Monday, January 24, 2011

Travelin' Jack Needs Your Vote for NM's LUCKY DOG Lottery Contest.

Today the race starts...New Mexico is looking for 6 LUCKY DOG Lottery dogs....who will be showcased on a summer lottery card promotion.

Now can't you JUST see me...Travelin' Jack as one of the 6 dog models in this BIG DEAL? too.

But listen's a long road to wander before I get there. You see, it all revolves around VOTES.....yup votes. And that means YOU can help. There are almost 5000 dogs a-wantin' this my work's cut out for this pupparoo. But I do have my heart set on being one of the six.

Voting starts today. Just click on this link and vote EVERY day from today through Feb. 4th.

Click on the Lucky Dog Photo Contest Box
Click on VOTE
Then type in Travelin' Jack (must be TRAVELIN' JACK)
Fill in the VOTE dot
Save the Vote.

and that's it!
Then do that again on Tuesday...Wednesday get the drift.

Thanks a dog-zillion for your votes....I DO dog-preciate your support and your VoteS.

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