Monday, October 31, 2011


                                                            Happy HOWL-O-Ween !
 Why we started our JACK-O-Lantern tradition in 2010 when my big people-brother, Matt Lane, carved my very own JACK-O-Lantern.  We raffled off chances to win the Jack-O-Lantern.  The lucky winner took home their very own carved JACK-O-Lantern and we donated the moneys raised to the furry kids in the Santa Fe Animal Shelter.  THAT was last year.
So THIS year...I dog-cided to repeat this Travelin' Jack grand tradition.  And Matt Lane, my people-brother once again put his artistic touch on my 2nd annual JACK-O-Lantern. Pretty doggone cool, eh?  Do you see me in that there punkin?  I do!

And so, I donned my HOWL-o-ween costume and off we went to the Halloween Holiday HOWL at the Barn in Los Ranchos. Once again we raffled off my JACK-o-Lantern and I also paw-digraphed my book, Travelin' Jack's Story..From Shelter to Star.  Oh...and PS here...if you don't have your own copy better hurry and get one soon!  My book is a FINALIST for the 2011 New Mexico Book Awards!   And IF I win I will be the 1st EVER dog author to win an award at the NM Book Awards!  (MAYBE EVEN THE WORLD!)  It  only costs $5.00 and we donate the proceeds to Animal in addition to having your very own copy of this world-class book you'll also be helpin' the furry kids in the shelters!  Pretty doggone cool eh?

 But Back to HOWL-O-Ween Fun!  On Sunday..we headed over to the Fall Festival at Hinkle's Family Fun Center!  And talk about fun!  Why there's nuttin more to say than....DEM Bones...DEM bones....why they were everywhere!

And who did I run into there...but one of my very FAV gals of all time...Miss Colleen Wyatt!  Had to get my photo with this luvalee lady....she is a beauty, don't you dog-ree?!? 
                      's true...and she works hard for the dogs too.  She is the gal in charge at the LUVIN' LABS Rescue organization.  Why they've saved OVER 450 Labs by adoptin' them from shelters, fostering them..and then placing them in good forever homes and families...TOO doggone cool eh? honor of their good work, I am donatin' all my $$$s from today's event to Luvin Labs!

 And then the FUN began.....Kids of all sizes and shapes came to trick-or-treat....and let me bark to you...I got LOTS of fab attention.!
Why there's nuttin' more to say than...DEM bones....DEM bones...Dem Bones...why they were Everywhere!

I was just soakin' in all the lovin...when who should appear but my twin Skeleton buddy!  OH MY DAWG........Do you think we are IDENTICAL TWINS?  Maybe we got separated at birth? 
 AND then another bony guy appeared!  Where are all these scary Skeleton creatures comin' from anyway?
 Do you think they got their costume at PetSmart too?  That's where MY cool glow-in-the-dark Skeleton Costume came from!  And I'm here to bark out loud.....LOTS of folks were OOHin' and AAAHin' at my costume.  I just had to tell 'em to head to PetSmart to get their dog or cat a cool Martha Stewart Pet Halloween costume too!
Here's another handsome Skeleton guy...why we were so adored by the crowd that they were shootin' our photos from all we just hadda pose for the pics! Is this a good angle?
 But maybe-just maybe...this was my very FAV ghoulish skeleton buddy!  We make a dashing bony duo, don't we?  But Hey....with all the goodies bein' handed out I'm gettin' hungry for some sweets.........................

                          Why somebody even showed me their Skeleton Candy ring....SWEET!!!!!!

  HEY...give me a HAND-out...of some of that sw-ee--eet Halloween candy, won't you please?  I'll give you a Jack-smack in return! OK?  Deal....Let's shake on it!

YUP-PUP No Bones About It....this was one dandy HOWL-O-Ween holiday!  Why I had so much doggone fun that I think I might just do it again!  OH....and we were able to donate some $$$$ to both Luvin' Labs Rescue Group and LUCKY PAWS Mobil Adoption Unit....part of the City of Albuquerque's Animal Services division.  YAH-doggies! 

AND thanks to all my little skeleton photo buddies.  NO BONES ABOUT IT! We were dressed to the bones!  Thanks to ALL of you!

But gotta go now....I hear through the dog-vine that tonight is the BIG night with the Trick-or-Treaters comin' to my house!  And if YOU want some dog-portant advice on Halloween Pet my previous blog.

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses! 

PS (pup-script)  My dog-fabulous Skeleton costume was gifted to me by PetSmart!  Thanks're the BEST!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Travelin' Jack's Halloween Pet Safety Tips...AND..(sub-title) How to Really Style with a Great Halloween Pet Costume!

YUP-PUP Halloween (or is it HOWL-o-ween?) is almost here! And that got this dog a-thinkin'.  Why Halloween can be O-so-pawsomely FUN!
...But for pets it can sometimes be SCARY...or even DANGEROUS. So, here's my list of FAVorite rules for a safe Halloween for you and your pet!

TRAVELIN' JACK'S PuP-Tips for HOWL-o-Ween!

1. EDIBLE DANGERS  Keep the kids' candy out of reach!
a. Chocolate contains theobromine...NOT good for pets!
b. Candies that contain artificial sweeteners like XYLITOL can be dangerous too.
c. Fruits & Nuts can be a danger to some raisins, grapes and macadamia nuts.
Jack's Recommendation: Go out and buy some pumpkin flavored pet treats from your favorite pet store
a. Halloween Trick-or-Treaters might be scary to your pets.  Keep  them separated from the doorway activity Halloween night.
b. DARTing NOT allowed.  Pets might be startled by trick-or-treaters and dart out the door. Don't let that happen.  
c. Be ID'd.  Make sure your pet is always identifiable...a collar and an ID tag...and even better, a microchip.  That way IF he does happen to slip away, he can be easily identified!
d.  Mischevious Pranksters.  Some folks let the evil side of them come out  at Halloween. Black cats are especially susceptible to mean treatment.  Keep your pets INSIDE Halloween evening.     
e. NO alcohol.  Adult Parties can sometimes get crazy. really isn't funny to get your pet drunk!  AND it's very dangerous too!  Alcohol can kill a pet.
Jack's Recommendation: Create a party for your pet/s in the bedroom.  Give them their own treats and turn on the TV...Let them watch the new Disney Movie SPOOKY BUDDIES's true.  Some pets DO like to watch TV--'specially shows with animals! I KNOW..I'm one o' them TV couch potatoes! AND... Jack gives this great Pet Movie a PAWS UP REVIEW!

3. CANDLES & WIRES & DANGEROUS THINGS Not all things shiny and flaming are good!
a. Candles in pumpkins can easily tip over and cause a fire...even burn the pet. Avoid all open flames!
b. Wires & Cords Keep your pets away from wires and cords.  If they chew them they can get burns or even life threatening electrical shocks.
c. PENNIES No they are not from heaven for pups who like to eat anything! Pennies contain Zinc and when swallowed and disolved it can enter your pet's bloodstream causing serious health issues.
d. Polyurethane Glue used in home decorating crafts. If eaten, the glue turns int a rock like mass that might need to be removed surgically.
e.Candy Wrappers Shiny wrappers are very interesting to pets. If swallowed these can be trouble for your pets..especially to birds.  
JACK'S RECOMMENDATION: Explore your house..remove your pet from any potentially dangerous area that is decorated for the Holiday! Give your pet their favorite toys and shut them a room to have their own little HOWL-o-Ween party.

 4. COSTUMES To wear or NOT to Wear..THAT is the question!
a. Know your Pet. Does your pet like to dress up or not?  If Fluffy is intimidated by a costume, don't force the issue.  It's OK to wear his 'birthday suit' on Halloween!
b. Costumes that ROCK.  If your pet is a ham...let him live it up with a great costume. Travelin' Jack is ready for Howl-O-Ween in his PetSmart costume by Martha Stewart for Pets.  Pretty Spooky Cool Dude, eh?
c. The right fit. Make sure the costume is safe for your pet.  It should not constrain your pet's ability to move; it should not affect breathing or prevent your pet from barking/meowing; NO MASKS; no loose, dangling or chewable parts.
d. Advance preparation. Put the costume on in advance so that the pet can get used to the outfit. Dog-obviously, I--Travelin' Jack am ready for HOWL-o-Ween in my Martha Stewart SKELETON COSTUME!
And as you can has a nice snug fit to my dog-manly body!  It allows me lots of flexibility..why I can up and down steps..the whole works...AND here's the  dog-dandiest part of it all....IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!  Soooooo..if Jill takes me trick-or-treatin' in the dark EveryBODY (live or dead) will know it's me-Travelin' Jack! bones about it! This costume is doggone PAW-some!  HOWL-o-WEEN...Here I come!  I just LUV my costume...and I'm ready to party....pup-style of course!

JACK'S RECOMMENDATION:. All dressed up and ready to party!  OK, I know...I'm not goin' trick-or-treatin', but that doesn't keep this party dog from a good time!.  There are all sorts of pet costume parties and events around town.  Just check out YOUR favorite store...rescue organization...doggie day You're sure to find the perfect pup (and kitty too) HOWL-o-Ween party...planned JUST for us spooky/funny/silly dressed up pets! final 'bark' of advice from this pup-reporter!  IF anything bad should happen to your pet this holiday...don't take chances....take your pet to your veterinarian.  Some accidents can be fatal if not taken care of by a professional...and some veterinarians are open round the clock.

Be Safe....Have Fun....and here's to a doggone Grand HOWL-o-Ween!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

PupScript:  The Martha Stewart skeleton costume was gifted to me by my favorite pet store PetSmart!  For the perfect costume for your favorite Halloween pet....get 'trackin' to your closest PetSmart store!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TINKER-TASTIC!!!!! Treasures, Tours and Trying out Tip-Top Raingear

Dawg-o-Dawg....did I make a dog-dandy find!  As you might think...most museums are not pet-friendly.  Now let me dog-iterate...MOST museums.  Well. this snoop-dog-doggie found a 'tinkertastic' find in a pet-friendly museum...right outside Albuquerque!  It's none other than the ONE...the ONLY...the TOTALLY amazing Tinkertown Museum.

What started out as a hobby for folk artist Ross Ward (R.I.P.)....transitioned into a one-of-a-kind museum of tiny treasures of folk Americana.  Tinkertown Museum has been open to the public since 1962. Today it provides lots of fun exploration and discovery to groups, tourists...even DOGS...and that there gets Travelin' Jacks PAWS UP review.  
I was greeted by Owner Carla Ward...right from the dog-get-go.  She started pointing out all sorts of fun things to explore....from ground to the ceiling...treasures tucked inside walls made of glass and other neat shiny stuff...why there's a dog-zillion things to discover and explore in this inside/outside fun museum!
Tinkertown..known for its miniature displays of hand carved Americana folk art is sure to delight kids of all ages...and even kids with 4-feet. 
I had SO-O-O-O much fun dog-sploring the treasures tucked around...and because the museum goes from inside to......
to back inside again

...over boardwalks...

and even walkways with all SORT of fun stuff stuck in the cement (horshoes, license plates and more)
Why there's even places to rest along the way....and maybe a pup-photo-shot or two as well....'s this pooch's best advice 

"KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN....there's something FUN everywhere you LOOK"

Now I know you are a-thinkin' "This is doggone good advice comin' from the #1 Pet Travel Reporter...Travelin' Jack" and of course you would be right....BUT just in case you are one of those doubtin' Thomases.......Take a gander at this FACTOID

"In 2010, Tinkertown was listed as one of the TOP TEN small museums in America by Fox News and Huffington Post on Trip Advisor"

and it's all true...AND folks come from all parts of the world to visit Tinkertown Museum!                Including Travelin' Jack!

YUP...I'm pretty doggone proud of myself.  I sure did dog-scover one heck-of-a-find in this Pet-Friendly Museum!  But...hey....don't drag your paws.....Tinkertown Museum is only open through the end of October...and then they re-open in April 2012. last bark of advice....
"GET TRACKIN' to TINKERTOWN MUSEUM...and take your pup along for the adventure!
Tinkertown Museum is an easy and scenic drive from Albuquerque.....located at the base of bee-u-tiful Sandia Mountains....and HEY...that gives me an idea!! 
While we're here...let's explore Sandia Crest!   
So we headed out the driveway from Tinkertown Museum straight up the highway....
...from a warm October day to a chilly drop in temps the higher we went!  A good 20 degrees cooler. 
And now with our warmer gear on, we headed up to Sandia Crest--a scenic, drive (4880 ft) from Tijeras to the highest point (10,640 ft.) on the Sandia Mountains!
...And what did we encounter enroute? 
 We lost our sun and found the FOG....take a look at that view would you...why we went so high we drove right into the clouds! 

And guess what else!  That gave me the dog-dandy opportunity to try out my brand new....
Marth Stewart  Windbreaker! 
No dog about it...this snazzy jacket kept me warm....dry...and wind free at the top of Sandia Crest
where we stopped to catch the views...well maybe NOT such fabtabulous views today on this misty mountain top....BUT we did find out that not only is my Martha Stewart Windbreaker comfortable and also kept me dry!
 and one of the dog-dandiest features of this high Fashion Garment?  Check out this's NOT just a handy dandy pocket on the back.....but when you are done exploring the great outdoors in your folds up into a self-pocket for easy storage!  Now THAT'S what I call good thinkin' Martha!  You got the whole thing covered! 

Pretty keen addition to my wardrobe!  And you can get one for your pooch too!  They come in sizes for the teeniest pup to the giant pooch!..and different colors too for that fashion concious canine in your family! And WHERE can you get it? Why where else but MY favorite pet store...PetSmart of dog-course!  EXCLUSIVELY at PetSmart too!

But now it's time to call this dog-venture a day..
.and back down the highway we go.....away from the clouds and rain...back into the beauty of fall along New Mexico's mountain byways and highways.  So while the Aspens are still golden, the days are still warm, and Fall is in full might just want to take a scenic drive along the Turquoise Trail Scenic won't be disappointed...I Dog-Guarantee!

Yup-Pup...this was one tinkertastic day!  From Treasures and Tinkertown Tours to Trying out Tip-Top rain-gear...this dog  has it all wrapped up to a T. 

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

PS.  My Martha Stewart Windbreaker was gifted to me by PetSmart.  Thanks PetSmart...another doggone grand find!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mad over MADRID and Glad about my new BLING-BLING!

It's a beautiful Fall Day in the Land of Dog-chantment (that is NEW MEXICO for you furrigners out there in my dog-blog world!)  So....I barked out an order to Jill....."Let's hit the road Jill....and see what's out there to dog-splore!"

Being the wise gal that she is....she says back to me "OK....Let's Hit the Road Jack.....but let's try out this brand new LeashLocket that just arrived in the mail for you!"   Of could I resist that deal!  So, we took it out of the the instructions.....put it on snap-snap-snap....then we jumped in the car and off we went.

 Now, you, my curious friends might just be a-sayin' about this time....."What is a LEASHLOCKET?" Now that is a doggone good question...and one worth answering.  It's a new-fangled dog-vention that is-- to put it simply-- "A RETRACTABLE LEASH IN A LOCKET"....and it "LETS YOUR DOG CARRY THE LEASH FOR A CHANGE!"  Now how's that for a grand idea!  Hmmmmm.  Looks pretty snazzy too!  And we all know this pup loves to this new little locket might just be the BLING-BLING for li'l ol' me!

But does it work?  Now THAT is the question of the let's check her out OKAY?  We headed straight over to pick up my people-brother,  Matt for this special dog-day-research and outing. Went straight to the city park to see what this LeashLocket is all about.  Now before I tell you might just want to check out this video on the LeashLocket link   and see it in full action. 

 But here follows Travelin' Jack's say-so about the LeashLocket.
One quick push of the LOCK/UNLOCK button...and VOILA...the leash appears right like it should!                                    

                                      You can make the leash LONG (up to 6 feet)

or SHORT....however you want it to be for comfort sake.
 AND...drum roll here....even though it is light in IS sturdy. Why it handled my 73 muscly-muscle pounds just fine! FURTASTIC! ( comes in 2 sizes.  The Small size securely holds dogs and withstands a pull force of up to 170 pounds, while the Large size is for dogs up to 90 pounds and can withstand a whopping 280 pounds of pull force).  And talk about color!  I have RED...but it also comes in  blue, black and pink...for starters...and I hear through the dog-vine that the inventor plans on adding a whole array of custom colors soon....for you picky pup types out there!

 If you want to romp in the park WITHOUT a leash (mind MUST be a good-behaved pooch to do this!), just click-click the retractable leash...and back it goes into the locket!  Now that is just Dog-Dandy in my books! This is the part about the "dog carrying the leash"  Pretty doggone cool eh?

 Okee-dokey doggie!  We've tested out this LeashLocket-my new FAV let's hit the road JACK!
And now this might just be Jill's FAVORITE thing about my snazzy new LeashLocket!   Once in the unsnapping leashes......just retract the leash into the locket.....and snap the locket right onto the handy-dandy magnetic rivet that comes in the package and snaps around nearly any collar or harness!

And there you have it!  All these totally canine-cool tricks up my leash....and I do look pup-handsome in it too....if I do say so my dog-self!
Don't you agree?

But the day's awastin'...and this travel writer dog needs to hit the road! So off we go on a day trippin' dog-scursion to Madrid New Mexico! Is it Dog-Friendly I wonder?  Let's find out!

 Madrid (for those of us in the know here in New Mexico, the name rhymes with if you wanna be- like- with it....DON'T for dawg sakes say Mudrid (like the town in Spain!)...just a hint from this dog-scoverer and travel reporter)!
Madrid is an old mining town tucked in the Ortiz Mountains along the Turquoise Trail....just East of Albuquerque and just south of Santa Fe.  Today..this cute little historic mining town has turned artsy...and is filled with great galleries and such! AH YES...MADRID!  Worth checking out!

Main Street Madrid...or Highway 14...or the Turquoise Trail.....check out all these cute MAY be trouble if we let Jill get away from us here!  You know how those shop-a-holics can be...and Madrid looks like it's chock full of fun and neat gifts to take home....but hey...we came here on a pet mission remember? 

                                                          Is Madrid Dog-Friendly?
AHA! Take a look at that sign wouldja?  It's a Dog-Crossing Sign!  WoW!  Now THAT's what this dog reporter likes to see! You rock Madrid!  And I don't mean the turquoise kind...but you rock there too!
While we're here in Madrid we better get some history.....look at this old-tyme mining museum.  It's the Old Coal Mine Museum....and right next to it is the Mine Shaft Restaurant & Tavern...that even has a Melodrama Theatre....and of dog-course....they welcome bikers too!  and there's lots of grand snoopin' areas for dogs around the area too!
Hey...what's this here? Why it's an Ore Cart from the old mining days.... 

Hmmm...wonder if there's any silver in this ore....ore maybe some turquoise...I could use some more bling on my collar I'm a-thinkin'.
Madrid is one cool-dude town...why it is so friendly that even Hollywood came a callin' here a few years back. They filmed scenes from the movie Wild Hogs right here in Madrid at Maggie's Diner!   

Yes....history, art, even Hollywood loves Madrid....and me too! I think I'm comin' back soon to check out Madrid at Christmas time...I hear through the dog-vine that there's a mighty dandy Christmas Festival here in this little village in the mountains.  Yep...fer sure....I'll be BACK again!

But for now...I'm calling this a day......back in the car with my back seat view...and my new favorite LeashLocket all tucked back inside the locket....and I'm one doggone happy li'l traveler.'s a ruff life..but some pup has gotta do it!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

PS (which means Pup-Script)
The LeashLocket was gifted to me by LeashLocket Ltd. and is available in pet stores (like PetSmart)!  The LeashLocket....isn't this one dog-dandy invention!?!  Top-Dog in my book!