Thursday, October 24, 2013

PART 2 Balloon Fiesta Fun in Albuquerque!

A New Mexico Welcome is never matter where you roam during Balloon Fiesta. 

This "Paw-ticular" Welcome came from none other than a classic Ford-part of the Tin Lizzie family of antique Fords that welcomed folks from far and near...including MOI-Travelin' Jack!  They were set up near our FURRY FRIENDS FIESTA DAY lawn I mean "Pawtee" bein' the Snoop Dog Reporter that I am...I just had to go check them out!

Here I am checkin' this sweet machine out from down low........

and from CLOSE UP!  Think I'll just check out this horn....AAAUUUGGGAAAHHHH!  WoW! What was that?  Even surprised this dog-in-the-know on all things important!  Pretty doggone KOOL!  Thanks Tin Lizzies....for lettin' me try this dream machine out close and pawsonal.  I am truly honored!

But time's a-wastin'....balloons are flyin'...and I gotta get to work.  After all...I am very pup-portant at the Balloon Museum.......

As DoGfficial Spokes-Dog for the Balloon's my role to welcome visitors from far and near....and in-between too!  Here I am just lettin' them glory in my presence!  I can draw a crowd.....but enough for laying down on the job....I better snap to it and get......

Presentable!  How's this.  Do I look more Dog-Governally now? 

I got my official OKAY from Miss Linda of the Balloon Museum.....along with

Miss Marilee Nason, Curator of the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum.....gotta make sure to suck up to the Lady in Charge!  MWAAAAHHH!  Here's your Jack-smack!

Okay...I'm ready now.  Here's a little sweetie that I really connected with...take a look at how we Match!  Pretty doggone sharp duo if ya ask this dawg!  Thanks Cutie-in-Pink.  Travelin' Jack LUVs ya! 

I gotta greet EVERYONE.....even little Pee-Wee here.  Ain't he just the cutest little sweet-patootie ever!  I really liked him.....because not only did he come tto visit me but he brought me a present too!  This snazzy yellow Balloon Bandanna that his Grandma (in the yellow sweater) made just for me!  Thanks everyone!  LUV my bandanna! 

Yessirree Dog....I was having some fun.  I was paw-digraphing my books, I was greetin' all the grand folks come to visit, I was givin' out kisses for a donation to my furry friends at the Shelter.....but most importantly of all..............................

   I was sharing my very own- 2013 OFFICIAL TRAVELIN' JACK TRADING CARD!  You see...for those of you not in the know about Balloon Fiesta...all the Hot Air Balloonists give out trading cards of their balloons.  You can collect can trade can put them in a travel journal...whatever you want!  So last year, I dog-cided it was time that New Mexico's very pup-portant Ambassa-Dog should have his own trading card.  So this is #2 in the series of my very own trading card.  I handed out 1500 cards during the week of Fiesta....hope you have yours cuz they're all gone now...but even more I told everyone..."Don't trade this card because in a couple years it's gonna be worth a Billion!  Now we're not sure if it's a billion bucks or a billion BONES....but it is gonna be doggone valuable!"
 But it's time to get BARK...I mean back to work! 
 But not before I take a little walk about outside to see the happenings in the air again.  Look at all those balloons flyin' high!  I just LUV the Balloon Fiesta....BTW did you know.......(2 Travelin' Jack Trivia tips here)

1)  This is the LARGEST Hot Air Balloon Festival in the WORLD!
2) It is the MOST PHOTOGRAPHED event in the world!

Both TRUE!......I aughta know...cuz I make it my job to know all these very important things about New Mexico...I am after all New Mexico's pre-eminent Pet Travel Reporter!

Yup when Jack says can bet your bones it's all correct.
 And of course one of the biggest benefits of my meeting all sorts of Dolls.  Here I found another sweetie!  Ain't she a cutie?  I couldn't help myself...just had to ask to take my picture with her outside the museum!  Thanks for visitin'.....we LUV you! 

 And then back to case you are wondering about this silly hat...look close and you'll see the Furry Friends Fiesta Day logo on it!  I was wearin' this because it was Silly Hat Day at Balloon Fiesta!  Leave it to this dog to be in the know on other important stuff like this!  I sorta like my hat...don't you too?
 But talk about hats....What is This guy wearin?  That's a zebra kinda hat...and shirt too!  Why it's none other than Zebra Peter....and just in case you don' t know what an Official Balloon Fiesta Zebra's your next lesson.  They are the folks (all dressed like him) who help the balloonists get launched safe and sound...sorta like referees in a game ya know?  They do a doggone grand job helpin' out on the field...

But Hey Zebra Peter....what's that thing on your hand?  A zebra Puppet?  What's he supposed to do? 
 NOOOOOOOO way....he's not gonna eat my Trading Card!  No Way...I'll  just pout if you don't watch out!  I gave that to YOU Mr. Zebra Peter...not to that goofy zebra puppet!  On that note.. think I'll take another little walk-about...outside in the fresh know water the plants and all..

 And what do I see when I am back outside?
   But another little Zebra.  Only this one is a CUTIE PIE ZEBRA.  Why she is so doggone cute they made her an HONORARY ZEBRA!  She came all the way to Albuquerque from Colorado just to wear that outfit and visit us here in New Mexico!  We LUV your style!  

But you know what....all this work (and play) is makin' this dog hungry!  I'm callin' it a day....or a LUNCH anyway...and I'm headin' on over to a nearby fab restaurant that I hear through the bark-vine is dog-friendly.

 Il Vicino Pizzeria and Brewing somethin' good and wet for a dog to drink? 

Hmmmm...water for a thirsty pup...That will do just fine, thank you very much!  And then Jill and Christena ordered their fine fare
 An artfully arranged salad, some DEElicious Cannolis for dessert..and a wood oven baked pizza. Now you tell me what is NOT to love on that table...but hey...did ya maybe forget about me??????? 
 Thank you Mr. Richard......for bringing me my very own tasty dog biscuit!  Now THAT is what I call doggone good...and pet-friendly service!  You are the Top Dog....I'm comin' back to Il Vicino (on Alameda and Coors) doggone soon....I promise!
 Yep....Balloon Fiesta is dog-doubt about it!  If you missed it this year....well start planning now.  And I can tell you this for sure....Travelin' Jack will be Back for more high flyin' fun....very soon!  By for now Balloons!  Happy Floating! 




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