Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Thanksgiving is over...the turkey and stuffin' is it's time to get ready for Christmas........and I know JUST the place to get a head start on holiday spirit.....RED RIVER, NEW MEXICO
Jill and I are heading up the mountain for the 2nd annual Red River Holiday Bazaar Thanksgiving weekend but first we gotta check out the town a bit before we get to work.  Stop #1....TURKEY TIME----whoo-doggies take a looky-look at THIS Tom Turkey. He's a big one and he's inviting me into his store-Climates  Store

This has GOT to be my all-time FAV store in Red River for TWO reasons!  One---they are PET-FRIENDLY  and they have neat pet stuff....along with other neat stuff for the whole family!  2) I get the royal treatment when I shop there...why who wouldn't want to be shown around in style by Miss Tabitha....MWAAAHHH! Here's a Jack-Smackaroo for your fine dog-spitality to me while shopping at Climates!  Thanks!

But now it's time to get down to business----dog business!  Here I am at the Red River historic Community House for their Holiday Bazaar.  I'm paw-digraphing my book...and trying to look very dog-ficial  of course! 

And just as I was settlin' into the job...who comes along by my good buddy Miss Karen!  Howdy there....SO glad to see you here in Red River!  I heard through the barkvine that YOU are the new Executive Director of the Red River Chamber of Commerce!  Pretty doggone cool!  And thanks for coming to welcome li'l ol' ME to your town! 

This is one fun holiday bazaar!  I got to see lots of great folks who were in town for the holiday weekend and the OFFICIAL opening of the Red River Ski Area!  Folks were in town from Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico....LOTS of places..and I got to give out lots of official Jack know the SLURPY kind!

                                                      (A FEW HOURS LATER) 
I'm done workin' the crowd at the Holiday it's time to check into my favorite Red River lodge-The Golden Eagle Lodge.    Hey Miss Marla..... I'M HERE! 
 The Golden EAgle Lodge is just a dog-tastic home-away-from-home country style lodge. Besides being PET-FRIENDLY...they are a great family lodge because they have suites where the family can cook, eat, sleep, know the whole she-bang!
It's darn pretty too when it's all dressed up for the Holidays...don't you agree?
 And it's pretty doggone cozy and comfy too!  I've got my favorite chair here ready to settle down for a cozy night in our room....Night-night.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

It's a new day....and time to explore Red River....of course that means 1st stop                                  

And YAH---there IS snow!  Machine-made and some from Ma Nature too!  The slopes opened this is once again Ski season in Red River and in New Mexico!  Get packin' all you snow bunnies out there!

 And of course when you are at the ski area it's a doggone necessary thing to head to the Lift House Bar & Grill for a tasty burger and some liquid libation too!  AND....drum roll here....the slopeside patio cafe is PET-FRIENDLY!  Yup...the best place to ski AND eat and drink while in Red River.  No trip to Red River is complete without visiting the Red River Ski Area!

 Before we leave town, we take a drive through Red River with a quick stop at one of Red River's historic sites, the Little Red Schoolhouse Museum.....ain't she cute.......
another stop at Climates for a last minute gift-to-go.  Hmmmmm wonder what Jill bought inside while I was out posin' with Tabitha? 
Back in the car for the ride home......
 and WHOAH doggies!  Look what I just found....a new Toy!  Just for me...THAT'S what Jill was shoppin' for!  Now this is what I call a good trip to Red River......I just hope..........

.that Jill snagged a bottle of the tasty Bowser Beer I saw on the shelf at Climates!  I hear it's doggone tasty! And it is a specially brewed non-alcoholic beer for DOGS!  That's Moon on the Lable there!  He's the resident dog at Climates I hear.....and there's his dog-mug right  on the label.  Now that's one cool gift for the dog on YOUR holiday list!
                               Maybe there will be a bottle in my stocking on Christmas morning.  After all......
...I HAVE been a very good pup this year....Santa Paws!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Terrie Q and Travelin' Jack TEAM UP FOR PETS!

                                                         WHOOEEEE doggies!
Miss Terrie Q of KKOB Radio Fame....and I will be gracing the cover of this great book!
How doggone cool is that, eh?

YUP-pup it is true!  My mug will be on the cover of this fab new book set to be released in May 2013!  But WHOA-DOGGIES!  Hold on a bulldog sec okay?

You see it's not just about MY gorgeous mug (I know this fact is true)...but this time around I'm sharin' the opportunity for OTHER good lookin' mug shots with my pet friends everywhere! 

                                                  This here book is about PETS
Your pets....those handsome furry kids in your family!  The book will be a showcase of 100 GOOD LOOKIN' pets  of ALL sizes, breeds, shapes, colors and  species of pets!  

 Yep....this is the official call-out...
to enter YOUR pet for a chance to appear in a book! 

And I'm dog-ficiatin' this CALL OUT to all my friends and fans...around the globe!  I want to see your fav pet.....whether it is a dog...or a cat...or a horse...or even a curly, slinky snake!  (Why I even had one little gal friend tell me yesterday that she wants to enter her HERMIT CRAB)......and that is JUST What we are lookin' for! 

Here are some examples of photos that we want to see in this dog-fabulous book.......
We want FUNNY...

or CUTE...

or Handsome...

We want pet partners....

or even a group shot of pets together in a huddle! 

We want costumed pets...

 and holiday shots.

We want smilin' pets,....
or pouting pets....

we want KOOL pets.....


....sweet li'l thing pets....  

 ...and  family portraits (I'm welcoming my adopted cat-bro, Oscar into our family here)....

  Why it can even be a memoriam to some of your past pets! 

Yep it's all about those camera ready animals this here book!    

AND if your pet has just too many good photos to choose from....FEAR NOT my friend!  You can enter as many photos as you like!  The more the I always say!

Here is how YOUR pet can get into the book too! Just click on this link.....   and follow the directions there.....Easy as that! 

But here is Part #2

This book is NOT just about cute pets!  It's ALSO about HELPING PETS in need of a forever family too!  See this here book is dedicated to pets...and we are gonna put the $s where the BARK is (or maybe meow....quack...squeek...hee-haw, dog-cetera!)

Every photo entry fee of $5 will be a donation to our four footed friends at the Albuquerque City Shelter.  We are donating 100% of the photo entry fees to SAVE LUCKY PAWS and KENNEL KOMPADRES to help out our homeless friends at the shelter. 

SO  enter NOW and enter OFTEN (remember you can submit as many photos as you wish).  You have from now till January 15, 2013 to submit your photos...

.....then a very dog-scriminating panel of pet-judges will select the 100 TOP PHOTOS to be included in the book!  I--Travelin' Jack am one of the Judges...of dog-course  ( start sending those bone bribes in now!....JUST KIDDIN'!)

This doggone grand book, Terrie Q and Travelin' Jack's PET FRIENDS, will be released May 2013 at the big-time Southwest Book Fiesta in Albuquerque...and will be available for on-line purchases as well! 

AND here is Part 3 of this great book event!  A portion of every book sale will ALSO go to our friends at SAVE LUCKY PAWS and KENNEL KOMPADRES!

We want this to be the doggone BIGGEST and BEST and GRANDEST fundraiser ever!

So get off your doggie duff....NOW....and start submitting photos!  And you too will be helping out animals in need---just like ME and my good buddy, Miss Terrie Q---Queen of the Airwasy at KKOB Talk Radio!

Bark about a WIN-WIN-WIN!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

And the RESULTS...........

 Yup all came down last night at Alamosa Book Store.  The RESULTS! 
We gathered close for the BIG EVENT....but before the results were revealed, we had several furry fun events to bring to the kids and their folks in attendance.
 We started the star-studded event off with a talk by Animal Humane of New Mexico representative Miss Ellen.  She talked a good talk about the benefits of Adoption.....

....and THIS dog (while takin' in the crowd action)  concurs  dog-heartedly with that impuptant concept!  In is one of my campaign platforms!  ADOPT....ADOPT....ADOPT! 

And then, they showed my CAMPAIGN VIDEO.   Afterwards I was able to take questions from the crowd.
 Of course in the true spirit of politickin', I listened closely to a supporter's position on some very pup-portant topic!
 Then it was STORY TIME! 
Jill did a rootin'-tootin' job of reading my Dog-ography, Travelin' Jack's Story...From Shelter to Star".
 The crowd was captured!...........lucky thing my story has a happy ending! 
AND it's a very PUPular book with the kids too!

BUT now.....the results are in..................................

I awaited........all the while a-thinkin'...

 "Will I-Travelin' Jack win PETSIDENTIAL ELECTION 2012"?

WHAAAAAAT?  There's NO Winner??????????
Seems that at the LAST minute  some group 'wrote in' a surprise large number of votes for a certain book character named Herbert Hamster (or something like that...just a little rat-kinda thing if ya ask this Pup!)

...throwing the WHOLE voting process and numbers into total they just called it a "DRAW". 

But.....PETSIDENTIAL ELECTION 2012  DID raise $550 for Animal Humane of NM in addition to book sales, so ALL is  Good.

And I-Travelin' Jack am a happy camper since the 4-footed kids were helped. 

After all...THAT is the most important thing of all! 

But I DO want to extend my paw of thanks to EVERYONE......ALL my friends, fans...furry compadres for your VOTES!  We sure WoWed the crowd........

.....Now on to the next dog-venture!


Friday, November 2, 2012

I'ts really REAlly REALLY time to get PAWliticaL!

It's almost Election Day for this pup!

OKAY all you fans out there...furry or not so furry! It's almost D-Day!  (dog day in my calendar!)
Time to get PAWlitical! 


  'Cause this dandee dawg has once again thrown his hat into the political ring...for all things PETsidentially impuptant of course! 

And like any good PAWlitician.....where there's politickin'....there's kissin'!  Gotta kiss em all...Big Gals....


 Little Guys......
Special Friends at Events
 Gotta kiss my Best TV Buds---Nikki and Kristen on New Mexico Style at 2 KASA Fox TV!

Why even babies....I LUV ya all!  YUP-PUP!  I'm a kissing pawlitician if there ever was one!

I've been know to KISS dogs for a VOTE.....

 .                                                  ..even strange RED RUFF dogs....

......why I"ll even let dogs SMOOCH me!

And it's all for a Doggone Grand Cause!

The results will be in tomorrow at HIGH 5......PM that is!  The WINNER will be announced at Alamosa Bookstore for the final BIG BASH of this special Election!
  So after you cast that one final LAST vote for MOI-Travelin' Jack ( bad kitties in our green New Mexico turf!) there's a couple more VERY important things for you to do!  
1) Make a DONATION (big...small...any size) for the 4-footed kids at Animal Humane of New Mexico! We want to help my cousins out big time here!  
 2) Make a COMMENT .  Alamosa Books has even added a comment section so you can tell us your pupinion on this fun-ol' animal election!  
3) Buy a book or two.  My 2012 nemesis....'er pawlitical competitor.....Bad Kitty, will have his books there.  OR even better.....  I will of course be pawdigraphing MY award winning book....Travelin' Jack's Story...From Shelter to Star     (proceeds support animal welfare of dog-course!)

And here is an extra special BONUS!  Alamosa Book Store will even have the FAB new Puplitical book RED DOG BLUE DOG there for sale!  (HINT: I'm in this book FIVE case ya didn't already know!) This book....only $12.....makes a GREAT holiday gift for that dog lover on your list!

Yep...that's what PETSIDENTIAL ELECTION 2012 is all about!   
  •   It's for the FUN!
  •   It's for the 4-footed furry kids at Animal Humane of New Mexico!
  •   It's for the great books at Alamosa Book Store!
  and of dog-course...
  • it's about ME, Travelin' Jack----YOUR canine-didate of choice!  

So CLICK on this link and vote

And then come on out for the Alamosa Book Store  this Saturday, November 3rd from 5-6:30 PM!  

See ya there!   XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!!!