Monday, January 4, 2010


Well, the holidays are behind us but not the memories! What a great catch I made this holiday season! LOTS of yummy doggie goodies along with a whole kit and kaboodle of new toys! And just to assuage that "Kit and Kaboodle" confusion, no no kittens in the stocking this year! Maybe next I do like cats along with dogs and people! Yup everyone is my friend...but back to the topic at paw......Christmas toys. Always good to get some new toys from Santa Paws..and he did not disappoint. Along with fluffy squeaky toys that are G--R--E--A--T fun to destuff and find the squeaker (and no, I am careful NOT to eat the squeaker!)

Here you can see, I am making sure that my dog-sister, Roxie, does not get my favorite toys! NO....mine....ALL mine! (I haven't learned to share real well yet, but workin' on it...just not at Christmas, doggone it!)

I just love the fun rubber toys as well. And just in case you're a-wonderin', this is NOT a real bottle of beer! Just a toy fake for this old bulldog! You know, I am underage for the real stuff! Anyway, it was a bully of a holiday at the lodge...but need to get ready for more action now, so signing off....

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

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