Monday, June 28, 2010

Lavender Festival Pet Parade

Whooo.....doggies! This was one GRAND day! First of all, I got to meet lots of great dogs in the Pet Parade at Lavender Fest! There was Lady Gaga dog.....Fiona, the Lavender Farm Dog (think I'm in love with her!), There was Sargent K-9 in his cammies, there was a Bride and Groom couple, a family of patriotic dogs..with their persons, there were several dogs ready to take off for a Hawaiian vacation....and most of all there was fun all around!

Since I was workin' know checkin' out the dog-friendly festivals and things to do in New Mexico...I was sportin' my travelin' back pack. Little did I expect to win. I was happy just bein' part of these grand doggie festivities!

Well, first we our favorite color bandanna, compliments of Canine Country Club who were one of the main sponsors, they had water buckets around for all us thirsty pups, then we lined up and marched pup-style through the Grounds and into the Stage area. There we had a doggy blessing and then the Judges did their job...whew, and a tough one it was. With all that competition.

First they named winner of "Right off the Farm Doggie"...and little lavender farmer Fiona took the prize...then they had best family...and the whole dog and caboodle Patriotic Family took that prize....Lady Gaga snagged the Owner/Dog look alike...and she was one dolled up doggie....let me tell you. Finally, they got to BEST IN SHOW....

.....and lo and behold.....who did they name out but yours truly Travelin' Jack...aka Jack la Lane! WoW! Was I surprised....and Jill too I think! Well, we marched right up to the stage to accept our huge basket of goodies...straight from Canine Country Club!

Talk about a Big Day! One banner day for this doggaroo! I'm still flyin' high from the win! And enjoyin' my goodies too! Thanks Lavender Festival and Thanks Judges and Thanks Canine Country Club! This is just the BEST day ever!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lavender Festival......Celebrity dog-Schmoozing's one heck of a find! The Lavender Festival in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque. Jill and I made the rounds at this VERY pet friendly events, great things for sale of every sort imaginable, Lavender in a dog-zillion forms, some even edible...AND dogs everywhere...even a Pet Parade (which I will cover in the next blog). But as you know...this canine reporter is always on the job....and in addition to fun finds for the four footed traveler, I am always lookin' to do a bit of celebrity snoop-dogging as well.

And who did I discover at the Lavender Fest you ask? Well, just in case you don't recognize this handsome dude (the other guy...not me!), it might be because he is not behind the wheel of his super duper racing is none other than AL UNSER, racing king of the Indy 500! about this doggaroo bein' on the fast track!

And best of all, Mr. Al is one grand dog lover as you can see from this photo...thinkin' maybe I better check out his pet friendly events that he holds at his very own Unser Racing Museum. Anyway, can't wait for more action at the Festival. It's all doggone grand in my travel explorations!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

TV time for Jack

Did you see me on TV on Monday? Yep..that was me....highlighted on the Enchantment Photo contest. There are a gazillion fab photos of New Mexico and yours truly was the one picked to be spotlighted on tv on Monday. They pick one a day out of those gazillion photos in the contest. This is THE photo.....shot by none other than my fab photog...Lu...she is the best in my dog-iary. This shot was taken at Ghost Ranch when we were hiking the Chimney Rock Trail. Pretty cool surroundings, eh? And if you really want to make my day...go ahead and vote for me on the contest page.

And my other recommendation......make tracks (get it---it's a bulldog joke) to check out the trails, the museums and all the doggone grand stuff at Ghost Ranch. After all...if it was good enough for Georgia's good enough for Travelin' Jack too!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Look at Me...I'm A Model Now!

This is the life.....what bulldog wouldn't want to be me? I wander all over New Mexico exploring pet friendly places...I have a TV spot (called Jack's Tracks in case you forgot)...I get awards from the Governor's Conference on Tourism, I'm writin' my own magazine articles....and now I get to be a MODEL too! grand friends at the Doggie Door Company decided they needed a spokesdog for their fancy schmancy pet travel yours truly will be modeling some dandy doggie articles that NO POOCH should be without!

Today I am modeling the really special "Wacky Walker"....gotta luv the name to start with...and then....woah...what a treat to walk on this leash. It stretches with me! So instead of stopping me tight (and pulling Jill's arm out of her socket), it just gives a bit more room for roamin'....and everyone is happy! You can check it out at the store...OR you can check it out online! Just click on the doggie icon on this page! You'll find all sorts of snazzy dog stuff, I dog-uarantee!

PS Tell em Jack sent ya!

Oh and I almost forgot...we're havin' a party at their store on July celebrate Dogs in addition to ME! And YOU are invited! I'll be modeling some cool doggie stuff...and you can get a paw-digraphed photo of me!
doggie hugs and slurpy kisses

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Mexico's L.A.! are thinkin' you are so smart and you know that L.A. is in California...NOT New Mexico! Isn't that right? Well...guess what..this doggaroo once again has outsmarted you! We DO have our very own L.A. in the Land of Enchantment...and that would be........

a) The Atomic City
b) The City of Discoveries
c) The place where the atomic bomb was born
d) all of the above.....

...and YES, D is the right answer. Yup, this dog knows New Mexico like the back of my paw...and the correcto answer is the one...the only..the Luv-A-Lee LOS ALAMOS!

Tucked high in the mountains, amongst some of the most amazing scenery, but there is more to Los Alamos than just great scenery! How do I ask? Well, this curious pup had to find out for off we went on our own dog-scovery trip to Los Alamos!

First thing firsts..when you visit a new town....MAYBE just the best thing is to take a city tour! And you can do that in Los Alamos...with the very fabulous Buffalo Tours. They take you in their little yellow tour-mobile...and here's the BEST PET TIP of the week! (drum roll). They accept pets! Yes..that is right. My canine cousins can board the bus right along with Mom & Pop and the Kids...and off we go on a fab-tabulous tour of this town!

We roamed the hills and vales....even caught a glimpse of that mystery bridge that crosses over to the very (shhhhhhh) secretive Los Alamos Labs. Heck...they are so secretive there they wouldn't even let this Dog Reporter inside....but that's OK by me....there is plenty of good stuff to explore in Los Alamos. There are parks and there are self-guided walking tours...and that's just the beginning.

I had one fab day in Los Alamos....and let me tell you...I'm goin' back! For more fun and info...check out the Los Alamos website.

But for's doggie hugs and slurpy kisses to all my FANS in Los Alamos (and other places too!)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Okay, we're checkin' out the happenin' spots in Santa Fe...on a santa-fa-cation! DoG-StyLe! So where to start? Well, where else but Canyon Road. Now wait a minute you say, eh? Canyon Road is not for's for art lovers.

But that's where you would be wrong! heard it here first. Canyon Road is definitely dog-friendly. Why we couldn't get kicked out of the galleries. If they weren't invitin' me in...they were runnin' to get me my own bowl of cool clear a posh water bowl no less.

We meandered from one gallery to the next...and nary a nose in the air at my arrival....nor a "NO DOGS ALLOWED HERE". Why some of that art is worth LOTS of bones in $$$s....and STILL they welcomed me.

And here's another Paws-up nod for Canyon Road......they didn't even know I am famous...and they STILL welcomed me. So what does that mean?

Well, it means you need to head to Canyon Road on your next adventure...and take your Fido...or your Fifi...or your Brutus...or your Chicita right along with you! EVERYONE...four footed and two footed travelers alike will LUV their little SANTA FE-CATION.....I dogarantee!!

sloppy kisses and doggie hugs.