Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It's ONE MONTH AGO today that the beautiful forests around the mountain town of Los Alamos caught fire.  The Las Conchas fire quickly became the largest forest fire in New Mexico's history.....and had it not been for the BRAVERY and STAMINA  and BRAVERY and EXPERIENCE and BRAVERY and HARD WORK and BRAVERY.....well  you get the drift.....we might have lost one of New Mexico's best gems!  But NO...instead, all the many groups of firefighters from EVERYWHERE all worked together,  they came TO THE RESCUE and they saved the day and Los Alamos!    AND I am just so DOGGONE proud of them!  SO.........

....I, Travelin' Jack decided to throw a little pup-cup-cake party for the L.A.F.D. fire fighters http://www.losalamosnm.us/fire/Pages/default.aspx.  We baked all day and then we headed up the mountain to visit with Chief Tucker and his team of mighty firefighters!  HERE ya go, Chief Tucker  ....one of my famous pup-cup-cakes!  Now will ya pretty please share with me?

 And here we are ready to head out to the next fire emergency.  As you can see, Chief Tucker made me a 'dog-onerary Fire Chief' for the day!  He even let me ride in the Fire Engine.....WHOO-EE DOGGIES! What an honor for this pup!  I may not be a Dalmation...but HEY...I think I could be the NEXT L.A.F.D. Fire Dog!!!!!
And then we had to check out the engine......need to make sure she's in spit-shine shape!  She IS...Good Job Guys!  Are we ready yet?  I AM!  I got my paws firmly planted here...LET'S ROLL!
But seriously.......Chief Tucker and these fabulous firefighters (and many more not pictured here) are just TOPS in my book!  They are true HEROES all of them!  Let's all send out a shout of praise and thanks to them eh?  They ALL deserve an extra hug or two...from the 4-footed furry kids and all the people too!


You are the BEST!!!!!
Oh...and PS
(which means pup-script)

As you can see here....Los  Alamos is beautiful as ever and ready to welcome visitors up to explore and visit New Mexico's very own L.A. .......and from Travelin' Jack...I dog-guarantee.......you WON'T be disappointed! 

But I gotta run now...I think I heard the fire siren.......

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses

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