Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jack's Tracks hits the TV and YouTube waves!

Today we’re checkin’ out the snazzy Hilton Resort at Buffalo Thunder.

I hear through the bark-vine that they are pet friendly…so this canine reporter is ON THE JOB!

Yup, nice entrance with these fab sculptures and all…and check this out!

Electric doors that open just for me! (well maybe you too!) I received one grand welcome by the GM of Hilton Resort Buffalo Thunder…with doggie treats no less. YUM!

Nothin’ like relaxin’ on a grand veranda with great views all around….and then of course there is TV bedside too!

Yup….it’s true. Buffalo Thunder Resort is one dog-dandy getaway…for the four-footed furry pets and their persons too! Buffalo Thunder Resort earns Travelin’ Jack’s special 5-paws Rating!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

On the Air with Terrie Q and KKOB Radio

This dog has had a great day!

Got to go on the air LIVE.....in dog-person with none other than the FAB, the Radio Doll herself Terrie Q. Sayre!

That's right....this pupparoo knows how to pick em, eh? My first live radio interview...and I got the very BEST with Terrie Q and Dan Goss on KKOB Radio Albuquerque.

Had to kiss up to the Security Guard first to get into the studio....ah, that was easy

...now on to kissin' up with the BIG GAL Terrie......another slam-dunk slobbery kiss ....and on my way to the Big Time. Thanks a Dog-Zillion Terrie Q! You are one grand dame!

On the AIR live! And wouldn't ya' know it....Dan Goss made me do the Weather Report.... ah well...all in a day's work for this travelin' dog. Another way to tell folks about all the great spots to visit with your pet in New Mexico.

...and then we talked about my Jack's Paw-Dee Party with my new "pet" project (pun intended!) with Animal Humane of New Mexico!

And as we ol' dogs say in radio land.....Stay tuned for more adventures with this travelin' dog...Travelin' Jack la Lane!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses! MWAAAAAHHH and here's another smooch for ya' Terrrie Q!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jack's MUST-DO list for YOU!

Well, this workin' dog has just taken on a new assignment...and a pretty doggone good one in my pup-pinion! That is supporting Animal Humane......and there's no time to paws......you need to get in on the action too!

How's that you ask? Well, VOTE today...and tomorrow and everyday now through the 31st of July! AND.....here's the really top-dog deal! We could WIN lots of $$$s and bones for the 4-footed kids at Animal Humane of NM! So get your pinky ready to punch that vote button for New Mexico! Here's the link......PetLoversVote.com

Now that's #1 on the list.....and here's # 2 on the Jack's MUST-DO list! Come to my Party! That's Right! I'm havin' a party....called Jack's Paw-Dee Party...and its for pets and their people! Lots of fun stuff goin' on at this dog-doo....like yummy treats for pups and people too! Lots of door prizes. An Animal Humane Adopt-a-thon, Pet Specialists to visit with...and of course.....YOURS TRULY Travelin' Jack. 10 am to 2pm this Saturday, July 24th at Doggie Door Company on Eubank.

I'll be there RIGHT after I get off the air on KKOB Radio with Terrie Q. Sayre......she wants to get all the scoop straight from this pup's mouth....you know pet travel and all that grand stuff I know so much about! Yep...she's come to the right pooch. This dog's all about travel in New Mexico! Tune in on Saturday from 9-10 and get some good travel advice from this travel-dog-guru!

...and then rush right over to my party at Doggie Door Door Company ..and join me for a whole lotta fun. Get those feet a dancin' to Travelin' Jack's tune of good times!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ruff Ruff...The Roof's On Fire!

I was just sittin around in the back yard ponderin' the good life...you know that ol' tune.... summertime..and the livin' is easy!

And that sure enough is true...BUT the middle of July is rollin' around and that means several things.
1) time for my monthly heart worm tablet-no heartworms for this pupparoo!
2) time for my monthly frontline splash of juice (to ward off all those summer time bugs)

NO-no..I don't play with matches...I know better than that doggone it! But woop doogity doo-dah, a pet can actually start a fire....ACCIDEntally of course! Don't believe me? Well then, check out this story on www.myvnn.com. It's all about how Lucy accidentally almost burned down her house (and herself too dog-forbid!). Check it out...the whole story is there!

And while you are on line with Ruff-Ruff...check out MY story...er surgical adventure....directly below Lucy's story.

But just remember....summertime is fun, but stay on the lookout for all those things that can cause a downer of a summertime disaster.

That's MY advice from this snoopy pup..who's all about lettin' you in on the good pet info!

sloppy kisses and doggie hugs!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yankee Doodle Doggie!

Yup..it's a fact. This bulldog is an all-American boy (even if my heritage is Olde English Bulldogge)

I was not only born in the USA, but my birthday is even on the 4th of July! So that there fact makes me a bonified Yankee Doodle Doggie FER SURE!

And there's nothin' better on the 4th of July than celebratin with spirit. Here I am posing (yup it's true..I do luv the camera!) at the Viet Nam Veteran Memorial in Angel Fire. Makes you want to kiss the ground of the memorial that celebrates our good soldiers who risk their lives for our freedom...and that wonderful freedom takes us dogs into account too! Where else can a dog wander the world in style and visit all these great places?

No better place to start than in New Mexico....and I will have more to report on pet friendly Angel Fire soon...but for now, won't you sing along with me.....

"I'm a Yankee Doodle Doggie...Yankee Doodle do or die........."

Friday, July 2, 2010

Headin' North for the 4th!

Chama NM....Here I come! I can't wait to celebrate the 4th of July in the mountains at my 2nd home, the Elkhorn Lodge. There's hot dogs on the menu......definitely one for me, I dog-arantee....maybe some of that tasty watermelon, lots of folks and friends to visit with, a hike with my dog-sister Roxie....and even my very favorite Aunt Patricia and Dr. Jim are comin' to visit ME! Well, maybe they're gonna visit Chama, Jill, Jim and the Elkhorn gang as well....but we all know who is really boss around here.

But before we arrive, there's sure to be a nice stop for a hike at one of my fab fav places....Ghost Ranch. A hike on the Chimney Rock Trail is on my schedule of activities. Then off to the cool, crisp mountain air of Chama!

so...here's to a fun and safe 4th of July everyone! AND....one doggie note here! Me and my canine cousins do NOT like the noisy flashy fireworks...so make sure to keep us inside and safe from all these crazy happenings. No runaway dogs this holiday PULEEZE!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shop till ya Drop at the Lavender Festival!

Okay...first there were dogs...LOTS of dogs at the Pet Parade...then there were all sorts of great booths to sniff and snoop around...and this canine reporter doesn't let ANYTHING get past him! No sirree doggies..... I made some fab finds at the Lavender Festival.

Did you think they JUST have lavender at this fest? Well...guess again..they EVEN have Doggie Goodies...both the edible kind and the fun duds.....bags with paws and prints and cats and dogs....so many daggone fab choices...

So what's a pooch to do? Just shop, shop and shop some more till ya drop! That's my motto and I'm stickin to it! I got a brand new overnight doggie bag at the
Paws-A-Bilities booth....here's the Queen of Paws-A-Bilities, Ms. JoAnne showin' off her goods...and they are doggone grand!

And then I got hungry. Well they had all these great lavender goodies for people....like lavender ice cream, cookies and more! But wait....YAH there was a tasty spot for doggies too....with all the gourmet pet goodies a doggaroo could want. With a name like Tailwaggin Temptations how's a dog to go wrong, eh? All I can say is YUM with a capital YUM! Some tasty findins' fer sure!

And once my tummy was full, I moseyed on over to the New Mexico Book Booth....never can have enough books in my dog-pinion....and wow what a find there! Why I even ran across a famous writer...none other than Nasario Garcia....who's penned many a fine New Mexico book!

Made me think a lot....hmmmm...it's about time this dog got to penning...er pawing my first book. ...and now I am dog-spired to do just that! Think I'll call it "Jack's Story...from Shelter to Star" Yep, that's it...that's the title...now I just gotta get down to dog-business and start workin' on it.

Yep, next year at the Lavender In the Village Fest...you'll find your canine bud paw-digraphing his very own book...I dog-promise!