Tuesday, October 4, 2011


 It's that time of year! The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is here! Yabba Dabba Doo!!!!!
Balloons....balloons and more balloons!  What a sight to see!

 I sure wouldn't miss this grand extravaganza right in my own home town of Albuquerque!  But gotta get up early.....here's a hint from Travelin' Jack...don't even take off your jammies....just head to the Fiesta!
 What's the best spot for pooches to catch the action?  Well that would be from the lawn at the Balloon Museum!  AND dogs are invited FREE on the lawn!  WoW...now that's what I call a bully of a bargain!  I'M THERE!

 Some folks like to get up high on the Museum viewing area......eye level with the colorful orbs passing you by! Pretty doggone snazzy eh? 

 Check out this optical dog-lusion.....is that Museum actually shaped like a balloon?  YUP it sure-nuff is!
 And here is a dandy activity for everyone...dogs included! The Lighter Than Air Fair...it is every day of Balloon Fiesta.  And dogs are allowed at the festival and on the lawn.
                                     Lots of great things to see and buy and take home too!
 Check this out....I Travelin' Jack even hitched a ride on this great Tin Lizzy!  See me in the back? WoW! Talk about a special treat.....but then that was when I was campaignin' for Dog-Governor in 2010!  Made one grand entrance eh?  And I was dog-lected too!

 At Lighter Than Air Fair there all sorts of fun action.....like musical entertainment...why you might even catch a glimpse of Smokey Bear!

 And of dog-course! There is art!  HMMMM...this one seems mighty fine from my dog-spective! 

Yep Albuquerque sure does know how to throw one heck of a party!  This year is the festival's  40th Anniversary and it goes till October 9th...so get those paws a trackin to ABQ!  You won't be sorry I dog-guarantee!.....   And bring the Dogs WITH you...because there's some dog-dandy things to do around town after you watch the balloons float away in the sky.....like.......
 Take a city tour on the Trolley....YEP..that's right...this great tour around town in the open air trolley is just dog-dandy for people...for kids...and even for dogs!
 See....Jesse....the Tour Guide is tearing my ticket...so I'm home free for the ride! YIPPEE!
 Now let's just take a gander at the tour's itinerary....hmmmm....lots of great places...LET'S GO already!  What a special treat for this dog...and people too!
 What else can I do in Old Town Albuquerque after the trolley ride?  Well....one of the FAV things for Everyone to do while in New Mexico.....EAT.  Gotta get some of that famous Green Chile!   Now I don't know about you but I"M HUNGRY!  So while we are in Old Town, we head to the pet-friendly patio at Church Street Cafe....one of my VERY FAVORITE places in the whole doggone world!
Take a look at this yumny Taco Salad! OKAY....better sign off for now so's I can eat this tasty New Mexican favorite! But not before I give you a couple of hints about ballooning and pups.

1)  Make sure to have your pet secured around hot air balloons.  The noise can startle some pups...and we don't want any run-away doggies now do we?
2) The Balloon Musuem Lawn is the only pet-friendly place at Balloon Fiesta.  Dogs (except for service dogs) are not allowed on the Balloon Field...too many loud noises for us 4-footed kids...we get scared of that noisy inflation.
3) MANY hotels and B&Bs...and even restaurants are PET-FRIENDLY in Albuquerque....just do your research in advance.  And book too, because the whole town books up for Balloon Fiesta! 
4) There are  a good number of Balloon Fiesta created RV parks right near the Fiesta grounds.  Many folks who travel with their dogs drive their RV and stay right near the field with their dogs.  A great way to travel in my dog-pinion!
5) Always make sure you have your pet ID'd.....just in case there is a runaway pup......true for any trip but even more so with all these noisy balloons overhead!
6) If you want to watch ABQ's famous Balloon Glow at night...here's an idea for you and your dog! There are many car-viewing spots toward Tramway Blvd where you can park your car with your dog too....and watch the glow of the balloons at night!  FREE fun with Fido! 
7) Albuquerque has MANY fine dog-parks, doggie boutiques, doggie day spas, doggie bakeries and more...so if you need some special treatment for Fluffy....NO PROBLEMO...ABQ is VERY pet friendly!
8)  Make sure to plan ahead for your lodging and your fun times at Albuqerque's Balloon Fiesta!  This is one big party with over 800,000 visitors annually.....just make sure YOU are one of them!

                    And here's some more fun facts about our Balloon Fiesta!

•Balloon Fiesta mass ascensions include 600 balloons--or more.
•Mass ascensions of about 700 balloons take about two hours.
•The Balloon Fiesta is the largest ballooning event on the earth.
•The Balloon Fiesta is the most photographed event on the planet.
•The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is the largest annual international event held in the U.S.
• Balloon Fiesta's launch fields total the size of 54 football fields.
•100 special shape balloons will take part in Balloon Fiesta 2011
-The Special Shape Rodeo™ in the morning and Glowdeo™ in the evening will take place Oct. 6 and 7

 So there you have it!  It's all about balloons...and we ARE full of hot air when we brag about our biggest festival.....dog-literally!  But it is the good kinda hot air...let me dog-sure you!  And now here's YOUR dog-personal invitation....come join me at Lighter Than Air Fair this Friday morning....on the Lawn...I'll be there...WAITIN' for you!  with one of my famous Jack-smacks too of dog-course!  And yes....maybe I AM full of hot air...but it's all good when it's at the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!


  1. This is awesome! I had no idea of the dog-friendly ways of the Balloon Fiesta. It looks like Jack had a great time. :)

  2. Thanks so much for letting me know about the Balloon Museum. My dog can come with me now!

  3. Balloons fly over neighborhood s and all the dogs bark cause they cant stand the noise neither can i sorry but im sick of balloons .they should stay in abq get out of rio rancho.thanks