Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sipapu Cardboard Derby Race.....And a celebrity DOG Judge?

If you have a great dog memory, you might remember that LAST year, Jill and I hit the slopes in our "DOG SLED" at the 9th Annual Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort CARDBOARD DERBY RACE!  Here's the proof in the box!  I was transformed into a bulldog sled!
Well, the good folks at Sipapu decided we made such a great team....and bein' the celebrity dog that I, Travelin' Jack, am.....
we were invited to be OFFICIAL JUDGES this year! 
WAHOO!  Talk about FUN! 
(and I didn't have to get in that sled and race down the snow race course either-WHEW!). 
So the morning arrived, and a BEE-U-TIFUL Spring Skiing Day it was at Sipapu Ski & Summer Resort!

But before the races started....I did a little hobnobbing with the skiers.  Met some mighty fine boys from Texas.....We were all sporting the green in honor of the approaching St. Patty's Day celebration!  And they were having a grand ol' time on their Spring Break!  Now you tell me what better spring break than heading to New Mexico, eh?  They got it ALL figured out, smart guys that they are! 
And....whoa Nellie!  What is THIS? Why I even met up with a pot-belly pig who came to celebrate the day with his folks....HEY...that's not beer yer drinkin' is it?  You better be 21 in Pig Years!

But the clock is a-tickin' and it is time to get I mosey on up to the Judges' site.  Met up with the other two judges, John....from Buffalo Thunder Resort--one of the great sponsors of the event...and Steve.  We made a mighty fine trio if ya ask this dog!
And as I settled into my viewing spot on my OFFICIAL JUDGE's CHAIR.....

the crowds settled into their best viewing spots too.  The folks gathered in anticipation as the 70 plus Cardboard Derbies arrived...all ready to hit the slopes.  Would they crash and burn? Would they blaze down the snow in a flurry of glory?  Would they be the Biggest....the smallest...the cutest...the silliest?  Who would take away the Big Prize!  That was the question of the day!   
The first one takes to the Starting Line....and you can be doggone sure..I'M READY!
                                   Here Comes SipaBREW!  Pretty cool brew and crew, eh?

And here is Angry Bird.....heading down the slope...You Go Bird!

 Next up.....WoW...take a LOOK at this house on cardboard runners, wouldja?

 I'm voting for it for the Most Colorful! And it rode smooth and clean too! Good job House Sled!

                                            Next up a TOILET???? 
                                   Talk about being ready to go! 
                       ( of my famous bulldog jokes...get it?)

 Then there was the Outrigger....AND take a close look at this one.....there's a DOG in the sled?!?  I thought I was the only silly dog to take the plunge (ANOTHER Jack bulldog joke...I'm on a roll today!) 
There were LITTLE sleds.....

and there were GIGANTIC sleds! 
WoW! Now that's what I call a !Godzilla of a Cardboard Derby Sled! 
This won the crowd's vote and mine too!  Pretty dog-pressive!  But WOAH.......
What is Godzilla Doing? 
Has he decided to EAT the crowd viewers? 
Whew!  NO....just a photo illusion.....THAT would have been dogsastrous!
 He IS one mean lookin' dude eh? 
 Oh...and of course we had to have a St. Patty's Day's the Pot O' Gold sled....and I believe they found the pot at the end of the rainbow.....
and if you are missin' a UPS delivery....maybe it got sidelined for a day while it took to the slope.  It was flying through that snow.....ready to make an on-time arrival!  

And then....the Big Rig made its entrance...and slid to VICTORY as it took the GRAND PRIZE of the day!  Talk about Creative!  This cool-dude rig was made completely of cardboard, tape and paint....pretty dog-pressive! got my vote for the BEST of SHOW!

And the last sled slid down the slippery slopes...we bid adieu to a doggone successful                10TH ANNUAL SIPAPU CARDBOARD DERBY RACE!

I know I sure had a good time...thanks to everyone who came out for this grand event...but the good news is that it's not over...there's plenty more fun to come at Sipapu because it is a GRRRRReat summer resort too!  So...if you are wonderin' where to take yer next little New Mexico doggone better check out Sipapu!  AND here's the best part for me!  They are VERY dog-friendly....why...they even welcome pigs to the resort!  Now that's what I call a cool place!  


Friday, March 15, 2013

The True Story of Travelin' Jack's SERIOUS Irish Saga this St. Patty's Day!

 It is St. Patty's Day!  The Day EVERYONE is Irish...including us Dapper Dan Dawgs
along with ME...Travelin' Jack!  
I LUV the Green!  I LUV lookin' snazzy in my Shamrock-colored coutoure!

Of course I LUV to travel to fun St. Patty Day adventures......Like last year when Jill and I created our 

very Unique "DOG-SLED" where we raced down the mountainside at the Sipapu Cardboard Derby Race! FUN!

We even met up with a Scotty (actin' like he was Irish for the Day too!)  in his kilt playin' those funny sounding Bagpipes slopeside at Sipapu.  He was wearin' HIS green that day!

BUT that was LAST year..........something is Just Missin' this year!  What is IT?  What do I need to get in on all this Irish fun! 

I searched EVERYWHERE for that missing THING!  What IS it that is MISSING!?!????
 I watched TV to see if there might be some answers there....NOT!
I searched wide and far! 
And still........WHAT and WHERE was that MISSING Irish thing??????

Why...I even became Irish and started drinking that ol' Irish green Dog-Ale!  NOT the answer either! Trust me!

 I chewed on see if some great answers to WHAT IS MISSING...might enlighten me!
Why I even SLEPT on my Irish green chair....and

finally I PRAYED to the Dog-God to answer my prayers.....
PLEASE Dog-God.....WHAT do I NEED to COMPLETE me!?!?
 And YES...there is a Dog-God!  He answered my prayers! 

I opened my eyes....and BEHOLD.... a vision of Loveliness Appeared before my Irish Brown Eyes!  It was none other than

                                      I'm in Dawg-Love!  No dog-doubt about it! 
 And you tell me...who WOULDN'T fall madly in love with this Darling Demure Doll
                                          my very own JACQUETTE!  

                                              Now my Irish Eyes are Smilin'......along with the rest of me!

And I am READY-O'Freddy to take the Love of My Life........  

the darling
the sweet  JACQUETTE out on the town this St. Patty's Day!

So as I puprare to have the time of my "Irish for a Day" life with my sweet Jacquette....I leave you with these wise words......


Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!