Saturday, February 11, 2012

STAYin' SUNNY in Las Cruces!

Howdy there from this travelin' bulldog!  Why I've been so busy travelin' around New Mexico that I've gotten a bit behind in my dog-blog-travelogue-ing!  SORREEEE!  But truth be barked...I've been havin' one dog-dandy time visiting LOTS of great places.

When I last left you...I was headin' out of Dodge (well Albuquerque really but that sounds too good not to steal that line!)  headin' south to SUNNY Las Cruces.  But as you know..this is one fast trackin' pup and I LUV to multi-task, so while we're traveling south, I've got my nose to the grindstone lookin' at those pics on the NM Tourism's "GET THE PICTURE" Challenge!   

 AHA!  Found one!  But I'm not tellin'....if you want to participate in this REALLY fun'll  have to snoop out the locations on your own.  This dog's wantin' to WIN Big-Time!
 And enroute, we made some dog-scovery stops along the way.  First Stop!    Ft. Craig National Historic Site......goes back in New Mexico's history ya know!  This is one groovy find for me!  Besides touring the ruins of the old fort, I got the Royal Dog treatment by Miss Lynn...the Person-To-Know at Ft. Craig!  Why she even got out her trusty "MULE" here and took me on a private tour.  (Don't tell Miss Lynn this...but I think she's got her mule knowledge confused.  This DON'T look like any four-footed braying buddy that I've ever seen!)  HMMMMM.  But it sure does ride nice!  And everyone knows Travelin' Jack DOES like special attention!

And after our tour of the Ft. Craig ruins, why she even invited me INSIDE the Visitor Center! Now THAT's what I call PET-Friendly big time!  AND the good news is that she didn't do this just because I am Travelin' Jack...They invite all good dogs inside!  Pretty doggone cool in my books!
But time's awastin'...and I need to get to SUNNY Las Cruces before the Sun Sets in the Old West!

  First Stop ...well the Las Cruces Visitor Center OF DOG-COURSE! They have ALL the scoop on the best places for a dog to visit (oh-and people too!).   The Staff here was a dog-dandy help in showing me all the fun places to explore!  Thanks Mr. Chris....I'll sleep on this before I dog-cide every place to go!  But now it's time to check in for the evening.  I'm heading straight to Hotel Encanto and can't wait to check it out! 

It's one of the numerous pet-friendly Heritage Hotels that are scatttered all around New Mexico!  If you are travelin''ll want to check them out for dog-sure!

And in true 1st Class Customer style...I got greeted by the VP of Heritage Hotels himself....Mr. ED!  Talk about a warm welcome for a pup!  Thanks for the fine introduction to Hotel Encanto....great start to my visit!  Let's see how ELSE this hotel ranks for Pet-Friendly.  You all know how dog-scriminating Travelin' Jack is!  I need to know it all!
Checking into my room! WoWee-Dog-zowee!  Look at these digs wouldja?  Pretty doggone Snazzy if ya ask me!  And I got a ground floor room....with my own private patio!  And easy outside access too!  Now that's pretty pet-friendly, I'd say!

 But WOAH-Nellie!  Take a look at this find wouldja?   Doggie Treats in the room...just for me!  My gift box included my very own blanket, food bowl, some doggie biscuits, a 'WOOF Doggie inside' Door Hanger, a Pick Up bag for those outdoor duty-calls moments.  NICE touch Heritage Hotels! You got my BARK! 

I was dog-mazed to also see a Tequila shooter too....bein' the good pooch I am, I don't I passed that little in-room amenity on to Jill.  Seems she enjoyed it!  So both of us are doggone happy to get here..and ready for a good night's sleep.......Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Mornin' ...and breakfast time for the pooch!  Now listen up close here!  This Hotel Encanto is SO doggone pet friendly that they even have inside courtyard dining where the dogs can dine with their people! Pretty nice touch if ya ask me! 

Why hello there Miss Midge!  Did you bring that plate of goodies to me-Travelin' Jack!  You sure are a smiling image of a sun-shiny start to MY day!  Thanks a dog-zillion!

WoW!  I ate so MUCH of that yummy breakfast that I need a little snooze time by the pool!  YAWN          ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.  Way relaxing in sunny Las Cruces!

But afternoon is upon us....I need to get to work and check out the pet friendly places in Las Cruces.  So back to the Visitor Center I go.  This time Mr. Chris and I sit down in their pets-allowed center.....even on the sofa for us lazy types!....and we get down to dog-business.   

 He gave me a hint on the "Get the Picture" challenge.  Said there just MIGHT be a spot at the Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum.  It's not a pet friendly museum (too many live animals and other stuff) but I did get a snapshot in....and another MATCH!  Yah!
 But now I'm heading out for some dog-venturing.  There are MANY pet-friendly hiking areas in and around Las Cruces.  We picked the Sierra Vista Trail....and it was one mighty nice find!  Great trails right at the foot of the Organ Mountains with lots of great scenery and........

WATCH OUT.....lots of sharp prickly Cacti too!  Here's Travelin' Jack's dog-vice for the hiking pup:
Keep Your Feet On The Trail...and Your Nose Out of Trouble! 

Another night's upon us and it's down time....once again in my cozy room.  The next morning dawn's sunny...what a surprise! (not really...just tryin' to throw a little dog-humor in here ya know!) JUST maybe that's why they call it Sunny Las Cruces!  DUH! 
I'm sportin' my brand new Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail T-shirt that I WON from the NM Tourism Department.  Don't I look dog-snazzy?  YUP fer sure!
 But we're not wastin' time this morning.....and we head straight for the Las Cruces Farmers Market.  One of the BEST markets in New Mexico!  And that's not me talkin! That's what the votes said in America's Favorite Farmers & Market Contest!  I gotta dog-gree too! And it's REALLY pet friendly!  Take a look at this little cutie enjoying the open air market.  This is THE place to be seen if you are a cruisin' pup! Lots of dogs on parade along with the great stalls of veggies, food, arts & crafts and such!  It's open every Wednesday and Saturday.
But now it's time to hit the road onward bound!  I have to tell you, though.....I only scratched the surface of fun things for dogs and their people to see and do in Las Cruces.  I'm comin' back soon...I dog-guarantee.

For now I'm buckled in to my seat and singin' "ON THE ROAD AGAIN....."

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

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  1. You saw more in Las Cruces than we did. Looks like we should buddy up for a Cinnamon - Jack Road Trip some time!