Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trifecta Trek to Silver City

Heading to one of my favorite New Mexico gems......Silver City on a 3-Pawed Trip. 
Lots to do on this 'working trip '
1. Touring
2. Takin' Pics
3. TV Time
Whew....busy schedule for this travelin' dawg...but I'm up for the challenge.  Let's hit the road already! 

Now here's my first dog-vice tip.  If you're comin' to Silver City, make sure to make a side trip enroute to New Mexico's CITY OF ROCKS STATE PARK
Formed of volcanic ash 30 million years ago and sculpted by wind and water into rows of monolithic blocks, City of Rocks State Park takes its name from these incredible rock formations.This pet-friendly park is a GRE-A-T place to explore....
take a look at this dandy setting wouldja'?  Fun for Pups and People. Those rocks are GI-normous!
It's been a long drive today, so I sure am glad to check back in to the Holiday Inn Express Silver City...3rd time in this pet-friendly hotel. 
 Holiday Inn Express Silver City
They get my paw-dorsement for a nice, clean, friendly lodging option. 
See how they advertise Pet Friendly..right at the front desk! Good job HIESC!
Checkin' in...need to get some TV time to get ready for my big TV debut tomorrow morning.  I'm gonna be on CATS TV here in Silver City on the Morning Show. But before we talk about are a few pet travel tips for the hotel room---
I always carry my foldable portable crate on my trips....but sometimes I like to splurge and really I have a doggone good plan for that! 
Don't want to take advantage of any hotel that allows them! I bring my favorite blanket and spread it on the bed..that way, no fuss, no muss..and I am one happy, comfy pooch! 

While we're on the subject of Holiday Inn Express Silver City....let me dog-lighten you as to HOW comfy and cozy this hotel is!  They have all types of bed pillows for the people to choose their favorite....FIRM, MEDIUM or SOFT!  Since I am such a softie.....I choose SOFT!  Thanks are top dawg!

Friday morning. BREAKFAST TIME!  Look at this doglicious-yummy breakfast that Jill brought back to the room for us to share!  They do a dog-dandy job of offering up a tasty & COMPLIMENTARY hot breakfast...
Cheese Omelet
Crispy Fried Bacon (just the way I like it!) 
Biscuits & Sausage Gravy
Bagels, Sweet Rolls
Fruit, and of course Fruit Juice too (gotta get those Vitamins)...and much more..something for everyone's taste buds!
If this doesn't get a person going on the right track nothin' will! Thanks HIESC for this grand slam start to my busy day here in Silver City! 

Tummy's full...time to roll.  Here we are in downtown historic Silver City at Bullard & Broadway!

We mosey on down Bullard past the BUFFALO BAR (note to dog-self...check out this scene later!) on to the CATS Studio.
I'm on the Morning Show LIVE with Gwyn & Lori! Can't wait to chat with these two Silver City dames! We're gonna talk about ME, my book and paw-digraph event, and the Literacy Alive Centennial program here in Silver City!  That's a lot to BARK about, but this TV canine is UP for the task.

(Later that morning)

DONE with my TV interview.  That was just a dog-dandy interview if I do bark so myself!  Lori and Gwyn and were SOOOO very dogspitable!  I just love Silver City!  I even got to say BARK to Mari, the in-house pooch at CATS
....hmmmm wonder why they don't have a CAT at CATS!?   
First stop following my TV time!  Silver City Visitor Center--- of dog course!  Just the place to get all the scoop on things to do...places to go dog-cetera.  Here I am posing with one of the friendly VC staff...and we're outside in front of the Billy The Kid Cabin.  This cabin from the movie set of “The Missing” was donated by the movie’s director Ron Howard and sits at the Murray Ryan Visitor Center near the site where Billy (a.k.a. Henry) and his mother lived. Pretty doggone KOOL if ya ask this pooch! 

But now it's time to take a little tour of Historic Silver City.  Here I am in front of the Silver City Museum.  Got to visit with some nice folks while sunning on the park bench. One gentleman...another a real travel hero in my doggie eyes.  He travels ALL THE his RV...just tootles around the country and visits all sorts of interesting places.  Glad to make your acquaintance Mr. Travelin' Man!  Thanks for visiting New Mexico!


 There's lots of history...and neat architecture (as seen by this old-tymie theatre) here in Silver City...some dating back to the days when it was founded as a mining town...... NOW HERE"S YOUR TRIVIA QUESTION OF THE DAY.........

                                                             What did they mine in Silver City?
                                                                          A. Dog Bones
                                                                          B. Water
                                                                          C. Silver
Of course this is a rhetorical question. If ya can't figure this one out...then you better do some doggone serious research...or better yet, head your car to Silver City directly to check it out in person.


But I dogress....back to my tour of historic downtown...trekking on down the street and what do I come across...but the Silver City Sun newspaper headquarters...and what do they have in their Window?  
Well, I'll be Doggoned!  It's a POSTER about my book...and me! 
Now THAT's what I call Dog-spitality Big Time!   

 Lunchtime with a friend at an outdoor patio restaurant in downtown, then the afternoon is off for some more pics and explorations of the area.
 First Stop:  FORT BAYARD. National Historic Landmark. Established 1866. 
Here I am at the National Cemetary.  Pretty nice tribute to all those military folks who protected us over the hundreds of years! Thanks.  My salute to each and every one of you brave soldiers.  

You can take a walking tour (pets included) of the entire fort's grounds. They have an historic Theatre... 

 Beautiful old plantation style housing.....and more.  Fort Bayard Dog-definitely a great place to visit!

Now on to some other old sites in the area. As you meander down Highway 15 (theTrail of the Mountain Spirits Scenic Byway) come across the ghost town of Pinos Altos (in dog-english that means Tall Pines!...didn't know I was multi-lingual did ya!? HA!)  
All sorts of Old West characters hung out here.....I'm no dawg to drop names but here are a few of the old west characters who meandered the dusty roads and back rooms (hidden message there!) of Pinos Altos:  Billy The Kid, Madame Millie and many many more!
Why Even Judge Roy Bean's store was right here in Pinos Altos!

The Main Street of this charming old gold-mining town is like an old western movie set. Many of the old buildings date back to the 1800's and have been restored.  This here is the current Post Office AND (this is the SWEET part!) a local Ice cream parlor! YUMMEEE! Nothin' better than a cold cone to cool a quenched dog's throat on a warm spring afternoon.  I choose VANILLA honor the Judge Bean!

This has been one doggone busy day.  Back at the HIESC hotel room for some TV relax time and a good night's sleep.  Tomorrow is my Paw-digraph event! catcthin' a few zzzzzs..............

Saturday morning...sunshiny beautiful day in Silver City.  After another tasty breakfast at the hotel, we check out and head downtown to the historic Silco Theatre

A really Neat old theatre where we are holding our Literacy Alive Event.  Now this all came about because of special lady by the name of Sharleen Dougherty...who thunk up the idea of honoring our Centennial birthday...a special book called "Voices of New Mexico" and a contest for teens to create art or essays about our state. 

They then invited ME along for some STAR know, the in-demand Dog-Author that I am!

 So...I meet up with the good folks at the event...and specially with Heidi..the President of the High Desert Humane's we could sell folks my 'paw-digraphed' book and raise some bones for the kids in the shelter.  Ya know they really want a FOREVER family just like me!  So here's to the 4-footed kids in Silver City...let's help them out!  (Hint..check out their website link...they even are talkin' about li'l ol' me! I'm dog-honored HDHS!)

I was just visitin' nice as can be with Miss Heidi...and of dog-course posing for pics from the adoring crowd....when what appears before my eyes than..........................

 A whole platter of dog-licious cookies for the PEOPLE!   There were Jack dog cookies, Jack Dog-House (not that I would know what a dog-house forbid!) and a Woof Cookie.  Pretty DOGGONE cool don't you agree?  Thanks to Miss Paula and her talented friend in the kitchen for making these special cookies in my honor.

But now here I have to dog-diss a bit.


 They decide to SHOW them to me...and then  tell me they are for PEOPLE only!
WHAT????? You MUST be dog-kidding!  But don't dog-spair....
..............................I got the LAST LICK in............................
I told them to hold the cookies down so's I could see them up close......and AHA! one of the cookies slid right off the platter...and wouldn't ya know it....landed right in my mouth! 
Gone in one bite!  But this was important because I could now REALLY give my 5-PAWS up rating to the cookies!  You know...every cookie needs a Taste-Tester, right?  Yup..that would be Travelin' Jack, thank you VERY much! 

We had a great event...donated some $$s to the shelter, dog-gratulated the Teen winners of the Literacy Alive contest...and off we go, back in the saddle (so to speak...not really a saddle in our comfy Ford Flex)...and homeward bound we go.
 Down the scenic Highway 152 we drove, over the mountains and through the a gurgling little creek.  Roadside stop for a Saturday afternoon picnic....
 and WHAT have I dog-scovered here?  Fun..this is one cool stop for me and my Chauffeur!  Gotta take time to smell the roses...the pine trees and such ya know!

One final quick stop for that LAST photo op in the old mining town of Hillsboro!
(If ya haven't figured it out...New Mexico has LOTS of old mining ghost towns...doggone fun to explore too!)
    Found just the right place too!  The crumbling old Hillsboro Jail.....hmmm...after a pic and a little
dog-splore of the interior...I sure am glad I wasn't a BAD DAWG back in the days of the OLD WEST...this just isn't my idea of comfy quarters!

Back home just in time for a nighttime of dreams about my wonderful trip to Silver City New Mexico!  We dog-complished our mission.  We raced across the finish line and grabbed the Trifecta  
1. Toured 2. Took Pics 3. TV Time. 
Thanks Silver City....Luv ya!

Time to call it a day...I'm dog tired! 

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dog Sled Do's & Don' the GREAT Sipapu Carboard Derby Race!

OKee Dokee Doggie...the BIG DAY has come! The 9th Annual Cardboard Derby Race at Sipapu Ski Resort...and this dog is in the RACE! 
 How daffy is that?!? 
DOGGONE DAFFY--- that's how! 

Now what has Jill gotten this pooch involved in? 
Seems there's been some requests to the good folks at Sipapu Ski Resort requesting being the very wise...AND pet friendly resort that Sipapu is...they called on none other than New Mexico's premier Dog Travel Guru----Travelin' Jack!  So I am a guinnea-dog for this event! 
And of dog-course, bein' the good sport that I am...I barked out loud......

"YUP..this PuP is UP for the Fun!  Now where's MY dog-sled!"

Here she is....pretty doggone snazzy if ya ask me! 
It's a "DOG SLED" of ME!!!!
Check out my dog-personalized Vessel...the Jack Tracker Mobile

The day dawned dog-gorgeous!  And the crowds began to gather.  We transported our dog-sled to the race site...Ready to Roll! 

But while we're awaitin' our turn...gotta visit with some of my friends who seemed to just APPEAR on the spot!  Glad ta see ya LuAnne (my dog-personal Photographer) and her beau Craig! 
& Then...who arrives on skis..right off the fab slopes at Sipapu..but my ol' buddy Vincent!  Howdy Vincent!  Lookin' Good on those Skis!'s time to get dog-serious.  The CARDBOARD DERBY RACE has begun!  1st one down the slope....slidin' nice! With over 65 "vessels"--the official name---entered, there were sleds of all shapes/sizes/colors. Talk about a show!  Dog-Dandy Grand!
Take a look at this Kool-Dude 'vessel'.  The Dangerous Dozer.  Not ONLY did it look grand....they took several prizes!  Way to go Dozer!  You are sure enough DANDY!
 And here comes the "CRANE" vessel....Watch out guys!  That wall is gettin' kinda CLOSE!!!!!
                                   CRASH!  BANG! BOOM!  There's one crash for the books! 
Hope that doesn't happen to the 'Jack Tracker'!  IF ya know what I mean!  Gotta protect my doggone good looks ya know!
 OK....Time!  Up at the top....GULP!  And then they set us up inside the Jack Tracker...ready to slide!
                            Cheers from the crowd as we start rolling.   DOUBLE GULP! 
 WHEEEEEEE!.............down we go...the Jack & Jill Team!  Hanging on for dear life! TRIPLE Gulp!!!
 Fast...Faster...FASTEST!  We were twistin' and turnin' and rollin' faster than a dog can GULP!
       "What was I thinkin?"  Says BOTH Jack & Jill!  But YAH...I think I see the end of the run ahead!
 WAHOO!  Shake it off!  We made it down ALIVE...and in ONE PIECE!  And the Jack Tracker made it down okay too! 

 Double WAHOO!  We're done!  We DID IT!  And I-Travelin' Jack, am proud to be the 1st Ever Dog to run this course!
Winners?  No prizes...but HEY.....just gettin' down alive was a WIN in my dog-diary!

                                               Now..time to enjoy the fun times at this pet friendly resort!
 It's St. Paddy's Day after all!  I wore my Green sweater to dog-celebrate....
...and who did I run into on the slope..but a GUY dressed in a SKIRT......blowin' into this thingy-ma-bob that made some strange sounds!  After he finished he visited with me....told me his name is Charlie...and that he was playin' the bagpipes to celebrate the Day! 
OK...Now I get it!  Thanks Charlie!  Glad to make your acquaintance...and glad to hear you...and even see you in that skirt!  You're the DAWG! 
The Race is Over....the Time is High Noon....and my Tummy is calling.  Next  stop for this racin' dog!  A tasty Burger from the slope-side cafe! make that Double Yum! 
And take a look at this setting would'ja! Friends to share a meal with....Riverside Seating....Snow in the background....Sun Shining!  Yep...Life is Good! 

                                              Yup-pup....this was one good run Jill! 
But after a little collaboratin' the Jack and Jill team have the following recommendation:
Sipapu is GREAT!
The Cardboard Derby Race is PAW-SOME!
...but here's my dog-pinion......Leave it to the people! smart...and sit this one out! Don't race.... And if you listen to can enjoy all the happenings at this VERY pet-friendly ski resort...and you can watch the PEOPLE be a little (no a LOT) crazy on the slopes! 

Next year.....maybe I'll be a Judge! Yep..that's the plan!  See you next year Sipapu Ski Resort

And THANKS for a doggone great 9th Annual Cardboard Derby Race!

Signing off for now......doggie hugs & slurpy kisses!