Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day Trippin' Dog

Day Trippin....yep, that's right. A trip doesn't ALWAYS mean sleeping away from home! There are those doggone good places to get to within a day's I rounded up my Chauffeur Person, Jill and her best bud, Sharon Schultz...and off we went a happy trio! We headed down to El Camino Real Heritage Center, just south of Socorro and right off I-25. Jill was 'supposedly' doing research for an article, Sharon was checking out the museum and all...after all she is the head of T.A.N.M. which is short for Tourism Association of New Mexico! She is always looking out after the best tourism tips in New Mexico and taking care of all the members....and guess what! She added one new member...that's right...You guessed it. Travelin' Jack is the NEWEST T.A.N.M. and the 1st and ONLY dog member. You know I fit right in with the other members...after all I am all over tourism in New you well know! A "Ruff" assignment fer sure...but one that This travelin' canine is up to!

Anyway, I dog-gress. El Camino Real Heritage Center which means 'the royal road' in third language...after of course BullDog, ENGLISH (my native tongue since I am a Brit and do remember I am an Olde English Bulldogge, I know) and now I am quickly adding Spanish to my tongue! Ha...get it tongue...a little bulldog joke there!

Anyway, I dog-gress again! El Camino Real Heritage Center is located right off old Highway 1, and if you are a-wonderin' (like I was) really was the original road for El Camino Real, and led travelers like Coronado and his explorers up the route WAY before those new-fangled machines called autos were invented. Well, going back even further than the Spanish Explorers...the Native Americans used this route for their travel and it really was the original road from Mexico into the (now) USA and New Mexico.

Now admit didn't think I was that smart did you? And now you know....I'm NOT just about good looks! I'm brawn and brain too! Yep, this roving bulldog is the WHOLE enchilada (another of my Spanish terms...and a tasty one as well-ha!).

And again I dog-gress! Pet Friendly is my task....and now for the real question...Is El Camino Real pet friendly? Does it pass this dog's test? The answer to stay tuned for more, but now I've just about had it. We've explored for the day, and we're heading back home....can't quite keep my eyes's doggie dreams for me!

Doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

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  1. As a human member of the ECRHS family, I hope you truly enjoyed your visit. I think we are getting pet friendlier all the time. Have met a number of travel'n 4-leggeds this past year while down there. They all seem enjoy getting out of their 4-wheel contraptions and sniffin' around. Hurry back, Jack!