Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lookin' for the BEST Pet-Friendly Lodging Accommodations for this Travelin' Pooch!

The best way to share this blog with you is to give you a REAL-LIFE example.  One of my favorite pet-friendly lodges in New Mexico is in the beautiful mountain village of Red River!  And that Lodge would be none other than the snazzy Golden Eagle Lodge!  Let's check out my little home-away-from-home for all the dog-portant things to look for when booking PET FRIENDLY LODGING!   
 Here are a few Lodging Tips from your favorite Pet Travel Expert......Travelin' Jack! 
#1 Do your research ahead of time.....Here are a couple questions to ask: 
ARE YOU PET FRIENDLY? I'm not staying there if the answer is NO (dog-obviously)! 
DO YOU HAVE SPECIAL RESTRICTIONS AND REQUIREMENTS? Size or Breed limitations? Number of pets allowed?
DO YOU CHARGE A FEE? If so, what is the fee? Per Day? Per Stay? Cleaning deposit non/refundable?
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY...if the answers to these key questions are what you are looking for.....WILL YOU RESERVE A PET FRIENDLY ROOM FOR US PLEASE? Some places have a limited number of pet-friendly units.  Don't want to get there to find they're not available.....BOO-HOO would be the song of the day!
 Next Step (and tip).  Check out the area.  It's not just about the room after all.  We pups need great places to walk, to sniff stretch our legs.  No concrete parking lots for this pooch!  I LUV the roamin' areas right outside my door!
CHECK-IN TIME!  Yup....definitely a warm welcome by the owner Miss Marla!  Hey...I've got a great idea!  I'll give you one of my PAW-digraphed books if you give me a treat!!!  You WILL?  YAH!!!! (works every time, let me tell ya tee-hee!)     
And make sure to check out special pet amenities for the visiting pooch!  Look at this....a basket of dog goodies awaitin' just for me!  Well....maybe other pups too!  They have loaner blankets to share along with dog treats and the official Pet Policy sheet!  Good job Golden Eagle Lodge!  You get my PAW-of APPROVAL
And of there a great little playground in the area?  WoW!!! I found one fun game with this oversized tire gym

...and it's even fun in the wintertime too! 

I know cuz I've been there in the winter time and the summer time too!  Luv ya' Red River and Golden Eagle Lodge! Can't wait to come back again!

Signing off for now...gotta start my research for my next pet friendly get-away! Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It's ONE MONTH AGO today that the beautiful forests around the mountain town of Los Alamos caught fire.  The Las Conchas fire quickly became the largest forest fire in New Mexico's history.....and had it not been for the BRAVERY and STAMINA  and BRAVERY and EXPERIENCE and BRAVERY and HARD WORK and BRAVERY.....well  you get the drift.....we might have lost one of New Mexico's best gems!  But NO...instead, all the many groups of firefighters from EVERYWHERE all worked together,  they came TO THE RESCUE and they saved the day and Los Alamos!    AND I am just so DOGGONE proud of them!  SO.........

....I, Travelin' Jack decided to throw a little pup-cup-cake party for the L.A.F.D. fire fighters  We baked all day and then we headed up the mountain to visit with Chief Tucker and his team of mighty firefighters!  HERE ya go, Chief Tucker of my famous pup-cup-cakes!  Now will ya pretty please share with me?

 And here we are ready to head out to the next fire emergency.  As you can see, Chief Tucker made me a 'dog-onerary Fire Chief' for the day!  He even let me ride in the Fire Engine.....WHOO-EE DOGGIES! What an honor for this pup!  I may not be a Dalmation...but HEY...I think I could be the NEXT L.A.F.D. Fire Dog!!!!!
And then we had to check out the engine......need to make sure she's in spit-shine shape!  She IS...Good Job Guys!  Are we ready yet?  I AM!  I got my paws firmly planted here...LET'S ROLL!
But seriously.......Chief Tucker and these fabulous firefighters (and many more not pictured here) are just TOPS in my book!  They are true HEROES all of them!  Let's all send out a shout of praise and thanks to them eh?  They ALL deserve an extra hug or two...from the 4-footed furry kids and all the people too!


You are the BEST!!!!!
Oh...and PS
(which means pup-script)

As you can see here....Los  Alamos is beautiful as ever and ready to welcome visitors up to explore and visit New Mexico's very own L.A. .......and from Travelin' Jack...I WON'T be disappointed! 

But I gotta run now...I think I heard the fire siren.......

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses

Friday, July 22, 2011

TV time for this pupparoo....New Mexico Style with Nikki S. and Team

Ok the interview went well....about as good as any I've done, I'd say in pooch-talk.  And I think I'm in Puppy LUV....but hey who wouldn't be...take a look at these darling damsels.  So after it was all over, we got down to kissing business....and I did not hesitate to share some of my Jack Smacks with Nikki and Kristin! Thanks ladies...paws are the doggone best!

Now if YOU didn't catch my interview on the tube live in it is again 

For now....this star-struck pup is signing off, till I get my paws back on the ground!!!!!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

BACKPACKing it on Pet-Cation!

 Here's another pet travel tip from the dog-trippin' specialist-Travelin' Jack!  PACK a DOG BACK PACK for your pooch when you go on vacation.  After all you have YOUR suitcase...why shouldn't we pups have ours too?!? 
As you can see, I follow this personal favorite rule of mine when I am 4-paws to the Road!  Here I am taking a hike at the luv-a-lee Ghost Ranch...hittin' the trail hard. 

What do I carry in my Dog Back Pack you ask?  Well, all my dog-portant stuff of course!  Like
  • Doggie Doo-Doo Bags
  • foldable travel bowl
  • filled water bottle
  • food for the road...snack sized bag of chow
  • extra leash
  • extra bandanna (gotta look good at all times ya know!)
  • Identification tags/info
  • and of course...the most important thing of all....the CAMERA

...CUZ  you just NEVER know who you might run into on your travels.  I sure as heck had MY backpack and camera with me...when we ran into New Mexico's FAB Governor Susana Martinez.  and op with the Governor herself!  Am I one lucky dog or what?

Anyway......for my canine-cuzins out there....with your backpack on you travelin' four-footed kids can surely follow this well-known dog-fact ........

"Always Be Pup-pared!" (that's the pup-scout motto! in case you didn't know!)

Stay tuned for more great pet travel tips....soon!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Travel Tip For the Day! Pack the Dog Crate!

There's nothin' more comfy cozy when your travelin'
than to have your own little home-away-from-home comfort zone
And that would be MY very own personal dog-crate. 

YUP when this PUP is ready to call it a day....
I  head STRAIGHT for my CRATE. 
Comfy space, Favorite blanket, my dog-personal play toy
....and that's all she wrote! 

I'm ready to hit the sack JACK!  zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

HEY how'd this pic get in here?  
 Oh... you think you caught me don'tcha?  Well you would be WRONG! 
Here I am simply posin' for a camera shot at my fav vacation spot..... Buffalo Thunder Resort!
This is JUST a pic of know from my dog-modeling career and all. 
I DOG DEFINITELY DON'T recommend sleeping on their nice beds and covers
That would be just rude! 

Yup, the travel crate is DOG-DEFINITELY the best way to go...all the way around. You won't get in trouble either!  THAT is Travelin' Jack's recommendation...and story...and DOGGONE it I'm stickin to it too! 

Now I'll just have myself a little bedtime toddy and sing myself to sleep
(get it BUFFALO and Hilton Buffalo Thunder dog-personal theme song when I'm visitin' Buffalo Thunder Resort!)

PS  Don't forget about The Dog Days of Summer Promotion at Buffalo Thunder!  Going on NOW...tell em Jack sent ya! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pet Travel Tip #2 PET FEES

Here's Travelin' Jack's Pet Travel Tip of the Day from the dog road warrior himself!

Make sure to inquire about pet fees.  Most pet friendly hotels have a pet fee in addition to the room rate.  Why you ask?  Well, these good hotels that allow FIDO to come along for the fun times have to do extra work to accommodate us pups....special cleaning, there is generally a minor pet fee in place.  These can vary in price dog-pending on the specific make sure to inquire about their specific fee. Some of them are daily fees, some of them are per-stay fees and some are refundable damage deposits, and some have NO fees be Dog-Smart and check it out!   

And a reminder about the fab DOG DAYS OF SUMMER promotion at Buffalo Thunder Resort just north of Santa Fe.....I dog-talked (BARKED) them into WAIVING ALL PET FEES for the 2011 summer season.  Pretty doggone cool eh? 

So HEY what'dya waitin' for....pack your bags and get ready for  a little summertime getaway with YOUR fav pooch, OK?

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

PS.  Today is Pet Fire Safety Day, so be specially careful today (and every day)...and check out this blog from the Canine Fire Professional Sparkles the FireDog .  Some GREAT Safety tips fer sure!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BIG DAWG NEWS.....Buffalo Thunder Resort Names Travelin' Jack Official Spokes-Dog for "Dog Days of Summer" Promotion

OKEE DOKEE DOGGEE....Here's the scoop I've been promisin' you!

Yours truly...Travelin' Jack is the OFFICIAL Spokes-Dog of Buffalo Thunder Hilton Resort's "Dog Days of Summer" promotion. 

What's it all about you ask?  Well, I'm here to tell you there's a whole kit and caboodle (or is it dog and caboodle?) slew of great things happenin' at this one dog-dandy pet friendly resort.

That is besides me being the BIG DOG at their photo shoot recently.  Here you see me (photos by MY personal photographer LuAnne DeMeo Jackson)  dining on DEE-licious Lamb Chops in their upscale restaurant Red Sage.  Pretty snazzy eh?  But that's just the beginning.  Here's the big scoop:
  • Pets Stay Free ALL Summer long! (I talked 'em into that one!  And are welcome!)
  • "Throw Them a Bone" Fundraisers for Espanola and Santa Fe Animal Shelters now through August!
  • YAPPY HOUR  August 12th...YOU ARE INVITED! and Fido too of course! There will be paw-dicures, pup-cake decorating, paw-digraphing my book, pet-ography.......and more!
  • Jack's Lamb Chop Special!  (Buy the lamb chop dinner. It's a fundraiser special for the shelters!
  • Surprise Star Visits from Yours just NEVER know when I'll show up to dazzle the guests!
  • And of course, what would a Travel Promotion be without some Words from the Wise Dog....

So with that I am going to start the ball a rollin' for all you good boys and girls.  You can check in for my very own "Pet Travel Tips From Travelin' Jack".....starting today with Tip #1.  Here goes:

TRAVEL TIP # 1     IT'S PET-CATION TIME! Plan a trip with your pet!  Travelin' Jack wants YOU to bring your Fido along for the fun....more and more hotels are inviting Fido along with his people....including the fabulous Hilton Resort at Buffalo Thunder!  And don't forget....Buffalo Thunder is waiving the pet fee ALL SUMMER LONG!  So call now and book YOUR pet friendly vacation getaway at Buffalo Thunder Resort!  AND don't forget to tell them  Travelin' Jack sent you!

Okay...simple as that.  Stay tuned....because I'll be sharing MORE great Pet Travel Tips with you all summer long!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to this Yankee Doodle Doggie!

Yup, you read it right!  This pup just celebrated his 3rd birthday....and we began the celebration in Chama with a PuPcake Party.....'specially for me! 

We invited some mighty fine dogs...from all over....some from Texas, some from New Mexico and some from....well we had a dog-dandy group of dogs, let me tell you! 

We got to know each other up close-like.....some good lookin' canine buds don't ya think?

Then we all got dog-dolled up with party hats.....
Whaddya think? We're stylin' big time eh?

TA-DUM......It's PuPcake Time!  And let me tell ya...those were some tasty pupcakes.....why we chowed them down right quick....
                                                          DOUBLE DOG YUM! was one dog-dandy party for sure....why it was SO much fun (bein' the party animal I am after all!) that I've dog-cided to celebrate for the entire MONTH of July!

Heck with One day of birthday celebrations.....
Let the party begin!!!!!!!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses.  

Friday, July 8, 2011

BIG FUN down Main Street Red River NM AND a little history lesson too!

 Travelin' Jack reporting from lovelee Red River New Mexico!!!!!  One of my dog-personal favorites! Why you ask? Well, this is just one of the most dog-friendly destinations I have found yet!!!!!  Let's take a stroll down Main Street, Red River, okay?

Take a look at this scenery would you? Tucked in the beautiful mountains of north Central New Mexico! Hey Lookee Here wouldja?  They named a street after me!!!  No wonder I LUV this town! Jacks & Sixes Trail...and I also found Jumping Jack Trail too! 

 Wow!  Didn't know they were namin' streets after this pup! Now I'm REALLY dog-pressed with Red River!'s another brilliant dog-scovery by Travelin' Jack.....THE Red River!   Goes right through the town.....HMMMM wonder if that's why they named the town Red River?  What do YOU think!?!  And I hear through the dog-vine there's great fishin on this river too!
 And of course....the history of Red River is steeped in Mining.  Look what I found on my dog-jaunt through town....a mini-history museum of old mining equipment...outdoors for all us pups and people to see!

 And a bit more history from this pup...seems like it has a bit of OLD WILD WEST still left over from those old days......AAAARRRRGGGHHHH watch out...I think there's some cowboy action here....I'm headin' out of big guns gonna take this dog down, NO Sirreeeeee!
 Hey now.....when Travelin' Jack tells you a place is PET-FRIENDLY...well, doggone it...I'm puttin' my paws down and dog-reputation on the line.  See here?  Right in town....special doggie disposal stations! Pretty cool eh? 

 And here's another grand dog-scovery.  If you wanna take a back-road mountain adventure tour....New Mexico Adventure Company is the place for you!  And the GOOD NEWS------ 
Dogs can go on the tour too!  DOG-DANDY DEAL!

So wadda ya waitin' for?  Hop on board for some fun times in Red River......and here's a little hint for the next blog.  There's JUST too much in Red River to blog it all in one stay tuned for more fab fun in Red River New Mexico....I'll be BARK ('er back) for more very soon!

Doggie hugs and Sloppy Kisses!  

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's an "ALLIE" ALLIE OOP mission for a new family!

                                                   HERE'S ALLIE!
Hi, I'm Allie.  A 14ish month old, Shepherd, ridgeback, etc? mix.  I weigh 45 pounds, spayed, have all my shots, chipped, LOVE to go for walks and am great on a leash, am great w/ children, and other dogs...but older, dominant females may have problems w/ me.  I've been going to doggie day care at the Canine Country Club once or twice a week and have no problems w/ the 30+ campers that I play w/.  I'm very much a sweetheart that needs a loving home.  

TRAVELIN' JACK here.....Isn't she a sweetie!?!  Allie needs a new home.  Allie has been loved for the past several months by a family who has adored her.  However, her 12 year old Canine Sister did NOT...and so in sadness, Allie is in need of a new and permanent family.  

We met up with Allie yesterday at Groomingdales Pet Salon  (my personal groomer)  and let me tell you she is one SWEET doll baby!  Why if I weren't on the road so much with my career....after all us travelin' reporters gotta stay trackin' as I always say!.....I'd be adoptin' Allie me, myself Travelin' Jack.  But Allie deserves a regular family...not a crazy mixed up family like I'm here...BARKIN' it out to EVERYONE to help find a home for Allie!  Let's all get our brains a rollin' together...send out this report on Allie to anyone you know who needs a good sweet gentle loving beeee-uuuuu-tiful Pup in their home. 
ALLIE is your girl!  Now let's all show her a lotta luv here....okey dokey doggies!?!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Have a DOGGONE Grand 4th of July!

Guess where this Yankee Doodle Doggie photo of me...Travelin' Jack....was snapped...and I'll  donate a $1 for each correct the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. 
Hurry and post your answer...and the bones & Dollars will add up for the furry kids waitin' for a new home.

Hint #1 This is ALL part of the grand things happening at Buffalo Thunder Resort for their special Dog Days of Summer promotion...where yours truly  (MOI)  is the dog-ficial SpokesDog of the promotion.

Hint #2  The 4th of July is a VERY special day for me too!  I'll be turning 21 in people TIME!