Thursday, October 27, 2011

Travelin' Jack's Halloween Pet Safety Tips...AND..(sub-title) How to Really Style with a Great Halloween Pet Costume!

YUP-PUP Halloween (or is it HOWL-o-ween?) is almost here! And that got this dog a-thinkin'.  Why Halloween can be O-so-pawsomely FUN!
...But for pets it can sometimes be SCARY...or even DANGEROUS. So, here's my list of FAVorite rules for a safe Halloween for you and your pet!

TRAVELIN' JACK'S PuP-Tips for HOWL-o-Ween!

1. EDIBLE DANGERS  Keep the kids' candy out of reach!
a. Chocolate contains theobromine...NOT good for pets!
b. Candies that contain artificial sweeteners like XYLITOL can be dangerous too.
c. Fruits & Nuts can be a danger to some raisins, grapes and macadamia nuts.
Jack's Recommendation: Go out and buy some pumpkin flavored pet treats from your favorite pet store
a. Halloween Trick-or-Treaters might be scary to your pets.  Keep  them separated from the doorway activity Halloween night.
b. DARTing NOT allowed.  Pets might be startled by trick-or-treaters and dart out the door. Don't let that happen.  
c. Be ID'd.  Make sure your pet is always identifiable...a collar and an ID tag...and even better, a microchip.  That way IF he does happen to slip away, he can be easily identified!
d.  Mischevious Pranksters.  Some folks let the evil side of them come out  at Halloween. Black cats are especially susceptible to mean treatment.  Keep your pets INSIDE Halloween evening.     
e. NO alcohol.  Adult Parties can sometimes get crazy. really isn't funny to get your pet drunk!  AND it's very dangerous too!  Alcohol can kill a pet.
Jack's Recommendation: Create a party for your pet/s in the bedroom.  Give them their own treats and turn on the TV...Let them watch the new Disney Movie SPOOKY BUDDIES's true.  Some pets DO like to watch TV--'specially shows with animals! I KNOW..I'm one o' them TV couch potatoes! AND... Jack gives this great Pet Movie a PAWS UP REVIEW!

3. CANDLES & WIRES & DANGEROUS THINGS Not all things shiny and flaming are good!
a. Candles in pumpkins can easily tip over and cause a fire...even burn the pet. Avoid all open flames!
b. Wires & Cords Keep your pets away from wires and cords.  If they chew them they can get burns or even life threatening electrical shocks.
c. PENNIES No they are not from heaven for pups who like to eat anything! Pennies contain Zinc and when swallowed and disolved it can enter your pet's bloodstream causing serious health issues.
d. Polyurethane Glue used in home decorating crafts. If eaten, the glue turns int a rock like mass that might need to be removed surgically.
e.Candy Wrappers Shiny wrappers are very interesting to pets. If swallowed these can be trouble for your pets..especially to birds.  
JACK'S RECOMMENDATION: Explore your house..remove your pet from any potentially dangerous area that is decorated for the Holiday! Give your pet their favorite toys and shut them a room to have their own little HOWL-o-Ween party.

 4. COSTUMES To wear or NOT to Wear..THAT is the question!
a. Know your Pet. Does your pet like to dress up or not?  If Fluffy is intimidated by a costume, don't force the issue.  It's OK to wear his 'birthday suit' on Halloween!
b. Costumes that ROCK.  If your pet is a ham...let him live it up with a great costume. Travelin' Jack is ready for Howl-O-Ween in his PetSmart costume by Martha Stewart for Pets.  Pretty Spooky Cool Dude, eh?
c. The right fit. Make sure the costume is safe for your pet.  It should not constrain your pet's ability to move; it should not affect breathing or prevent your pet from barking/meowing; NO MASKS; no loose, dangling or chewable parts.
d. Advance preparation. Put the costume on in advance so that the pet can get used to the outfit. Dog-obviously, I--Travelin' Jack am ready for HOWL-o-Ween in my Martha Stewart SKELETON COSTUME!
And as you can has a nice snug fit to my dog-manly body!  It allows me lots of flexibility..why I can up and down steps..the whole works...AND here's the  dog-dandiest part of it all....IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!  Soooooo..if Jill takes me trick-or-treatin' in the dark EveryBODY (live or dead) will know it's me-Travelin' Jack! bones about it! This costume is doggone PAW-some!  HOWL-o-WEEN...Here I come!  I just LUV my costume...and I'm ready to party....pup-style of course!

JACK'S RECOMMENDATION:. All dressed up and ready to party!  OK, I know...I'm not goin' trick-or-treatin', but that doesn't keep this party dog from a good time!.  There are all sorts of pet costume parties and events around town.  Just check out YOUR favorite store...rescue organization...doggie day You're sure to find the perfect pup (and kitty too) HOWL-o-Ween party...planned JUST for us spooky/funny/silly dressed up pets! final 'bark' of advice from this pup-reporter!  IF anything bad should happen to your pet this holiday...don't take chances....take your pet to your veterinarian.  Some accidents can be fatal if not taken care of by a professional...and some veterinarians are open round the clock.

Be Safe....Have Fun....and here's to a doggone Grand HOWL-o-Ween!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

PupScript:  The Martha Stewart skeleton costume was gifted to me by my favorite pet store PetSmart!  For the perfect costume for your favorite Halloween pet....get 'trackin' to your closest PetSmart store!

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