Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Canine Campaign Chugs Up to Chama!

Well, we had a busy day in Taos last weekend, but it didn't end there! We continued tracking on over to Chama to help out the four-footed kids there and the Chama Valley Humane Society.

You know, it's dog-gorgeous in Chama this time of the year! Look at this Color wouldja?!

We took this project on with the partnership of Mountainview Mall....and Christy, the resident Canine, helped me out! Thanks bunches of dog biscuits, Christy!

We had friendly passers-by visit with us, and drop some dollars in the donation box...some off the last Train ride of the Season, some enjoying Fall foliage, and some local area folks.We were glad to help out the Chama Valley Humane Society a bit...and we gathered more votes for the dog-GUV-2-BE too!

All's in a days work for this travelin' hound dog! Stay tuned...more fun CANINE CAMPAIGN stops coming up soon as we wind down to ELECTION DAY! For more info on me and my CANINE CAMPAIGN, check out my website.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hot On The Canine Campaign Trail -Bark-A-Thon in the Park TAOS

Well we had one grand time at the Bark In the Park in Taos! We had an Adopt-A-Thon...and we are happy to say, Mr. Dillon (above) was adopted by a family from Colorado! How doggone cool is that, eh? And two other pups were adopted by their forever families too! YIPEE-KI-O-KAYAA!

And what fundraiser would be without a grand Silent Auction? Look at this fab dog-artwork and more! WoW.....good goin' Taos!

And OF COURSE there was a Dog Dress-Up Contest! We're not sure if this is a dog-dandy costume or a new discovery in the bug world....a Bee-Chiwawa!!??!!

And a good time was had by ALL---Pugs, Pups & People too! Look at this little cuz of mine...at least I think he is....or have I been miniaturized?
Now this guy is JUST my size...and another of my fab cuzins....this happy reunion between me and Sprocket was just the cat's meouw....er somethin' like that!

And then there were the races...why even your favorite Guv -2-B took part in this race.....harumph...that dog with the long legs beat me out at the finish line ..... .But that doesn't stop me from my RACE to be the 1st EVER DOG-GOVERNOR of New Mexico! And this pupparoo will keep on truckin' to earn bucks for NM's animal welfare organizations....and find homes for those 4-footed kids who need a forever family of their own!

For more info on my CANINE CAMPAIGN....head to my website for all the dog-tails!

Monday, October 11, 2010

On the CANINE CAMPAIGN Trail at SocorroFest

Time to hit the road....rounding up $s for the furry kids and their great organizations....and telling folks to ADOPT a Shelter Pet! And of course, we can't forget that furry friend write-in vote on my PET-ition for Dog Governor of New Mexico!

So off we went to SocorroFest! It was just grand! Of course I have to put on my patriotic campaign attire......a dog must ALWAYS be ready for that photo op and attention to detail ya know!

And hey....ya gotta be ready to give the ol' campaign presentation to those passer-by pups! I'm PRETTY sure I got her vote...after our little dog-chat and my smackin' kiss!
YIPPEE.....our first donations for the Animal Protection Association of Socorro! Way to go ladies! You just helped our furry friends cause!
Here's Miss Carmen.....getting the Dog-fficial "Travelin' Jack for Governor" Campaign Button...for all her hard work on this event! Thanks Miss C!!!

Oh....gotta get ready for another Campaign Photo Op....do I look okay!
OKee doggie....here's a write in vote on my PET-ition for Your's Truly.....the next Dog-Governor of New Mexico!
I'm pretty doggone happy with my CANINE CAMPAIGN stop at Socorro. What about you Miss Carmen?
And one last smooch deal before I hit the road again...I sure did hit the jackpot with these two little dolls, eh?
and now I'm "on the road again"

......see ya at the next CANINE CAMPAIGN stop next weekend! Headin' to Taos......one of my dog-fav places to visit! But if you want to see my CANINE CAMPAIGN platform and support the cause yourself, just check it ALL out on my website.

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Watermelon Mountain Ranch-Animal Shelter Exra-Ordinaire!

It was Volunteer Day at Rio Rancho's Watermelon Mountain Ranch....where All Who Enter Here Will Find Love. So....I thought I'd join in on the good cause by holding a Canine Campaign on the spot. Well, let me tell you...if you've never visited this great organization....doggone it..get your paws in gear and head over to check out this snazzy Animal Rescue Resort.

Resort you say? Well, not exactly, but let me tell you....it is one fine and dog-dandy place to stay till these critters get a forever home and family. There are cozy little 'canine cottages' for the pups waitin' for a family...look at these digs would ya?
There's the Rabbit Hutch for wayward bunnies...Miss Muffet's Garden

and one snazzy home-away-from-home for those kute little kittens at the Catnip Inn. Check out this kitty dream home scene would ya? Pretty cat-tastic if you ask me! Here's Abigail...VOLUNTEER Extraordinaire...helping out in the Cat House! Way to go Abby! All us animals love your giving spirit!

And finally......some folks might JUST be lookin' for that very special pot-belly pig pet!!! Well...if that would be you...then Watermelon Ranch has your dream pet awaitin'.....3 pot belly pigs to choose from...there's Thelma and Louise....and then there is the very portly piglet-Louie! Can you believe those choices?

Yup....I LUVed Volunteer Day at Watermelon Mountain Ranch...and I loved my special tour by Animal Specialist Gabe...who is pretty dog-tastic fabulous in my books! He knows how to take care of these special critters...till they find their permanent home and family.

All the good folks at Watermelon Ranch are love-bugs to animals...and they've got my vote for sure!

If you want to help them out....here's how you might just be able to do that!

1) adopt one of these lovelee pets either from the ranch or at a PetSmart adoption day
2) Donate some bones and bucks.......check out their website for details on the many ways to do this...from donations..to Harley raffles...to attending the 2010 Fur Ball on November 6th.

Any way you choose........everyone comes out a winner.

and hey...tell 'em Travelin' Jack sent you! They've got my 5-paws Animal Welfare Rating....and as you know..it just doesn't get any better than that...doggone it!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Now who wudda thunk a shelter dog from Colorado would rise to such doggone grand heights as to run for Dog-Governor of New Mexico! Well....Travelin' Jack...who else!?!

Yup, I'm throwin' my paw into the race....and raising awareness and $s for my 4-footed furry friends with New Mexico's great animal welfare organizations!

The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT was made Sunday at the Albuquerque Balloon
Museum. With lots of pomp and circumstance....just for this li'l ol' pup!

And I must say, it was one grand bash...what with my official band, SAGE,

my grand entrance with the Tin Lizzy Club of Albuquerque,

a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with 5 great animal organizations...and my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

Of course it wudda been nothin' without my loyal fans, both the human kind and the 4 footed variety.

But the best part of it all....we started my CANINE CAMPAIGN off with a bang! We adopted 5 cute little puppies to new forever families, we raised about $600 for the 5 animal organizations...and I entertained over 500 people and pets!

Not a bad day for this pupparoo....and now I am ready to hit the road and the CANINE CAMPAIGN TRAIL.

How can you help you ask? Well, check out my brand new website......buy my campaign goodies and the $s go to help the animals of New Mexico!

So...don't just sit there....get your paws on the BUY button and support my campaign! After all...I DO intend to be the next Dog-Governor of New Mexico...paws down!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


It's October 2nd.....and we are into countdown mode big time!

If you have forgotten the details.....and I know you haven't doggone it!.....here they are again.

Here is the Schedule of Activities for Sunday morning.

Up, Up & Away...A Furry Friends Fiesta Day!
9 AM-12 Noon
Sunday, October 3
Balloon Museum East Lawn

9 AM-9:30 AM
Event begins with Live Music provided by "Sage" band and Vendors and Animal Welfare Organizations on the Lawn.

9:30-9:40 AM
Welcome to Visitors
Introduction of Jack's "Canine Campaign" Kick-Off & Sponsors/Organizations

9:40-9:50 Jack's Arrival via Motorcade Entrance

9:50-10 AM Official Announcement by Jack along with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony by Animal Welfare officials & Jack, Announcement of Opening Donation to the Cause, Overview of Jack's '4-Paw Campaign Platform (Social Welfare, Border Control, Economic Stimulus, Health care)

10:00-10:10 Press Conference with Jack and his campaign platform

10:10-10:15. Thank you by Jack and Invitation to enjoy the fair, visit Animal Welfare organizations and participating vendors...including Jack's Table.

10:15-`12 noon. Continuation of Live Music and Pet Fair.

12 Noon. Event closes.

See you tomorrow at Balloon Museum Lawn...and remember IT'S FREE to come to UP, UP & AWAY...A FURRY FRIENDS FIESTA DAY!