Friday, September 13, 2013

TV Time, Travel Time and Time for Tears

Well it's that time again...back on the set at "New Mexico Style"  with my gal-pal Nikki Stanzione! We decided to set the segment up with one of our famous photo ops.....lookin' good as always, don't you agree?  And pretty quick it was time for the actual live segment. 

And while the script said one thing....I-Travelin' Jack  decided to switch it up a bit this go-round.  You know that's a show-biz dog's perogative......if I bark so myself!!!

Anyway, I digress....we must get back to the segment...and just in case you didn't catch it LIVE...never fear...I have it here  (I am such a great dog poet, am I not?)

But this pawticular show required some pre-show research by yours truly Travelin' Jack!  I wouldn't even dog-dare to go on the show unprepared (or un-pupared as I like to say!) I kicked it off with that important research bit.

First I trotted off to Rio Grande Travel to check out what they had to tell me about pet travel on AIR TRAVEL trips, around the world trips etc.  You see, I normally travel by car, so this is a new world for off I went to meet with the good folks and BEST Travel Experts around. 

WoW...would you look at that?!?  A safari? With wild animals?  NOPE....not for this pup...don't want to be lunch for any ol' lions, no sirree....I'll stick with the good ol' U.S.of A. for now!  Got plenty to explore right here at home!  But....even though I turned down a trip to Africa...I did get well taken care of 'cause they sure do know how to pamper ALL their customers Top Paw style!  If YOU need some expert travel advice...take it from Travelin' Jack...head to Rio Grande Travel!  They're the BEST! I have the travel stuff down pat for the TV show...but it's also doggone important that a dog be and otherwise when he's at home or on the road....

So there's only one company I turn to to take care of my dog-personal needs.  Like making sure I don't meet up with any pesky fleas and ticks.  I'll use my VetGuard Plus thank you very much.  Just the best thing to control those fleas, ticks and mosquitos. 

And then there's that other little matter too.  It's specially  important for this kissin' dog.  I want to make sure at ALL times that my breath is minty I always travel (home and away) with my all time favorite health treat...MINTIES.  Why they have Triple Action power....CLEANS teeth, FRESHENS the breath, and REMOVES plaque and tartar...but that's NOT sirreee Pups!  What I like best is the TASTE of's doggone YUMMY!  Now that's what I call a winner of a combination.

So in dog-clusion.....I, Travelin' Jack wouldn't go anywhere without my pawsonal VetIQ personal dog-items.  I always have them packed for my trips on the road or just about town. we've done the let's get ON WITH THE SHOW!  Here's the link for this segment.....
 I sorta got excited about the MINTIES and got side-tracked (just a little bit) and turned the whole segment upside down...etc.  But being the PRO that Nikki is (and Jill too) they adapted to my little discretion on LIVE TV and just went ahead and winged it.  I was a bit worried, but.......................
Nikki assured me all was good! 

But then alas.....after the show was over, as we snuggled down for another famous Nikki-Jack world fell apart!  I'll be doggone if Nikki didn't whisper something in my ear...and this time it wasn't sweet nothings....but it was some very sad news.  And as you can see by this pic...I am NOT a happy dog-camper!

I didn't want to have to tell the world this news, so I just kept mum on the whole thing till today when Nikki anounced it. What's the big news ask?  Well, seems we are losing our shining Jersey star gal who came to bless us here in New Mexico with her great personality both ON and OFF the camera. Let me tell you---I am one sad pupster!  I'll miss my special gal-pal, Nikki.  She brought out the best in this pup on the Tube after all!

So...before you slip away from my's a little secret for you doll-face.  I DO love you, my NIKKI gal!!!!  You just make sure you keep me in your heart FURR-ever, OKay?

Why...I'm So Sad, I'm gonna hafta go to my room and drown my sorrows in sweet doggie dreams of my NIKKI gal.....

Here's to ya NIKKI!  Thanks for the good times.  MWAAAAAHHHH! 

Your BDFF  (Best Dog Friend FURR-ever!)