Thursday, March 15, 2012

Here's to a TOP HAT St. Paddy's Day from Jack O'Lane

 ToP o' the Day to Ya, my Irish Pals!  It's almost that time celebrate the little Green Guys (no NOT know....leprachauns!).
 Yup...this pup is stylin' in my favorite green duds and I'm gonna party up the town!  How bout you?
 I've got my eye on the bottle...thinkin' maybe somethin' is happening at my favorite pub! NAAWWW! Instead...first I think I'll head over to KASA FOX TV for a special TV salute on my FAV TV show "New Mexico Style" where I'm gonna talk about what I'm REALLY gonna do this green holiday weekend! Tune in and check it out:

Yup, I'm headin' for a special howl-i-day weekend on the slopes.  I'm signed up for the Cardboard Derby Race....and I'm bettin' on a good time for all!'s gonna be one fun weekend on the slopes at Sipapu Ski Resort.  We've paw-crafted our very own snow vessel called what else but "JACK'S TRACKER" Mobile.  Can't wait to see how it flies!

Tune in here next week.
  We'll have photos and good stuff from all the fun at 9th Annual Cardboard Derby Race!

Maybe I'll be a WINNER!
Maybe I'll grab a cold one!
Maybe I'll add an O' to my name! 
Maybe I'll run across a little green Leprachaun!
Maybe I'll wear some o' the Green!
Maybe I'll find my NEXT new Pet Friendly Top Dog Destination!

But for SURE...I'm headin' for one fun weekend!   Here's to YA!


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