Saturday, October 2, 2010


It's October 2nd.....and we are into countdown mode big time!

If you have forgotten the details.....and I know you haven't doggone it! they are again.

Here is the Schedule of Activities for Sunday morning.

Up, Up & Away...A Furry Friends Fiesta Day!
9 AM-12 Noon
Sunday, October 3
Balloon Museum East Lawn

9 AM-9:30 AM
Event begins with Live Music provided by "Sage" band and Vendors and Animal Welfare Organizations on the Lawn.

9:30-9:40 AM
Welcome to Visitors
Introduction of Jack's "Canine Campaign" Kick-Off & Sponsors/Organizations

9:40-9:50 Jack's Arrival via Motorcade Entrance

9:50-10 AM Official Announcement by Jack along with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony by Animal Welfare officials & Jack, Announcement of Opening Donation to the Cause, Overview of Jack's '4-Paw Campaign Platform (Social Welfare, Border Control, Economic Stimulus, Health care)

10:00-10:10 Press Conference with Jack and his campaign platform

10:10-10:15. Thank you by Jack and Invitation to enjoy the fair, visit Animal Welfare organizations and participating vendors...including Jack's Table.

10:15-`12 noon. Continuation of Live Music and Pet Fair.

12 Noon. Event closes.

See you tomorrow at Balloon Museum Lawn...and remember IT'S FREE to come to UP, UP & AWAY...A FURRY FRIENDS FIESTA DAY!


  1. Jack,
    Do you remember Chef Tom from the Roasted Clove invited you to Angel Fire Peak Challenge? I know our schedules conflicted this year...but we would really love to have you to next fall's Angel Fire Peak Challenge and Pet Festival. Please give me a call at 575-377-6661 or email me at
    Looking forward to finally meeting you! Lin Browning

  2. Absodoglutely I remember you! The Roasted Clove Restaurant---YUM!

    I would be doggone proud to participate in next year's event! Let's get it on the old dog calendar now!

    PS...I'll be in Taos on the 16th of October at the Bark-A-Thon.....come on over and visit!....and check out my brand new website all about my Canine Campaign! It's