Friday, July 8, 2011

BIG FUN down Main Street Red River NM AND a little history lesson too!

 Travelin' Jack reporting from lovelee Red River New Mexico!!!!!  One of my dog-personal favorites! Why you ask? Well, this is just one of the most dog-friendly destinations I have found yet!!!!!  Let's take a stroll down Main Street, Red River, okay?

Take a look at this scenery would you? Tucked in the beautiful mountains of north Central New Mexico! Hey Lookee Here wouldja?  They named a street after me!!!  No wonder I LUV this town! Jacks & Sixes Trail...and I also found Jumping Jack Trail too! 

 Wow!  Didn't know they were namin' streets after this pup! Now I'm REALLY dog-pressed with Red River!'s another brilliant dog-scovery by Travelin' Jack.....THE Red River!   Goes right through the town.....HMMMM wonder if that's why they named the town Red River?  What do YOU think!?!  And I hear through the dog-vine there's great fishin on this river too!
 And of course....the history of Red River is steeped in Mining.  Look what I found on my dog-jaunt through town....a mini-history museum of old mining equipment...outdoors for all us pups and people to see!

 And a bit more history from this pup...seems like it has a bit of OLD WILD WEST still left over from those old days......AAAARRRRGGGHHHH watch out...I think there's some cowboy action here....I'm headin' out of big guns gonna take this dog down, NO Sirreeeeee!
 Hey now.....when Travelin' Jack tells you a place is PET-FRIENDLY...well, doggone it...I'm puttin' my paws down and dog-reputation on the line.  See here?  Right in town....special doggie disposal stations! Pretty cool eh? 

 And here's another grand dog-scovery.  If you wanna take a back-road mountain adventure tour....New Mexico Adventure Company is the place for you!  And the GOOD NEWS------ 
Dogs can go on the tour too!  DOG-DANDY DEAL!

So wadda ya waitin' for?  Hop on board for some fun times in Red River......and here's a little hint for the next blog.  There's JUST too much in Red River to blog it all in one stay tuned for more fab fun in Red River New Mexico....I'll be BARK ('er back) for more very soon!

Doggie hugs and Sloppy Kisses!  


  1. I would love to bring my 3 yr-old 10lb Silkie Terrier when we come there for 5 days, but my husband's not in favor, saying it's too much work. My dog has never traveled with us before. Any tips? Any recs on where to stay with him?

  2. We have a home in Red River, as well as dogs and friends and family who bring their dogs. Just about every place in town is pet friendly.Copper King and Riverside Lodge are great because they back up to the river. But you can hardly go wrong with lodging. Also, stop by Tia Bueno with your dog and they'll take a picture of your furry friend for their wall!! Also, their food is Muy Bueno!

  3. You can also check out for a list of all of the pet-friendly accommodations in Red River! Dogs are welcome on the trails around town so they're great hiking companions, and make sure you also swing by the Bull o' the Woods for the biggest group of dog friendly folks in town!

  4. Phyllis from AmarilloJuly 8, 2011 at 4:33 PM

    I bring my two Jack Russell Terriers...Jack and Russell to Red River all the time. Rio Colorado is dog friendly. Terrace Towers also. The boys love Red River and have left their mark on just about every tree and post in town. Best vacation spot in America!

  5. I have been taking dogs to Red River for years. My Lab/Chessy cross thinks he is ELVIS in RR. the Beagles really turn on the "cute factor" and get so much attention. It is the only place we vacation anymore as we love the town and people and the dogs have as much fun as we do. The dogs love to go to The Bull Of The Woods after along hike to listen to great music by The Highway 38 Houndogs band and there is always someone ready to give them attention and extra treats.

  6. BJ said,

    We travel with our dog. He loves it and so do we. He is a big boy part golden reteiver. He went to Jack birthday party in Chama NM (ELK HORN RESORT). Red RIver is a great to visit with your pet. We stayed at the Best Western the river run right outside the deck. Your dog would be easier since he is smaller and you can pick him up. I vote to take him Red River a great place to begin his travel. Good luck and happy traveling.