Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yippee.....Big news for this pupparoo!

What you say? Whattya talkin' about anyway? Well, here's the scoop...straight from this canine's mouth! I'm going to the Governor's Conference on Tourism...and......drum roll.............I've been named a FINALIST for an award!!!!!! Now ain't that sumpin for this snoop-doggie-dogeroo!

How's that possible you ask? Well, you see...I am the first (and maybe only) canine travel reporter in New Mexico. It's my job to sniff out pet friendly destinations around the state...so's you all can take your 4-legged friend on your adventures with you. And because I'm so doggone
busy travelin' around and reporting my findings on Facebook, YouTube, PeoplePets...and more....I've been nominated for the category of "most effective use of social media". Now ain't that just the dog's meow....er bark.

Anyway, cross your fingers and paws for me. The big day is the 19th of April at Buffalo Thunder Resort. Lucky for me, Buffalo Thunder is one of my favorite getaways...as they are VERY doggone pet friendly! Can't wait.......but don't worry...I'll be sure to keep you informed! I gotta go now...I need to start lookin for a dog-xedo....no plain duds for this pooch...no sirreee!!!!

And from this slap-happy dog.....here's to ya ......

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

GULP....BACK to the Doc!

Two weeks after surgery....and I have to go back. I'm just a-prayin' that the doc likes what he sees. No more surgery for this pup...no way!! I'm thinkin' while I'm on my way in....have I followed his orders to the T...or not? HMMMM. Have I been a good boy, stayin' quiet and all? Ya know that is NOT an easy thing for a fancy dancy bulldog!

But really Doc...I dog-promise I've done my best! Puleese believe me!

So they took me in the back...and what did they do? They weighed me again. Ya know, I weighed in at 77 pounds pre-surgery...and they said I need to shed a few of my jiggly pounds. Not easy for this food lovin' bulldog. But YAH....I weighed in at 74 pounds! Doc said I'm doin' good!

AND he gave me the nod for the healing of my incision and my CCL surgery. Says all's good for now.....BUT (and can you believe this!) Six more weeks of rehab....NO running....NO jumping....No climbing stairs. Wow....what's a pup to do any how?

Ah well....guess I'll just resign myself to be a good little bulldog patient. After all, I do want to be 100% again soon, so I can continue down the road on my travels searching out the best pet friendly places to visit in New Mexico.

But for now, think I'll just lay back a bit. I'm exhausted from that visit to the doc. I AM convinced though that I have the BEST dog doc in the whole wide world. Dr. Schwarz is MY personal hero. And all the good folks at VESC they are just doggone FAB!

Doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Friday, March 19, 2010

I've Been Published! Yabba Dabba Doo!!!!!

Yup, it happened. I've got my first magazine article published! That's right....my own article. You can pick up a copy of the magazine at local bookstores or NM Visitor Centers. Its in Around 505 Magazine...and it's cool! The article is entitled "Dog Gone It--Let's Hit the Road Together" starring yours truly!

Yep, it's all true....while I was recuperating from my surgery, I just had to do something so I got out my trusty computer, sat down and penned...er pawed my first travel article. ...and let me warn you..this is JUST the beginning!

When it comes to travel....just Ask Jack!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jack Paddy O'Lane Here!

Okay, I know, I'm still in rehab from my surgery! But that sure won't slow this dog down from celebrating with his Irish leprechaun cousins! All dressed up...and ready to PAW-TEEE!! Where's the pub?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Patchwork Jack

Well, you asked....now here you go! Some post-op pics. Guess they got carried away with the razor....got hairless on my operated leg along with a patch on my back (for the epidural) and a patch on my paw for the IV).

But it's all good! I'm patched up good, thanks to Dr. Schwarz at the vescnm.

And I'm on the road to recovery.....for some good times on the road less traveled....waiting to be traveled by Jack n Jill....down the road! (Get it? Aren't I just the cleverest roady you ever knew?!)

Here's to ya! Have a doggone good day!

Doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Surgery Time for Jack!

Well, the day had to come. March 9th. And I'm ready to go under the knife! So this ol' dog has to get ready, right? Someone told me it was proper protocol to wear scrubs to the party....so I donned my own personal scrubs bonnet. Me-thinks I look pretty doggone med-dog-ical!

Then off to the Dog Hospital. Nothing less than THE BEST for this pupparoo. Even had my favorite camera crew there to welcome me in for the big event! Thanks Dan & Frank..and Barbe and Matt too! Never get enough video and pics, I say!

I was taken grand care of by Dr. Peter Schwarz at the Albuquerque Veterinary Specialty Surgery Clinic. Here we are having our pre-op party with Dr. Schwarz and his Right Hand Gal.

Anyway, from here on out, it was all business! Don't remember much, but I'm now at home recuperating. The Doc says it was 100% successful. Course I KNEW that...after all, he was in charge!

I'll chime in in a day or so, once I get back on my feet (get it---I had leg surgery!) and get my brains and wits back again. That happy gas they give you sure does do the trick!

anyway, for now, gotta get my rest..

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

GULP! It's almost Doggie D-Day!

Mar 07 2010

Okay here's the real scoop--er poop. I bummed my back knee out..Tore the CCL, and now I hafta go under the knife. It's all set for Tuesday, March 9th. BUT the good news is...I have a FAB Surgeon. He's not just a VET...HE'S a Class A SUPER-DOOPER Surgeon Specialist. His name is Dr. David Schwarz, and he owns THE Surgery Clinic For Dogs. It's named Veterinary Surgical Specialists of New Mexico. His website is www.vescnm.com.

You see, not just any vet can do my CCL surgery. I happen to be a doggone bully of a dog...and us bulldogs have a tendency to have what "THEY" call Hip Dysplasia. They say this with a groan. Doesn't seem to bother me, but worries them a lot. Well, since I am special and have this hip Dysplasia issue...I get THE BEST SURGEON! Yep, no ordinary doc for me.

SO....the good news is I am goin under with the best.I guess they are gonna knock me out with some happy gas or something like that, then they are going to cut, fix, and repair. That's the way I see it, anyway, from this ol' bulldog perspective.
But stay tuned. I'll keep all my doggie friends on my travelogue-dog-blog follower world connected to the next chapter of Travelin' Jack's Surgery!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

UH-OH.....I've Done It This Time!

Yup, I did it now. Just bein' my doggone crazy self. The doc says I was being too bully bouncy, turned the wrong way on my leg...and BAMMO! Ooowooow! Did my leg hurt! After a visit to the vet, some fancy dancy X-rays on my doggy derriere, they gave me my daggone diagnosis.

I tore my CCL. Now in doggy language that means I blew out my back knee. Just like those crazy skiers that are always blowing their knees doing those flying twists and turns (I say that with great bulldog authority as I just watched the action on the slopes at the Vancouver Olympic games)

....but I dog-gress. Back to my leg. Seems as if the doc....correction...doctors (seems I have a whole slew of fab vets who are weighing in on the subject of my injury...thank dog-ness for all that great love and support!) all agree. There's only one thing to do to get my leg back in grand shape......

Yup...you heard it right from these sloppy ol' lips. SURGERY!!!!! I've gotta go under the knife.....aaaawwwwoooohhhh!!!!

Bout the only thing I can think of that will make me feel better is knowing I have A dog-zillion friends out there thinkin' great thoughts about me. But never fear, while I may be laid up awhile, that does NOT mean that my adventures come to a halt....nope, just takin' a little detour off the adventure trail.

I'll keep you posted on the happenings ...and as the song goes, so goes travelin' Jack....The hip bones connected to the thigh bone and the thigh bone's connected to the knee bone.....OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH....

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!