Thursday, July 21, 2011

BACKPACKing it on Pet-Cation!

 Here's another pet travel tip from the dog-trippin' specialist-Travelin' Jack!  PACK a DOG BACK PACK for your pooch when you go on vacation.  After all you have YOUR suitcase...why shouldn't we pups have ours too?!? 
As you can see, I follow this personal favorite rule of mine when I am 4-paws to the Road!  Here I am taking a hike at the luv-a-lee Ghost Ranch...hittin' the trail hard. 

What do I carry in my Dog Back Pack you ask?  Well, all my dog-portant stuff of course!  Like
  • Doggie Doo-Doo Bags
  • foldable travel bowl
  • filled water bottle
  • food for the road...snack sized bag of chow
  • extra leash
  • extra bandanna (gotta look good at all times ya know!)
  • Identification tags/info
  • and of course...the most important thing of all....the CAMERA

...CUZ  you just NEVER know who you might run into on your travels.  I sure as heck had MY backpack and camera with me...when we ran into New Mexico's FAB Governor Susana Martinez.  and op with the Governor herself!  Am I one lucky dog or what?

Anyway......for my canine-cuzins out there....with your backpack on you travelin' four-footed kids can surely follow this well-known dog-fact ........

"Always Be Pup-pared!" (that's the pup-scout motto! in case you didn't know!)

Stay tuned for more great pet travel tips....soon!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

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