Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leapin' Lizards its LEAP DAY!

To this pup that means an extra day of FUN!  Hmmm...let's can I possibly spend this FREE day?

                            Maybe LEAPING off wild bulls at Bishops Lodge in Santa Fe...that would be fun!

 Or LEAPING through tons of snow at the Elkhorn in Chama!  BEEN THERE....DONE THAT!
                                        Or LEAPING into dancing classes...well practicing anyway!
 Maybe LEAPING up for an encounter with a famous Racer...the one and only Al Unser!
 But then it might be LEAPING up for a tasty bite at a lakeside picnic at a New Mexico State I've been caught!
 and LEAPING into cool mountain waters for a swim.....NOT this dawg..thank you very much!
 Maybe instead its watching Native American Dancers LEAPING through their dances at the Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial.

                                       Or OTHER dogs LEAPING after flying frisbees......
For this travelin' dog...the ideal way to spend a day is LEAPING into the car for another dog-venture!

 Like maybe LEAPING on board for a smooth Sail on Lake Heron with my friends Roswell & Eric!
                             Or even LEAPING for LOVE with my sweet little furry bully-buddy!
 Adventure awaits in Los Alamos when I LEAP on board the fire engine...LET'S GO!

 Or...maybe it's LEAPING into New Mexico's fab favorite...the Green Chile Cheeseburger!

 Then there's LEAPING into high mountain treks in scenic spots like Ghost Ranch!
 Or possibly LEAPING into costume contests?  HEY you stole my skeleton guy you!
 And then there's fun LEAPING through the sandy dunes at White Sands National Monument! 

 And LEAPING on board for a tour on the ABQ Trolley Company....good times fer sure!

                                   or LEAPING up to check out a great hiking area in Las Cruces!

Or then LEAPING on board for my first ever Conference gig at BlogPaws national pet conference! 

but no matter how you decide to spend your day this 2012 LEAP YEAR DAY.....make sure and take time for a Leapin' Grand Adventure somewhere today in the Land of Enchantment-New Mexico!
That Your LEAP YEAR TIP from the pup in the know when it comes to ADVENTURES!   

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dog on the Catwalk? That would be TRAVELIN' JACK!

I've got my Tuxedo Tie on.....
The Ballroom at Buffalo Thunder Resort is all spiffed up in dog-dazzling style

They gave me my very own dog-personal Buffalo Thunder Resort ID tag. 
                                 ....NOW  ON WITH THE SHOW!
And what's more perfect at  a wedding expo than the opportunity to get some smooches in, eh?  Of course, Travelin' Jack is up for this job for sure! Ya ready for a Jack-Smack smooch sweetie? Oh...and each Kiss from the smoochin' Jack earns a $1 for the 4-footed Kids at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter!
And dog-o-dog I hit the jackpot here!  BRIDE-TO-BE!  Gotta give her a smooch fer sure!

                                                          But now it is time to get serious! 
I, Travelin' Jack, debonaire dog that I am - was part of the snazzy Northern New Mexico Wedding Expo Style Show!  Doggone Cool, eh?
This dog is HITTING THE RUNWAY in STYLE!  Here we go...I'm workin' the cat-walk with this pretty model! 
 and another run down the walkway with the little gals.  Cute aren't they?  It's Ella-Jack-Ella...the two "E dolls"!

                 Now let me dog-splain' there's more to this runway walk than just walkin'........

                                     Take a tip from this Runway Dog.....First....Strut to the end..
                                       Stop for a pose so the audience can get a good gander in.....

                                                   ..... then make the turn JUST SO......

                                                        Then back to the Dressing Room. 
And THAT is how this dog works the runway!  By Dawg...I think I got it! This was ONE FUN EVENT! 

The show's over now. Back to my Suite for some well-dogserved R&R at the fabulous Buffalo Thunder Resort.  Think I'll celebrate. A bit o' the bubbly (water that is!) to celebrate my 1st-ever DOG-MODELing gig
I'm dog-sausted! It's time to call it a day. 
Dog Model...yup it's a RUFF job..but some dog's gotta do it!  Signing off now....

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Laissez Les BONE Temps Roulez!

As all us N'awlins dawgs say........LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!

                                                     It's MARDI GRAS!!!!!!!!
Yup...this dawg may be in Albuquerque, but it's time to PAW-TEE like the big dawgs do in the Big Easy!     I'm with ya Bros!!!!

 So.....I've got my Mardi Gras bling, purple and that glittery gold.......
and I've got my tastee eats, treats and drinks.......
give me another Hurricane wuldja AL?!?!?! 
I'm ready to roll with the good times
.....So let the Pawtee BEgin!

  UGGGHHHH!!!!! Not feelin' so perky now.  Maybe I paw-teed just a bit too Har-dee!
Think I'm down for the count....but not before I wish all my friends and fans in N'awlins (and all other places too!)
                                                   Happy MARDI GRAS!!!!!!!!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

XOXO This Kiss is for YOU! "Jack's Smacks" Kissing Booth


 Travelin' Jack here.....right off the Kissing Trail.  YUP-pup that's right!  This dog knows how to smooch----and for a cause too! 
Awhile back I had a dog-serious conversation with Bob Gerding.....Top-Dawg Producer of the Bob Gerding's Outdoor Adventure Show.
 I said to Bob....."You know, it's gonna be Valenntine's weekend...and what better time for a kissin' pooch to raise some moneys for the 4-footed furry kids in the shelter. Doggone it I'm gonna host the JACK'S SMACKS Kissing Booth....if you don't dog-mind!" 
And  Bob said..."Sounds good to me Travelin' Jack"   and VOILA.....the all new kissing booth was born! get ready for the big weekend, I called on my Personal Tie-Maker, Miss Deb...and that wonderful, dog-fabulous Tie-Artist went to work!  My very OWN dog-personal Jack's Smacks Love Tie!

And WHAT BETTER WAY to start off the Show with a TV spot...on Jack's favorite show New Mexico Style! on KASA Fox TV.  Kristin the dog-fabulous Weather Gal  (my favorite BTW)  interviewed little ol' Moi....and she was the very 1st Recipient of a dog-ficial JACK SMACK!  Check it out!  

Gotta get comfy in my Kissing Throne!  HMMMM looking pretty cool if I do bark so myself!
      Here they come. Here's my first Sweetie.  I'm gettin' puckered up for the Kiss!
 And it's not all just about the chair either!  I sat down on the job with this great little gal! 
                                               You're not gettin' away....NO WAY!
                                                           Here's another sweetie-pie!
                                                              Watch I come!
                                                    How's this for a pose before the big SMACK!
                                                 Luvin' your antlers.....and you too of dog-course!
                                                       I know how to get all the cuties, don't I?
                                           And the guys too!  Hangin' cooL with the boys!
                          Another down-n-dirty encounter.  Are you ready for some tongue?
                                                        Luv his smile!  My kinda guy!
                                                  And the ladies love me too!   MWAAAHHH!
                                                         Did you say KISS??????
                                                      More Guy Time!
                                                        and another smiley cutie
                              WoW.  This gal got her face painted JUST for a Jack Smack!

                                                    Some fun time with my buddy OTTO. 
                  He was tying flies for the fishermen in his booth and took a bit of time to visit me! 
                                                        Thanks for the Kiss Otto!
                                       I think this little guy is ready for the big hunt!  Don't you?
And THE REAL THING. These two ladies from the Albuquerque City Shelter brought by a couple of their ADORABLE ADOPTABLE pups!  I had a chat with the pups about staying positive!  Someone WILL adopt you and you'll have a wonderful forever home and family! 

Anyone out there lookin' for some cutie pie puppies? They're ready for you!
                                            Back to work....gotta get some more kisses in.
  Awwww.....she likes me she REALLY REALLY likes me!  Here I come with a Kiss.....
Now this here guy is TOPS in my books!  He and I go back a ways on a little dog-venture!  Thanks for the sleep-over at your house!  You're just too KOOL!
              And then my favorite hotel bud comes along!  Here's a Jack-Smack for you Ed!
 And another friend, Bob the History Re-enactor.  Let's talk about some together-time, OK Bob?
And finally, some more new friends, this bro-sis duo helped out with a donation and of course a Jack-Smack kiss or two too! was a doggone grand success...this kissing booth idea of mine.  We raised about $375 for the Kids in the Shelter...supported 3 different organizations
                                          Animal Humane of New Mexico  (Friday)
                                          Watermelon Mountain Ranch  (Saturday)
            and of dog-course  The Albuquerque City Shelters (Sunday)

Yup--pup, JACK'S SMACKS Kissing Booth was a dog-grand success! But let me tell you....
I'm worn out from all this kissin...................zzzzzing out till I recover!  Talk to you again real soon!
Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!