Friday, February 26, 2010

American Idol....Here I come!

Travelin' Jack, New Mexico's ONLY canine travel reporter has made his national debut on YouTube in his special musical salute to New Mexico!

Enjoy...and sing a long! And you can join him on his traveling adventures at

& Jill (his personal chauffeur and agent)

ps Jack sends this personal message as well....... "Feel Free to share this with your friends....doggone it!"

Monday, February 22, 2010

Time to Type! No rest for this hard working bulldog reporter!

Checkin out my doggie diary to see what new adventures might be coming my way. This ol' bulldog doesn't believe in desks and high back sirreeee.......need my cushy cushions and comfy arm rest to paw my story. So stay tuned....more to come soon.......

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Jack's national photo debuts! Thanks to my dog-zillion friends who voted for me!

This was a wild and fast-paced week for this bulldog! And thanks to all of you who voted for me....I luv ya all!

First of all, I was entered into Bissell's MVP (Most Valuable Pet) Photo Contest. Little did any of us know how popular THIS national contest is! Bissell has a 12 week photo contest, and the Top Vote Getting Dogs (literally) win money for their selected charity....not to mention their mugshot on Bissell's vacuum boxes! Cool eh? Well, knowing how handsome and photogenic I am (modest too!) Jill and I decided to go for it! And you responded!

I didn't win...but here is the breakdown! In our single week of the contest there were 6582 dogs registered in the contest....almost like winning the lottery, eh? And I am just one little ol' pup! But the votes for Travelin' Jack came in...partly due to my good friends everywhere who voted for me and partly (maybe mainly?) because of my good looks in this snapshot of me lookin' out the back of the car ready to roll! spite of the number of dog contestants, I came in at #63.....or in the top 1% of dog contestants. Not too bully bad in my books......and ALL BECAUSE of you good voters out there! No money for the Animal Humane of NM, but we hope they get some downline benefit from the contest!

2nd contest this week...whew...a busy one for sure! People Magazine has a website called PEOPLE Pets. They host a daily photo contest called "Click the Cutest". They select 12 pets from around the US daily to include in the contest. Yep, you guessed it! This little ol' (SHY) bulldog made the photo cut....the top photo above is my People Pets contest photo.....riding shotgun in the car. This contest has no prizes....just glory! Each of six pairs wins the "Cute" prize by voters clicking on their favorite. And yours truly, Jack la Lane, won paws down in my duo. 56% voted for me with 44% going to my competition! AND I must say....I had some strong competition. Mr. Hollywood was a pretty darn cool lookin' dog dude! So this was really an honor for me.....and once again I bow down to all my friends and fans who voted for me! Thanks a dog-zillion times again!

So that's how this week went. Made the Facebook pages, made national websites, made lots of new friends and fans...and just had a rockin' good time.

....hmmm wonder what next week will offer up?

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Help me earn $$$ for Animal Humane of NM!

Yes, I know I am adora-bull! And now let's tell the nation.....but even more importantly... let's make some $$$ for our poor little friends at the Animal Humane of NM. And here's how to do it! Now till Feb 18th (yes just a couple days), you can vote for your fav bulldog (that would be ME in case you need to be reminded!)...and we will try to win some moulah for the kids at the Shelter!

Here's how. just log onto the Bissell link here, log in with your own password and then you can vote for me! And each day you can vote hurrah for New Mexico...let's take care of the cats and dogs at Animal Humane of NM!!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Welcome mat is out for this pooch at the Riverbend Hot Springs & Lodge in T or C!

Thanks, Roger! What a dandy welcome to the RiverBend Hot Springs & Lodge. My kinda place...doggie cookies for the canine customer! YUM! And then there is the setting! Not only are the rooms cozy, but the Riverbend has lots of sidewalks meandering through the property...great things to explore like this gigantic TeePee next to the River! Easy way to spot my home-away-from-home!

But here's the best part yet! I guess you think that when you go to T or C (Truth or Consequences in short) you need to dip your toes in the hot springs, eh? Well you WOULD be right! Absolutely mandatory. For the two footed visitors that is.....not for this ol' dog....that 104 degree water is a tad too warm for this pup! But....I get the best viewing spot that IS allowable for dogs! I can go into the Private Pool area while Jill and my special Aunt Patricia (my dog-god-mom) dip...and I can lounge by the bathing area while they soak away their troubles. I can keep an eye on them, with nary a wet paw!

And I can keep an eye on the water rollin' down the river....yep, the Rio Grande rolls right past the Riverbend Hot Baths.....another grand reason for soaking in the springs at T or C! Now that is just special in my dog diary!

Yep, I'm lovin' it at the Riverbend Hot Springs & Lodge! You'd best get your paws on the road and check it out! It's a 'hot' find by this rovin' dog!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Checkin' Out the Action at Red River Ski Area

Okay so they don't let canines on the slopes....doesn't stop this slope puppy from havin' a good time by dog-golly! I made a doggone good find in my snoopin' around Red River Ski Area.

The Lift House Restaurant has this dandy deck...and it is PET-FRIENDLY! So how did I spend my time at the slopes? Glad you asked. I chowed down on one tasty burger, and followed that with a lot of watchin' the action on the slopes! It was a gorgeous day at the ski area, and this bulldog was all about sniffin' out the scene.

And needless to say, it's not just about the's also about haute couture at the ski resort. You wouldn't see this pooch not takin' advantage of an opportunity to style! I wore my brand new doggie ski jacket...and let's just say the gals at the ski area were swoonin'!

Ah yes, just another day in the life of this travelin' pooch..... a tuff job, but some dog's gotta do it!

Doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Golden Eagle Lodge in Red kinda place!

Ah, yes, just that perfect getaway in Red River, the Golden Eagle Lodge. Cute, cozy, comfy accommodations for this snow-dog.....even a playground to romp in. Of course, the snow sorta buried my jumping and running space underneath the gigantic tire, but good thing this bully dog has short legs...I could still make it under.

As you can see by this photo....I was dressed to style and stay warm, and was anxiously awaiting the opp to get out and play in the snow. But hey...don't tell anyone I enjoyed the snuggly sofa!

The next time you head to Red River...I HIGHLY suggest you check out the Golden Eagle Lodge...It's pet friendly, people friendly and family friendly....and located just down from the main street area, so there is some beautiful romping room very close by! Another great find by this bulldog reporter....yep!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Play at Enchanted Forest!

Been hitting the trails hard.....snow, lots of snow at the oh so grand Enchanted Forest X-Country Ski area in Red River. AND...they even have pet friendly trails to snowshoe over. I got the royal introduction by the owner, I even tried on my paw size for snowshoes...but lucky me, I could go bare-pawed! Then Jill and I hit the trail for one grand adventure. Lovely to look at,

even more delightful to romp in....and a doggone wonderful day was had by all!

as always...signing off with doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!