Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Greetings from the Land of Enchantment and from this crazy travelin' canine! I've been on the road and fast track with Jill this past week. Adventures abounding everywhere! First stop, Chama and the Elkhorn Lodge. This was no regular foray at the Lodge. The Lodge played host to about 25 journalists exploring Northern New Mexico. And of course it was MY role to ensure that these spiffy writers knew all about our "Dog-friendly" attitude here at the Lodge! Which of course included my personal welcome! I wore my favorite cowboy bandanna to ensure that they got a taste of cowboy! And Jill and Jim added to the cowboy flavor by cookin' up a special "cowboy breakfast" over an open fire. Including some of my favorites, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs and of course cowboy coffee (NOT one of my favorites, but the humans seemed to find it quite tasty!). Jill cooked up a whole tassle of scrambled eggs...about 70 in all...over the fire pit in this HUGE skillet....made just for cowboy breakfasts I'm a-thinkin! And the journalists were all over the place with their cameras, shooting the action...and of course ME as well! (I'm hopin' to make the big-time after this little happenin'....time will tell)! Anyway, as soon as I get a photo or two I will post....and then I will add some scoop on my follow-up stay at the snazzy Buffalo Thunder Resort! Stay tuned.......

Doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome back from dog-ville. Been busy as a not really, more like busy as a bulldog, but they haven't coined that phrase yet......I'm workin' on it, though. This past week my favorite person, Jill, jetted off to Washington DC...and left me at home. She said something about meetings on Capitol Hill, visits to the White House etc, are not on a bulldog's list. That of course is questionable in my books, but alas...she left me at home.

I got my own kicks though! Matt and Vince dog-sat for me. At my home. (That way I don't have to stay at a doggie-daycare or canine club...or whatever). At home in my own bed, with my favorite toys and some guys to play that. Since they are in the 'over 21' set, their excursions are a bit on the adventuresome side. One evening they put on my leash, loaded me in the car and off we went downtown Albuquerque. We went to a BAR....yes, you heard that right...even at my youthful age....where they allow dogs. Seems the owner is a big dog fan, so off I went with them.

Now here's the story that I'm telling Jill......there may be some blanks that you will have to fill in.....yes, mum's the word on the WHOLE story. and you won't get me to squeal...that's for sure. Well Matt, Vince and I went to this club...there's music there, and pool tables and a nice long bar. Matt and Vince decided to play pool...and lo and behold, I discover the owner of the bar has brought his canine pal to the joint as well......we sniffed, met and became friends...that is the other dog of course. Before I knew it, the owner told Matt and Vince I could drop the leash. Yes, that is about PET FRIENDLY. So off came the leash...and my new dog pal and I raced around the bar, chasing each other and having a grande ol' time. Who woulda thought.... Right here in downtown Albuquerque...nightlife to die for...for this ol' bulldogge. I've definitely decided it is cool to hang out with the guys......hmmm...wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Life from a Bulldogge's perspective

Hello again from a doggone good day in the life of this crazy ol' bulldogge!

Today's adventures included a trip to Chama to visit my step-dog-sister, Roxie at the Elkhorn Lodge. She's one good lookin' brindle boxer-BUT don't under estimate her! She doesn't mess around with ornery one-year old bulldogges. Yes, it's true, we've had our little run-ins, and even though she is not stout like me, SHE DOMINATES! You know..that female attitude and all! I haven't quite figured out why she doesn't want to tussle, roll around on the floor and chew on each other non-stop. After awhile she just gets bossy with me! Jill tells me it's because she is 8 years old (that's human years...not dog age!). Hrmph! Don't know what age has to do with havin' a little fun! Anyway, she jumps me after awhile and since she is taller than I am, she gets the best of me! I've ended up with a couple cuts and bruises, but mostly bruises to my manly bulldogge pride! Ah women....the mysteries of life,eh? We eat in separate rooms. She gets very possessive of her food bowl, so I have been relegated to eat in the living room by myself! Another insult! But then the good times get going. Jill takes both of us up to the mountains for an afternoon hike. We load up the car with lots of water and head for the hills. What fun it is to race through the pine forests, leaping over dips and rises, among the mountain flowers and grasses of the high mountain meadows. We take off after imaginary (and real) mountain wildlife, chasing them even as they disappear long from our sight. A dip in a mountain stream cools us off after a hearty run, and then a little siesta in the shade of a giant pine tree. Now this is the Life! No leashes, no cars, no people (except Jill), just pure bliss in a heavenly spot high in the Rocky Mountains! Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Of course, as we are romping through the forests and the mountain meadows, we are always circling around Jill as she hikes with us. It is our utmost role to watch and protect her against any and all visible or invisible enemies lurking in the shadows. And let me tell you...we take this job very seriously! She doesn't know how good she has it...protected by two magnificent canines...taking care of their special person! Yep, it's one important job for sure! But now it's time to get back in the Explorer and head back down the mountains to the lodge....but the back seats are filled with two very tired and doggone happy pooches! A great day for a bulldogge for sure! It's time for a siesta signing off for now but not without sending you doggy hugs and slurpy kisses..........travelin' jack