Thursday, January 28, 2010

Presidential Treatment at Bishop's Lodge!

Yes, that is right...this lucky bulldog relaxed in the luxury of historic Bishop's Lodge in Santa Fe...preparing for my next TV spot right here.....So with that in mind, we hit the research trail hard......a really ruff assignment, as you can see by the photos.

1st stop.....the Presidential Suite....was our home away from home for the night.....pretty grand treatment, I'd say! And what was waiting for me in the very own gift basket of Bishop's Lodge gourmet organic doggie cookies! Yes, not only are they yummy but they are healthy...even include a hint of mint. That way my kisses are sweet and minty for whoever is the lucky recipient of Jack's love smacks! HA!

Next....I checked out the pool....lounging was the name of the game today.....followed by a romping exploratory tour of the 450 acre resort. (didn't quite cover all 450 acres, but sure did like what I did set my paw tracks on! And during that little escapade around the property, I came across this rugged lookin' bull...just a-waitin' for a challenge. So I took him on...and doggone it if he didn't get the best of me! Threw me off just when I thought I was gettin' the hang of bullriding!

Aaah...but there's no better way to end the day than a relaxing snooze in front of that pinon fire in the kiva fireplace. Followed by a cozy night in the sack!

And....if this has piqued your curiosity.....tune in this weekend on Travel Guide New Mexico for the latest episode of Jack's Tracks.......filmed at yep-you guessed it---Santa Fe's fabulous Bishop's Lodge.....but for now, I'll end with giving you some bulldog insight into this posh place.....Bishop's Lodge gets my prestigious "5 PAWS Rating".....and it just doesn't get any better than you know!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day Trippin' Dog

Day Trippin....yep, that's right. A trip doesn't ALWAYS mean sleeping away from home! There are those doggone good places to get to within a day's I rounded up my Chauffeur Person, Jill and her best bud, Sharon Schultz...and off we went a happy trio! We headed down to El Camino Real Heritage Center, just south of Socorro and right off I-25. Jill was 'supposedly' doing research for an article, Sharon was checking out the museum and all...after all she is the head of T.A.N.M. which is short for Tourism Association of New Mexico! She is always looking out after the best tourism tips in New Mexico and taking care of all the members....and guess what! She added one new member...that's right...You guessed it. Travelin' Jack is the NEWEST T.A.N.M. and the 1st and ONLY dog member. You know I fit right in with the other members...after all I am all over tourism in New you well know! A "Ruff" assignment fer sure...but one that This travelin' canine is up to!

Anyway, I dog-gress. El Camino Real Heritage Center which means 'the royal road' in third language...after of course BullDog, ENGLISH (my native tongue since I am a Brit and do remember I am an Olde English Bulldogge, I know) and now I am quickly adding Spanish to my tongue! Ha...get it tongue...a little bulldog joke there!

Anyway, I dog-gress again! El Camino Real Heritage Center is located right off old Highway 1, and if you are a-wonderin' (like I was) really was the original road for El Camino Real, and led travelers like Coronado and his explorers up the route WAY before those new-fangled machines called autos were invented. Well, going back even further than the Spanish Explorers...the Native Americans used this route for their travel and it really was the original road from Mexico into the (now) USA and New Mexico.

Now admit didn't think I was that smart did you? And now you know....I'm NOT just about good looks! I'm brawn and brain too! Yep, this roving bulldog is the WHOLE enchilada (another of my Spanish terms...and a tasty one as well-ha!).

And again I dog-gress! Pet Friendly is my task....and now for the real question...Is El Camino Real pet friendly? Does it pass this dog's test? The answer to stay tuned for more, but now I've just about had it. We've explored for the day, and we're heading back home....can't quite keep my eyes's doggie dreams for me!

Doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Viva! Vivac! A Pet-Friendly Winery

Wow. What a find by this rovin' bulldog reporter! Who woulda thunk! A winery that invites the four footed friends in with their wine slurping humans! Vivac Winery...that's what! But yep, nuttin' gets past this nosey dog...who also has a nose for that fragrant New Mexico nectar called Wine!

Okay, so I didn't get to taste it! I'm only a year and a half old already...but Jill did, and deemed it a dandy find! Tasted about six of their tasty reds...and brought home a bottle of the grape as well. But it was a fun find for me as well. First, they let me hang during the wine tasting. Here I am yuckin' it up with Heather. She was one dandy sommelier! (yep that's right..this dog has taste-ha!). And after the wine tasting, we took a nice hike through the vineyard as well. Vivac is located right on the highway on the way up to EASY stop halfway between Santa Fe and Taos. Check it out next time you pass by.

Yep, another great discovery by this travel loving, snoop-dog-snoop! I give Vivac a 5 paws rating for a top notch winery! Yep, I do indeedy!

More later from this travelin pooch, but here's to sipping wine and.....

...doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's party time for this ol' dog! And party we did at the Elkhorn Lodge.
We started the evening off with a dandy bonfire down by the early bird toast to the New Year......more like an early dog-toast, if ya ask this bulldog! Anyway, everyone had a grand ol time hanging round that roaring fire, roasting marshmallows-YUM- and planning their New Year's resolutions!

Then after the bonfire, the family retired back at the lodge next to the cozy fire, and wound down the wee hours of 2009. I grabbed onto my own form of 'champagne' and slurped down a cold one and then just as the minute hand hit 12 midnite..... I KONKED!'s to a bully year in 2010 for all of us!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On The Set in Silver City

Greetings from Travelin' Jack. Right before the holidays hit, I hit the road to Silver City with my....yes doggone it...MY camera team! Those guys at Travel Guide New Mexico are just too good to me! I get to check out all the cool spots with them. Here we hit the Pinos Alto Post Office (PAPO) Ice Cream Parlor together while they filmed a segment for the show. I was sidelined here, but got to take a tasty bite of that yummy Banana Split they conjured up for Richard, the Host of TGNM. YUM with a 5 Paws rating!

Jill and I then went out on our own to discover Silver City. OF COURSE it is absolutely important that you ALWAYS start at the local Visitor Center! That's where all the info is...and the nice ladies there who welcomed me right on inside! Talk about Pet Friendly...they got that one down pat! and a paw too...hee hee (a little dog humor there!) Here I am outside the Visitor Center with my main gal at the Visitor Center, Mary in front of the Billy the Kid cabin. I was admonished by all not to follow in the 'footsteps' of Billy the Kid as he did NOT know how to stay out of trouble. Nope, not this bulldog! I'm headin for the good times, not the outlaw type, ya' know!

Next we filmed my segment at the know checkin' out those pet friendly places to overnight. Here the Holiday Inn Express, which is VERY pet friendly, welcomed me warmly. Not only was the hotel room cozy but after posing in front of the still takes me several takes before we get just the right shot!.....I just had to call it a day. And it was a doggie dream filled night for me! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Well, the holidays are behind us but not the memories! What a great catch I made this holiday season! LOTS of yummy doggie goodies along with a whole kit and kaboodle of new toys! And just to assuage that "Kit and Kaboodle" confusion, no no kittens in the stocking this year! Maybe next I do like cats along with dogs and people! Yup everyone is my friend...but back to the topic at paw......Christmas toys. Always good to get some new toys from Santa Paws..and he did not disappoint. Along with fluffy squeaky toys that are G--R--E--A--T fun to destuff and find the squeaker (and no, I am careful NOT to eat the squeaker!)

Here you can see, I am making sure that my dog-sister, Roxie, does not get my favorite toys! NO....mine....ALL mine! (I haven't learned to share real well yet, but workin' on it...just not at Christmas, doggone it!)

I just love the fun rubber toys as well. And just in case you're a-wonderin', this is NOT a real bottle of beer! Just a toy fake for this old bulldog! You know, I am underage for the real stuff! Anyway, it was a bully of a holiday at the lodge...but need to get ready for more action now, so signing off....

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!