Sunday, March 7, 2010

GULP! It's almost Doggie D-Day!

Mar 07 2010

Okay here's the real scoop--er poop. I bummed my back knee out..Tore the CCL, and now I hafta go under the knife. It's all set for Tuesday, March 9th. BUT the good news is...I have a FAB Surgeon. He's not just a VET...HE'S a Class A SUPER-DOOPER Surgeon Specialist. His name is Dr. David Schwarz, and he owns THE Surgery Clinic For Dogs. It's named Veterinary Surgical Specialists of New Mexico. His website is

You see, not just any vet can do my CCL surgery. I happen to be a doggone bully of a dog...and us bulldogs have a tendency to have what "THEY" call Hip Dysplasia. They say this with a groan. Doesn't seem to bother me, but worries them a lot. Well, since I am special and have this hip Dysplasia issue...I get THE BEST SURGEON! Yep, no ordinary doc for me.

SO....the good news is I am goin under with the best.I guess they are gonna knock me out with some happy gas or something like that, then they are going to cut, fix, and repair. That's the way I see it, anyway, from this ol' bulldog perspective.
But stay tuned. I'll keep all my doggie friends on my travelogue-dog-blog follower world connected to the next chapter of Travelin' Jack's Surgery!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

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