Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'm THANKFUL for.....

 It's that time......THANKSGIVING...and I'd just like to take a little break here and reminisce about what a great life I have...and all this pup has to be thankful for.
And it's a LONG list...but gotta start with my bestest friend in the whole world.  My very own Jill...we make a heck-of-a-doggone good team if ya ask me.  Yep it was Jill's lucky day when I found her....and adopted her.  Her life hasn't been the same since.  Why...I've taken her on adventures of every kind imaginable.  See...I taught her that our best plan was to be a Travel Writer team.  Good thing she learns fast.  Now she has graduated to Chauffeur, Pawsonal Chef,  Booking Agent...just to name a few.  Not every gal can say she works for such a dog-fabulous canine celebrity after all!  BOL!    
 Seriously though....I am thankful that Jill and I have been able to do so much....we discover great happenings together.....like the amazing balloon adventures at Albuquerque's Balloon Fiesta.  It's only the BIGGEST and the BEST hot air balloon festival in the entire world!  And that is somethin' to bark about!
We meet fabulous celebrities together...like Miss Grace Askew here who was on "THE VOICE"....WoW...can she sing!
We've won tourism awards together...with our other tourism buddies.  Not every dawg can lay claim to winning tourism awards after all....and I can!  WOOF!

We've attended national pet conferences together.....

 We've sailed the high seas together...well maybe a lake in New Mexico...but it was grand all the same!I'm thankful I am an award winning dog-author
 and that I end up in national magazines......
and I get to appear at book signings with my favorite co-authors (Terrie Q. Sayre)
I'm thankful that I get to go on radio for very dog-portant interviewsand even TV...here's my bud, Chad B..he's the host of 2KASA Style...and (I'm not barkin' anything out loud but I'm pretty sure I'm his very favorite guest!)  Yup-Pup!  I LUV going on the show....why here's our latest segment
just click on it for ALL the action!

But I dogress....back to being THANKFUL!
I'm thankful I get to experience all sorts of fun things as a doggone important  Pet Travel Reporter.  Here I am checking out the Gondola at Ski Apache in Ruidoso! WoW!
I'm thankful I need to dogscover bee-u-tiful places....like the Low Rider Bar in Santa Fe at Hotel Chimayo 
and I get to explore the beautiful scenery of New Mexico.  Here I am enjoying a Fall day on the Santa Fe Plaza.
I am thankful I get to wheel all over this great state......(HollyWooF here I come!)
And I get to pawticipate in events.  Here I am helping raise $$$s for the 4-footed kids in need at the "IN THE RUFF" charity golf tournament.  And speaking of RUFF...it is a RUFF job..but some dog's gotta do it, right? 
I'm thankful to be able to share with the world...great pet companies that I dogscover...like the posh ENCHANTMENT PET RESORT AND SPA! I'm goin' there for dog-vacation!

and I REALLY REALLY REALLY love to help raise money for animal welfare groups. Here we are at the Furry Friends Fiesta Day at Balloon Fiesta...where Jill and I won $$$s for our travelogue piece we wrote for the NM Tourism Departments contest, NEW MEXICO TRUE STORIES.  I was doggone proud, you can bet your bones on that!

And of course....I have to share that I am thankful for my pet family....all of em! 
 That would be my dog-sister Roxie.  Here we are exploring the mountains near Chama.and then we can't forget my Kitty Brother, Oscar.  Here I am adopting him from the Albuquerque City Shelter.  Ms. Barbara was introducing us....and we are now bestest of bestest buds.  Oscar lives at the Elkhorn Lodge in Chama....cuz he loves it there!  And I get to visit him when we take time off the job and head there for the weekend. 
And last but not least there are my two new Kitty Sisters....they are crazy cats..but I do love them!  They are Sassafras and Jazzie...and they "THINK" they help out in the office.  But unlike me...they really don't know what work is.  I'm the worker in the family as we ALL know!
I LUV my life...and everybody...both 2 and 4-footed in it....and as Thanksgiving Day draws near, I pause.......
 to say THANKS to God above for all that I have good in my live.  May your Thanksgiving be Blessed....

Now....Let's EAT!



Saturday, November 16, 2013

BOOK NEWS and BOOK REVIEWS....Travelin' Jack's TOP PAW PICKS for the holidays!

 Yep that’s right…..and I’m doggone proud to add BOOK REVIEWER to my canine resume! It’s a natural if you think about it…after all, I’m New Mexico’s ONLY award Winning Dog-Author! I’ve been awarded the international EIPPY award—the first and only dog to receive this pawstigious award….

so it’s about time I check out some good reading for recommendations for you humans too, right?

As holidays quickly approach, I thought to myself…what better way to inform my faithful readers about some GRRRRRReat books for holiday gifts! Here are some of my “PAWSONAL” favorites!

                                                                    Terrie Q and Travelin’ Jack’s PET FRIENDS





2013 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards! Pets/Animals Category

Just last night….our book was named the WINNER of the Pets/Animal Category!  We’re just so doggone proud! So great to ‘pawtner’ with Terrie Q. and..... 

....... and our great publishers, Rio Grande Books.  Had to show my dogpreciation of course!  What better way than one of my famous slurpy kisses!  There you go Paul!

 "This compilation features treasured pets. They may be guardians of notoriety like Governor Susana Martinez, Mayor Richard Berry, Anne Hillerman, Rudolpho Anaya, Slim Randles,, the New Mexico State Police Dept, Mrk Ronchetti…and many more adorable photos of cute pets."

Of course yours truly is included. Not only do I grace the cover with my bestest Radio Buddy, Terrie Q…but I also have a Foreword included and other very ‘pawsonal’ photos of me….all scattered throughout this great and entertaining book!

Best part of the book in my dog-pinion? Sales of this book support two very worthy pet groups, Save Lucky Paws and Kennel Kompadres. Now THAT is a double-pawed deal if ya ask this pup!

PET FRIENDS  gets the Travelin’ Jack 5 PAWS rating!

                                        LODGE LORE....Tales from a Mountain Lodge                                                               $14.99

                                             Author: (my very own) Jill D. Lane
                                        This delightful anthology of short stories and articles about our ‘pawsonal’ life at the Elkhorn Lodge in Chama New Mexico is a fun re-telling of true tails…’er tales!. Some are doggone funny, some are “AWWWWW sweet” and there is even a Chapter dedicated to PET GUESTS. Of course, I have to dogmit here…one of them is my story about Oscar the Lodge cat. And there is another story about me too…being lent out to a visiting guest!

Doggone good reads if I do bark so myself! Oh..and pup-script, the names of the guests have been changed to protect the INNOCENT…and the GUILTY (Ha!)…but our names are real!

Again, a portion of the sales proceeds from this book supports Animal Welfare. Do you see a theme here? You can bet your bones this is a very PUPular trend in my way of thinkin’….and book reviewin’!

                                                   Our Most Treasured TAILS  Sixty Years of Pet Rescue



                                                    Author: Kate J. Kuligowski

                                                                 I recently met up with author….animal savior Kate Kuligowski. She was at our Balloon Museum event Furry Friends Fiesta Day, where Miss Kate introduced me to her newly released book. This is a moving memoir of her family’s life-long pursuit of animal rescue. It is a DOG-FABULOUS read about all their trials and tribulations of pet rescue. I barked out loud at some of the funny stories, I pondered some of the moving stories, I shed a few dog-tears at the sad tales…but I learned a lot about how everyone can get involved in helping save pets in need.

“This book is not just a collection of heartwarming stories as this family also seeks to seriously involve the reader, asking their help in pursuing stronger animal humane legislation. ….For the sake of your pet, of all pets, become involved.”

A must read-must have-must buy-must share Book….in my humble dog-pinion! Kate, Wally and Kurt…you done DOGGONE grrrreat! AND….this book supports FOUR very worthy New Mexico Animal Welfare groups too!
                                        And...last but not least...for pup-sure!  Here's MY Book!
                                                                                                                    TRAVELIN’ JACK’S STORY…From Shelter to Star



                                                                Author: Travelin’ Jack (yup-pup-that would be me!)

This 2011 award winning children’s book is MY pawsonal ‘DOGOGRAPHY’.

Yep it is my story…from my start at a Colorado Shelter to my dog-lustrious life now. For ages 4-9 (but everyone really!), it is a coloring storybook that entertains and teaches children about New Mexico, about how to help shelter pets…and of dog-course…about ME-Travelin’ Jack! What more could I possibly bark about…it’s just Doggone GRRRRReat! And of course….proceeds from my book support New Mexico animal welfare.

So there you have it…right from this Pup-In-The-Know….the TOP PAW BOOK PICKS for this howl-i-day season! ALL these books get the very prestigious  Travelin' Jack 5 PAW Rating!

Hurry out and get one for yourself as well as ALL your pet-friends/family.

And if all this good book reading news isn’t enough…..I – Travelin’ Jack was REVIEWED/PREVIEWED by the national pet magazine FIDO FRIENDLY in their current issue (available on newsstands everywhere).  Check out Page 54 for my pic and details written by magazine publisher herself, Susan Sims!  Thanks Susan…and doggy hugs and slurpy kisses! You can check out the magazine online at www.FIDOFriendly.com  Or better yet, sign up for your very own subscription to get this wonderful magazine about everything dogs delivered directly to you!  Now THAT's a great stocking stuffer idea, eh?  You're welcome....just another doggone good idea from Travelin' Jack!                                                              And FINALLY.....here’s HOW TO GET THESE BOOKS!

Our Most Treasured TAILS

Sixty Years of Pet Rescue

The Guys Publishing Company 2013, 242 pp. $20.00 + $1.40 NM tax and, if applicable, $3.60 S&H. Purchase from author at: The Guys Publishing Company, 905 Maverick Trail SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123

OTHER BOOKS (about me!)

Contact Me…Travelin’ Jack or Jill for locations and details. jill@trvl.org or 505 220-4933

And there you have it! My 1ST ever dog-fabulous BOOK REVIEW! Gotta go now…time to get tracking to buy some books for all m friends on MY pawsonal holiday list!


Monday, November 11, 2013

A Canine Salute to our 4-Footed Heroes on this Veterans Day 2013

It's a special day today....where we honor our military veteran heroes ALL! That means the TOUGH men,  the BRAVE women and the very talented CANINES ...all who serve selflessly to protect our country.  So today, I put aside bulldog silliness and I seriously SALUTE both our Veterans and our Active Military Heroes...both 2 and 4-footed! 

And to share a Special Canine Hero Salute...I'd like to share a special BlogPost from my buddies at PetTravel.com
for this wonderful salute to our Canine Veteran Heroes.  I couldn't say it any better........

 Military Dogs: A Salute to our Heroes on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time where we give tribute to those men and women who fought for the freedom that we enjoy today. Those efforts also included special canines who endured extensive training and put themselves at risk in order to protect our troops and further their missions. As Pet Travel is all about canines, we felt it was appropriate to honor our four legged friends and the service they have given to their country.

Canines have been trained to serve for centuries. Search and Rescue pets find survivors during natural disasters, service animals help humans with disabilities and comfort/support animals help children and adults cope with emotional circumstances. Dr. Amy, our local Veterinarian currently volunteering in Iraq, tells us that just like a civilian service dog, each military canine has their own special function. “Many (people) don’t know that, inside the forces, different dogs have different jobs. You have the narcotics dogs, apprehension dogs, search and rescue and so on.” Dr. Amy also went into detail on what common breeds make the best military canines and why. “The most commonly used breeds are the German Shepherds, Belgian Malanois and Belgian Shepherds. These dogs are extremely intelligent, focused, independent and driven; all good reasons to why they are selected to be working dogs.”

Canine Military History: Military trained canines have been used by the U.S. since World War I. Currently the pentagon employs 2,700 canines and there are 600 canines currently serving in the Middle East. They protect, track and save lives of military personnel by detecting explosive and sensing enemy ambushes. Their sense of smell and sound makes them irreplaceable by machines or equipment. Before a dog is anointed a military canine they must go through an extensive evaluation. The animals must be tested for aggression, fear of gunshots, and searching capabilities. They also go through a physical evaluation including x-rays and joint MRI’s to make sure the pets are in top condition. Dr. Amy also tells us “they have to maintain this training and be recertified and reevaluated continuously.”

Canine Heroes: To celebrate Memorial Day PetTravel.com has acknowledged below a few of the many canine soldiers below whose contributions went above and beyond in the Special Forces.


Barry: German shepherd: Barry spent 11 years serving with the 90th Space Wing Security Forces helping in a variety of roles. He has been deployed oversees four times, and has searched thousands of vehicles and buildings. Barry was also used as special protection to dignitaries such as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Upon retirement in 2003, Barry was presented with the “Meritorious Service Medal”. His 98% proficiency rate in explosive detection and his faithfulness to his handlers gave him the slogan “the ideal military working dog”.

Stubby: Chihuahua Mix: Stubby was adopted by the 102nd Infantry of Massachusetts in 1917. During World War I, Stubby kept watch and alerted troops of German attacks. Stubby was also a prisoner of war, but was eventually saved by American troops. Stubby returned home a hero. He was wounded in battle (but recovered fully!) by a hand greStubbynade and was issued the Purple Heart Award. After his time in the war, Stubby frequently made trips to the military hospital to make rounds and cheer up troops. When Stubby passed on in 1926, he was preserved and displayed with his medals at the Smithsonian Institution.

Chips: German shepherd/Husky/Collie Mix: Chips was donated to the war effort shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. He’s famous for the 1990 Disney movie Chips: The War Dog. His primary duties were to guard tanks, ammunition and sleeping officers. Chips was awarded both a silver star and a purple heart for his heroic efforts in capturing an entire enemy fleet! He was the most decorated canine of his time. Barry

Just like your pets provide you with love and protection, so do dogs that serve our country provide this for our soldiers. We salute them as well as all dog owners and wish them a happy Memorial Day.

On this Veterans Day 2013, we THANK YOU all! 

Doggy Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pet-scoveries at La Fonda Hotel on the Plaza in Santa Fe!

I heard through the bark-vine...which is a very reliable dog-news service BTW....that the MAJOR renovation of Santa Fe's historic hotel LA FONDA ON THE PLAZA was complete.  So being the hot-off-the paw-press dog reporter I am....I said to Jill  "Let's hit the road to the Old Santa Fe Trail to visit the OLD-NEW La Fonda Hotel"  Which by the way again....is at the END of the Old Santa Fe Trail.  (That's one of my dog-fabulous Trivia bits...love to share those fun details!).  Here is what the outside of the hotel looked like last January. 
Here's what the inside of the Lobby looks like today!  Still retains that same historic charm of La Fonda Hotel....and I'm dog-specially glad to see that they STILL have that wonderful Pet Gift awaiting upon arrival!  WHOO boy....I LIKE this kind of welcome!  And Jill does too.  She says that IF the hotel is Pet-Friendly...well then it's also People Friendly. And I do believe she is right!  YUP-Pup...we were excited about being back at La Fonda in Santa Fe.

And I think I better get some special assistance from the Bellman.....hmmm seems like he is doggone accommodating too.  I like that TOP PAW service sir!  Thanks so much for escorting me to my suite!

And here we ARE!  WoW---dogzowie!  Are these nice digs or what?  I LUV this new-old floor!  Story has it that they discovered the original floors from WAY back..when they were renovating the suites.  So instead of covering them with carpet...they refinished them to a shiny...and very cool pup friendly floor....touched off with LUV-a-LEE rugs and decor...all reflecting the original style of craftsmanship and artwork that reveal and honor La Fonda's rich and storied past!  Pretty cool eh?

And Bark about "a room with a view"....now check out this view from our 5th floor suite!  Overlooking Santa Fe plaza and surrounding city views. 
                                                                    I love Autumn in Santa Fe....just dog-gorgeous!

 But back to work.....gotta make some friends after all!  That's so very dog-portant!  Met up with this Marine gent and his wife! LUV them!
 and then took some time off from making friends and sat down in the dog-friendly lobby to plan our TV segment for 2KASA Style.  Ed is one of my all-time New Mexico favorite tourism pros and helped me plan it...and if you want a sneak preview....click on this link


I love to talk about all my great pet-friendly dog-scoveries on 2KASA Style with my TV buddy Chad Brummett.  He's a doggone KOOL host!
 But BARK...er I mean BACK to work!  Check out this nice Concierge desk.  I bet she can give me some good dog-walking advice...and maybe some pet-friendly eaterie tips too!
 WoW..this is my lucky day....while I was in the Lobby who did I run into..but Chef Lane himself!  He gave me an inside tip on dinner at La Plazuela.  He hinted that Jill should order their  Lamb Loin Chops.  You can bet your bones I passed That little tip onto Jill....we'll be there later tonight for dinner....because they have some lobby dining right by La Plazuela...and I can sit there while Jill is served and dines.  Pretty doggone cool!  I get to dine and schmooze with everyone!  
 But I heard another  tip.  Part of the renovation of the hotel was up on the 5th floor at the BELL TOWER!  They turned it into a rooftop bar and eaterie.  Check out this great setting for an afternoon toddy!  And WHOO-HOO again!

It's ANOTHER pet-friendly eatery...and drinkery at La Fonda!  LUV this setting.  Oh...you want me to pose for a pic?  How's this...now let me order from the nice lady here! 
 I PAWDORSE the Bell Tower! It's one cool place to eat, drink and be merry!

But....I think there are some other very important things to explore....IF you get my drift....So's....I bark to her..."OKAY now..this is NOT about YOU....but ME-TRAVELIN' JACK!"  She said okay...and I told her I wanted to check out the bushes outside....
 IF ya get my drift again!  So we took off for a little walk-about in the Plaza...which...talk about Location....Location....Location... is right outside the door of La Fonda!  Pretty doggone handy if ya ask this pup!  Check out this view.....
AND this view...bark about how pretty Santa Fe is in the Fall....Guess we know why everyone loves Santa Fe, eh?
 And how about THIS view!  HeY...anybody see me here?  I'm posin' for a pic already!

Yes, the Plaza is just steps away from my home-away-from-home, La Fonda.  She truly sits at the End of the Santa Fe Trail.  This historical grande dame of a hotel....yup it's one fab place. 

But I dogress....and now that I've stretched my legs....I'm feelin' hungry.  So back we go...for DINNER! YAH!

Here we are at our table in the Lobby...where I'm allowed to come too!
 And here's that fine lookin' Lamb Loin Chop dinner that the Chef recommended.......

But...where's MY dinner!?!  I'm here ya' know!

Alright...I know I get my own dinner back in the room

That's better! 
 And now....I get to open my special gift bag...Look here!  A gourmet doggy biscuit for dessert
And my very own stuffy to sleep with.  Bark about SLEEPING...it's that time!  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Bye for now La Fonda on the Plaza...but never fear....I'll be BARK...er I mean BACK very very soon!  You are dog-definitely TOP PAW!  And with your renovation complete......you've earned my very prestigious 5 PAW rating! And that is just pawsome!

Here's how YOU can book your next visit to the Travelin' Jack approved LA FONDA HOTEL!

till next time....