Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pet-scoveries at La Fonda Hotel on the Plaza in Santa Fe!

I heard through the bark-vine...which is a very reliable dog-news service BTW....that the MAJOR renovation of Santa Fe's historic hotel LA FONDA ON THE PLAZA was complete.  So being the hot-off-the paw-press dog reporter I am....I said to Jill  "Let's hit the road to the Old Santa Fe Trail to visit the OLD-NEW La Fonda Hotel"  Which by the way at the END of the Old Santa Fe Trail.  (That's one of my dog-fabulous Trivia to share those fun details!).  Here is what the outside of the hotel looked like last January. 
Here's what the inside of the Lobby looks like today!  Still retains that same historic charm of La Fonda Hotel....and I'm dog-specially glad to see that they STILL have that wonderful Pet Gift awaiting upon arrival!  WHOO boy....I LIKE this kind of welcome!  And Jill does too.  She says that IF the hotel is Pet-Friendly...well then it's also People Friendly. And I do believe she is right!  YUP-Pup...we were excited about being back at La Fonda in Santa Fe.

And I think I better get some special assistance from the Bellman.....hmmm seems like he is doggone accommodating too.  I like that TOP PAW service sir!  Thanks so much for escorting me to my suite!

And here we ARE!  WoW---dogzowie!  Are these nice digs or what?  I LUV this new-old floor!  Story has it that they discovered the original floors from WAY back..when they were renovating the suites.  So instead of covering them with carpet...they refinished them to a shiny...and very cool pup friendly floor....touched off with LUV-a-LEE rugs and decor...all reflecting the original style of craftsmanship and artwork that reveal and honor La Fonda's rich and storied past!  Pretty cool eh?

And Bark about "a room with a view" check out this view from our 5th floor suite!  Overlooking Santa Fe plaza and surrounding city views. 
                                                                    I love Autumn in Santa Fe....just dog-gorgeous!

 But back to work.....gotta make some friends after all!  That's so very dog-portant!  Met up with this Marine gent and his wife! LUV them!
 and then took some time off from making friends and sat down in the dog-friendly lobby to plan our TV segment for 2KASA Style.  Ed is one of my all-time New Mexico favorite tourism pros and helped me plan it...and if you want a sneak on this link

I love to talk about all my great pet-friendly dog-scoveries on 2KASA Style with my TV buddy Chad Brummett.  He's a doggone KOOL host!
 But I mean BACK to work!  Check out this nice Concierge desk.  I bet she can give me some good dog-walking advice...and maybe some pet-friendly eaterie tips too!
 WoW..this is my lucky day....while I was in the Lobby who did I run into..but Chef Lane himself!  He gave me an inside tip on dinner at La Plazuela.  He hinted that Jill should order their  Lamb Loin Chops.  You can bet your bones I passed That little tip onto Jill....we'll be there later tonight for dinner....because they have some lobby dining right by La Plazuela...and I can sit there while Jill is served and dines.  Pretty doggone cool!  I get to dine and schmooze with everyone!  
 But I heard another  tip.  Part of the renovation of the hotel was up on the 5th floor at the BELL TOWER!  They turned it into a rooftop bar and eaterie.  Check out this great setting for an afternoon toddy!  And WHOO-HOO again!

It's ANOTHER pet-friendly eatery...and drinkery at La Fonda!  LUV this setting. want me to pose for a pic?  How's let me order from the nice lady here! 
 I PAWDORSE the Bell Tower! It's one cool place to eat, drink and be merry!

But....I think there are some other very important things to explore....IF you get my drift....So's....I bark to her..."OKAY now..this is NOT about YOU....but ME-TRAVELIN' JACK!"  She said okay...and I told her I wanted to check out the bushes outside....
 IF ya get my drift again!  So we took off for a little walk-about in the about Location....Location....Location... is right outside the door of La Fonda!  Pretty doggone handy if ya ask this pup!  Check out this view.....
AND this view...bark about how pretty Santa Fe is in the Fall....Guess we know why everyone loves Santa Fe, eh?
 And how about THIS view!  HeY...anybody see me here?  I'm posin' for a pic already!

Yes, the Plaza is just steps away from my home-away-from-home, La Fonda.  She truly sits at the End of the Santa Fe Trail.  This historical grande dame of a hotel....yup it's one fab place. 

But I dogress....and now that I've stretched my legs....I'm feelin' hungry.  So back we go...for DINNER! YAH!

Here we are at our table in the Lobby...where I'm allowed to come too!
 And here's that fine lookin' Lamb Loin Chop dinner that the Chef recommended.......

But...where's MY dinner!?!  I'm here ya' know!

Alright...I know I get my own dinner back in the room

That's better! 
 And now....I get to open my special gift bag...Look here!  A gourmet doggy biscuit for dessert
And my very own stuffy to sleep with.  Bark about's that time!  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Bye for now La Fonda on the Plaza...but never fear....I'll be I mean BACK very very soon!  You are dog-definitely TOP PAW!  And with your renovation've earned my very prestigious 5 PAW rating! And that is just pawsome!

Here's how YOU can book your next visit to the Travelin' Jack approved LA FONDA HOTEL!

till next time....


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