Monday, January 24, 2011

Travelin' Jack Needs Your Vote for NM's LUCKY DOG Lottery Contest.

Today the race starts...New Mexico is looking for 6 LUCKY DOG Lottery dogs....who will be showcased on a summer lottery card promotion.

Now can't you JUST see me...Travelin' Jack as one of the 6 dog models in this BIG DEAL? too.

But listen's a long road to wander before I get there. You see, it all revolves around VOTES.....yup votes. And that means YOU can help. There are almost 5000 dogs a-wantin' this my work's cut out for this pupparoo. But I do have my heart set on being one of the six.

Voting starts today. Just click on this link and vote EVERY day from today through Feb. 4th.

Click on the Lucky Dog Photo Contest Box
Click on VOTE
Then type in Travelin' Jack (must be TRAVELIN' JACK)
Fill in the VOTE dot
Save the Vote.

and that's it!
Then do that again on Tuesday...Wednesday get the drift.

Thanks a dog-zillion for your votes....I DO dog-preciate your support and your VoteS.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dog-Intelligence Test.....Check Out your IQ from this TOP DOG!

THIS IS INCREDIBLE... Read all the Letters....
Slowly and in Order!!
Be Careful not to MISS ANY......




X Y Z..........

Now repeat one more time..........maybe two more times.......

THE Top 10 list of NUMBERS!!!

HA-HA! Gotcha! It's SO easy to amuse old people.

Ugh OH.....2nd time around!

Harumph.....the snow fall in Chama was just grand....18 inches of pure powder to romp in and jump through.....and then it happened! Doggone It! My other back leg started to hurt. Well, to make a long tale...short, I tore my OTHER CCL.

If you recall, last March I tore my right ligament in my back leg...sorta like when skiers blow their knee.....and I went under the knife. Now, it's always good when you have the BEST surgeon anywhere takin' care of you...and that's just what I had.

Dr. Peter Schwarz of VESCNM here in Albuquerque took doggone GRAND care of me and my bad leg...and he is JUST THE BEST, let me tell you. And he did warn me at the time...that maybe, just maybe I would mess up my other leg too. You know those ODDS they always talk about. He said that more than 60% of dogs that tear one CCL end up tearing the other one too.

Well, I was dog-termined NOT to be in that dog-stat number, so we partnered up with Dr. Schaffer of PALL Corporation in New York...a canine research facility. We put one of their pilot programs to the test to see if it would help me escape the 2nd surgery.....and it DID for over 6 months....but then the snow and fate caught up with me.

So here I am back again at VESCNM....for Round 2 surgery on my Left Leg this time. And of Course!....I had my very BEST surgeon, Dr. Schwarz do the dog-honors once again. Yep, we went into the Operatin' Room together again last Thursday.....and I'm home now recuperatin...and feelin' better by the day. So once again...I say THANKS, DR. SCHWARZ! for the fab work you do on my bones and body! LUV YA!

And the final leg of this little adventure (HA-LEG...get it! Just a little bulldog humor there....and I KNOW you're glad to see I am still the same ol' goofy Jack I was before all this surgery!) I get to take it easy at home for awhile. Doc's Orders....NO running...NO jumping...NO climbing steps.....HARUMPH....what's a dog to do anyway?

Well, I guess I'll just be a good little dog...and rest away the days till I CAN do those things again. And in the meantime...I've been logging onto Wintertime Adventures in New Mexico that let the doggy get some good little R&R in order to stay on the Job dog-scovering great doggie getaways in New Mexico!

So stay tuned....we're just another adventure away...coming soon!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Monday, January 17, 2011

PHOENIX Sunrise....SEDONA Sunset!

What better way to start off the new year than with a ROAD TRIP, eh? And this pupparoo and travelin' partner Jill took to the highways and headed West out of New Mexico to Arizona. First Stop...and a VERY important one.......Potty Stop at Arizona's Rest Area just over the state line. Check out the snow on the ground....cold on the old tootsies.....Ahhh well we're headin' to warmer country next...PHOENIX- the REAL vacation!
Sunshine and Swimmin' Pools. While SOME of you two-feeted folks might like swimmin'....not sure it's my cup o' tea! After all, I am a bit heavy in the derriere...and might just sink. NO thank you....I'll pass on the swimmin' this go-round! BUT I did have a grand time visitin' my canine cousin KIP, the Cairn Terrier. He and I shared stories about how we were both rescued by our Persons...and He (just like me) has a VERY happy ending to his story, livin' the good life in Phoenix!

Back on the road again...headin' to Sedona. I hear through the dog-vine that Arizona has Red Rocks...just like in our state. I've visited the Red Rocks at Abiquiu and Jemez let's just go check out these Sedona Red Rocks.
WoW....take in that view wouldja!? This is where I spent my Sedona Sojourn....not bad, eh? Visited with a star-studded Country to hear some croonin' while there...BUT the most important part of the trip?
Why the Kanine Kids OF COURSE! Take a look at these high class Cattle Dogs wouldja! That's Leah, Abel and Luke. And we are NOW BEST OF FRIENDS! We had some grand times rompin' around the Ranch there in Sedona.....but the bad news is THEY HAVE SPRINGS IN THEIR LEGS...and I Don't! So whenever they got to feelin' frisky...up on a wall they would leap....or even right over me! Hey You Guys! No fair! Bulldogs didn't get spring legs when God was a-handin' out parts.
But not to worry....You are tops in my Book...what with the grand dog-spitality that you and your Papa showed me. Yep, Sedona is one fab Get-Away when you need to cross the border.
And after all the playin' was over....It was Back on the Road again, Jill and I, home again to New Mexico! As we crossed the State Line, we spied New Mexico's newest....and most bee-u-tiful too!......Visitor Information Center in Manuelito just outside of Gallup. The SUPER Supervisor, Sherry welcomed me into the VIC in Grand Style! Thanks Sherry....both you and Calvin are just doggone grand in this dog's pup-pinion! And you have one dog-dandy Information Center there too! And Hey...I give a Two-Paws up rating of your Dog Walkin' Trails too!

Now,'s the travel tip of the day from your rovin' bulldog reporter.......While on the Road, check out your awaitin' adventures at ANY ofNew Mexico's 9 Visitor Centers...for Lots o' good info on your next New Mexico Adventure!

Yep, Fun on the Road and in Arizona...why I might just go back there again!!!....but as Toto's person, Dorothy once said...."There's No Place Like Home"....and New Mexico is MY home! Glad to get back!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Mexico-A New Year....a BRAND NEW Dog-Governor!

2011 us upon us and New Mexico is filled with grand new folks in charge. Of course we are proud to have a new Governor, Susana Martinez, the 1st EVER female Hispanic Governor...not just for New Mexico but for the whole country! WAY TO GO GOVERNOR MARTINEZ!!!! You've got my support..... 4 paws and more!

But then we're not JUST about people governors here in New Mexico! Why...if you recall, there was a certain dog-gentleman running in October too! And the results are pretty doggone grand if you ask this ol' pupparoo!

Yup....yours truly Travelin' Jack, New Mexico's Pre-Eminent Pet Travel Reporter, TV star of his own TV spot...and much much more...threw his paw into the gubernatorial race as well.

In FACT....he was the 1st EVER dog to run for (dog) Governor. He ran as the 2010 INDEPENDENT DOGERNATORIAL CANINE-DIDATE FOR (DOG) GOVERNOR OF NEW MEXICO.....and now, if you put your finger... on the clicker here , you can see the results of this dog-nanimous fabulous Canine Campaign. So click on my Video....and here you go!

Now...let's get the year rollin'....we're hittin' the road running.....ready to do good for Dog-Kind!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Let's Celebrate! It's a New Year....
Glug-glug....some good ol Pup's beer...
Party games and joyful gatherers...
Here's to 2011's Great New Adventures!

Doggie Hugs and REALLY slurpy kisses....MWAAAAHHH!