Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Mexico-A New Year....a BRAND NEW Dog-Governor!

2011 us upon us and New Mexico is filled with grand new folks in charge. Of course we are proud to have a new Governor, Susana Martinez, the 1st EVER female Hispanic Governor...not just for New Mexico but for the whole country! WAY TO GO GOVERNOR MARTINEZ!!!! You've got my support..... 4 paws and more!

But then we're not JUST about people governors here in New Mexico! Why...if you recall, there was a certain dog-gentleman running in October too! And the results are pretty doggone grand if you ask this ol' pupparoo!

Yup....yours truly Travelin' Jack, New Mexico's Pre-Eminent Pet Travel Reporter, TV star of his own TV spot...and much much more...threw his paw into the gubernatorial race as well.

In FACT....he was the 1st EVER dog to run for (dog) Governor. He ran as the 2010 INDEPENDENT DOGERNATORIAL CANINE-DIDATE FOR (DOG) GOVERNOR OF NEW MEXICO.....and now, if you put your finger... on the clicker here , you can see the results of this dog-nanimous fabulous Canine Campaign. So click on my Video....and here you go!

Now...let's get the year rollin'....we're hittin' the road running.....ready to do good for Dog-Kind!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!


  1. Yay! Congratulations Travelin' Jack. Will we be seeing you at the Governor's Conference on Tourism in Las Cruces in April?

  2. Of course! Wouldn't miss my fav conference in the whole doggone world! New Mexico's the BEST!