dog-fav foods.....but here's the good news for all you other dogs out there!  You too can eat these foods that are fit for any king or queen pup (and kitties too!) with these tasty and healthy food choices.....all available in your favorite pet store or on-line for dog-personal delivery too!

 I'm Travelin' Jack...and I dog-dorse these products!  Now that's FOOD for Thought, wouldn'cha say?!?


Thursday, September 20, 2012

24 Hours in the Life of a Pet Travel Reporter

                   As you all know, I am New Mexico's Top Dog Pet Travel Reporter!  
And with that fancy-dog-dancy title...there's WORK to be done!  Today Jill and I are heading to RUIDOSO New Mexico for some meetings,  some travel research....and some fun along the way too doggone it! Ruidoso is a great destination....a "cool" mountain getaway...Just the spot for a hot summertime escape......
Let's GO!  This is gonna be 24 hours of FUN!
We're headin' south from Albuquerque to Ruidoso...but don't let that fool you. 
Ruidoso is a Rocky Mountain dream destination....take if from this savvy traveler.
.....But maybe we should check out some hot travel spots enroute BEFORE we have to work!
Another doggone Good Idea by this Pet Travel Guru!  
Let's swing by another Rocky Mountain get-away.....Cloudcroft.  And you can't come to Cloudcroft without checking out....or maybe checking IN to the Lodge At Cloudcroft. WoW!  Take a look at this beauty wouldja?  You're not givin' up any luxury and pampering when you check into this historic Lodge....I hear they even have a ghost named Rebecca!  HMMMMM.....sounds like a job down the road for my ghost-buster buddies.....maybe a Murder Mystery weekend?  But right now....this dog has work to do! 
                                             SO ON WE GO
                                             TO RUIDOSO! 
                                         (I'm a rhymin' dog too....pretty clever don't you think?)
First stop....Meeting time at the Ruidoso Convention Center.'s true I DO hafta work for my bones!  Here I am at a top-dawg meeting with New Mexico's finest Tourism Leaders for one of their very dog-portant meetings with the Tourism Association of New Mexico.

NOTE: you don't see any other dogs here do you?  That's right by doggies!  This pooch---Travelin' Jack (New Mexico's ONLY award winning tourism dog...EVER!) .... is THE only dog invited to these important meetings......Shhhhhh.....gotta listen up now...the meeting is starting! 

 Meeting's OVER...YAH!  My brain is sure full.........time to check into the hotel for our evening events....and that would be none other than the dog-fabulous...and VERY pet friendly......

                                                                Lodge at Sierra Blanca. 
CHECKIN' IN.......I'm ready already!  Now don't expect me to carry my luggage....OR me either to the room do you?  Not this dog!  I'm PooPed out from all that thinkin' at the meeting! 
A quick check into my room.....nice bed!

And hey what's this?  My own patio.....let's check this out! (nothing gets past this snoop dog reporter!)

Bark about A ROOM WITH A VIEW!  Wouldja look at that?!?!!!! 

Mountains....why there's even a golf course out there....pretty doggone snazzy in my dog-pinion!  YUP....I've been here before...but first time in the summer.  This is one lovelee spot for a cool mountain vacation!

But it's back to work for this dog reporter.....gotta get some work in before the evening Cocktail reception.  Nice work set up....let me get my laptop out....and start typing away so's I can join the evening fun on the veranda! 

DONE.....and now it's time for this workin' dog to get replenished. SUPPER!  And look at this snazzy kitchen set up in our suite!  NICE!

OK...on to the reception.  Gotta hob-nob a bit with the tourism VIPs....ya' know that is very dog-portant!  Gotta keep an ear to the BUZZ on what's happenin' around the state to stay Top Tourism Dawg ya know!  I'm keepin' the low down to get the scoop! (HA! They think I'm just relaxin!)

  Who's this little Doll?! is OVER  for this pup!  I'm in LUV!  Met up with Miss Sammie here....... Whaddya say, Sammie......
Let's lose this pop stand...leave the gabbin' to the others...and go explore together!

A hike around the property is always nice.....hmmm, nice green lawn and sidewalks throughout......
and even a golf course right here too! Pretty handy-dog-dandy for those golfin' fools!

But dog-self...and I...well I'd rather hang with a sweet young thing like Miss Sammie here....Ya know it's doggone important in this life to "stop and smell the flowers"....don't you agree?  And they even have some bloomin' buds to enjoy....eye level just for me I'm a-thinkin'!

But I'm windin' down a bit...time to take some weight off my paws......aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Nice!
  Now THIS is my idea of a great way to end the workin' day...wouldn't you dogree? 

A quick walk through the Lobby on my way to my room.....hmmm, maybe I'll toast my toes a bit by the fire......

......and then back to my room with a view !  There's just nowhere like Ruidoso and the Lodge at Sierra Blanca (see those Sierra Blanca Mountains in the background?).  YUP-PUP  I think I've just found heaven!

But now it's time to retire back to my little home-away-from-home suite......first I'll rest my weary bones in front of the fire in our suite this cool summer's eve.
and then catch up on some news on the ol' telly....NAW..this dog is watchin' Animal Planet for THE latest scoop in the animal world.......

Time to call it a day.  Wonder what tomorrow morning will bring.......Night Night!

MORNING TIME and Breakfast with my friend Sharon!  Now here's the top-dog scoop of the morning!  The Lodge at Ruidoso offers up this dog-tastic hot breakfast buffet!.....and I....a DOG (I know...hard to believe!)  .... can even join in on this tasty morning gathering outside on the Veranda! 
But WAIT  ....where's MY plate?

OKay...that's better!  CHEERS to a tasty breakfast AND another bee-u-tiful day in Ruidoso!

Breakfast is tummy is full from all the DEE-licious food!  Time to get my Morning walk in....along with takin' care of business...HEY WHAT'S the deal here!  I need to GO!
OK....Here we go....a handy-dandy fire hydrant RIGHT behind the Lodge!  Now THAT is what I call PeT-Friendly! 

And check this out!  RIGHT behind the Lodge is the mighty fine Ruidoso Dog Park!.....easy walking distance from the room! Thanks Ruidoso and the Thanks Lodge at Sierra thought of everything for us travelin' pups!  Doggone Cool!

Time to check out...oh so sad...

...but not before I check out this dandy circle settee in the Lobby!  Yup...passes the Pup Test!

Bye-Bye Ruidoso (FOR NOW...I'm sure comin' back I dog-guarantee!)

And we're on the road again......but not before catchin' a few other sites around town.  Here's the world famous Spencer Theater.....NICE!
But I'm a history buff  and I'm ready to take in a bit of the past.  So let's go check out Ft. Stanton while we're here in the Ruidoso area.

I can just hear those drums and see those soldiers marchin', can't you?  Pretty doggone cool...and they let us dogs visit here too!  Yah Doggies!

Yup Pup....RUIDOSO rocks!  This was 24 hours of FUN and WORK!   And this fabulous New Mexico destination get's Travelin' Jack's famous 5-PAW rating!  But hey...don't take my bark for it!  Check it out yourself....Soon!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hot Off the Paw-Press! All the Poop-Scoop!

        I'm making tracks to these FUNTastic events and YOU should be too.....
So this is your dog-ficial Invite to come join in on ALL the rip-roarin' fun I'm gonna have! Here's what's coming up on this dog's schedule!

                          Sept. 15 The Next Big Idea……Los Alamos

I'll be sporting a mobile “Jack Cam”(camera) at this science festival!  (what the heck is that?  Better come find out!)  The Next Big Idea in Los Alamos WILL be fun...I dog-guarantee!

Sept. 21 Petsidential Election 2012….Albuquerque


Live Campaign Debate between BAD KITTY and Dog-Gov. Jack. Alamosa Book Store...and voting on line too!  Here's the website to vote.....but MAKE DOGGONE SURE TO HIT THE DOG BUTTON!
VOTE for Me--Travelin' Jack---YOUR hometown DAWG.......don't let that Bad Kitty invade OUR territory!  OMD!!!!!  That would be dogzastrous! 

Sept. 30 Radio Interview KKOB ‘Weekends with Terrie Q’  ….Albuquerque.

Travelin’ Jack (and Jill) will be the featured guest/s from 9am-10am on the popular Weekend talk show with Terrie Q. Sayre. I'll be barkin' up a storm talkin' about LOTS of good dogtails with the fabulous Terrie Q!

Oct. 5 Four Footed Fashion Show-“NM Style” TV show


Tune in to KASA Fox 2 TV between 8 and 9am for our 2nd 4 FOOTED FASHION SHOW....where I'll be co-Emceeing this dog fashion event along side my favorite TV star, Miss Nikki Stanzione on "New Mexico Style".  We'll be showcasing 6 adorable adoptable pups from Lucky Paws Shelter.....who will be working the red carpet in fall and winter pup fashions....doin' their doggone best to be cute AND to get adopted into their forever family!  You WON'T want to miss this siree-doggie!

Oct. 13 Furry Friends Fiesta Day….Albuquerque

Meet us at my 2nd Annual Balloon Museum event at Balloon Fiesta! Photo ops with Travelin’ Jack in a mock-up hot air balloon proceeds to support animal welfare.
 UP UP and AWAY...that's what I'm a-sayin'!  8am to 2pm.......come on up right after the Balloon Launch!

Oct. 13 Doggie Styles Fashion Show….Dixon
Yes...that date is NOT a typo...these paws type just right! Two events in one different parts of New Mexico...we'll be fast-trackin'.....let me bark at ya!

We'll be headin' straight from the Furry Friends Fiesta Day up to lovely Dixon New Mexico to the Upcycled Doggie Style Show.  Jill and I will be modeling matching custom designed outfits…a fashionable fundraiser for Dixon Animal Humane Society. Hmmmm...wonder what they're designing for this dogonaire bulldog?

 Oct. 14 Get Your LICKS on Rt. 66….SantaFe 

Get Your Licks on Route 66 - 2012   
We'll be hitching onto this national Route 66 tour as they come through New Mexico!  I'll be paw-digraphing my book with proceeds to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter.

October 15 Lucky Paws Golf Tournament….Albuquerque

Taking place at Sandia Resort Golf Course, I'll be decked out in a special Golf Knickers outfit..............(bark about dogonnaire---that would be ME!).  I'll be helping raise Bucks for Bones for the pups and kitties at Lucky Paws Shelter. You can donate OR you can golf….all proceeds to Lucky Paws!

Nov. 3 Petsidential Election….Albuquerque

The results are comin' in! There’ll be fun…and music….and the ELECTION RESULTS!
All at Alamosa Book Store…come support your Caninedidate!
And pick up a book or two while you are there too!  Here's a couple of MY dog-personal favorites!

                             “Travelin’ Jack’s Story…From Shelter to Star”
by Travelin’ Jack. Yup that would be ME! I'll be pawdigraphing my award winning children’s activity book to support animal welfare at ALL events. $5 retail.
 AND....just out and hot off the paw-press!   “Red Dog Blue Dog” by Chuck  Sambuchino.

I am  featured 5 TIMES in this adora-bull hard cover pup-litical look at our nation’s political philosophies. Available at Alamosa Book Store and other book outlets!

Yep and THAT is what this dawg is up to these days! Pretty pawsome, eh?  This is YOUR personal invitation to join me at any....or even better ALL of these great events!  See you there!