Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Woo-Hoo! I am the BIONIC BullDogge!

Well, whether it is dog-ficial...or just my dog-pinion, I am THE Bionic BullDogge of New Mexico!

And how did I come up with that dog-nalysis, you ask? Well...it's all because of my favorite surgeon, Dr. Peter Schwarz.

I just went back to the Doc to get my 2 week post-op checkup from my recent CCL surgery on my back leg! And he gave me a good report....WHEW!!!!! Don't want any more of this surgery stuff, ya know!

Now I just have to rest, recuperate and be good for the next 6-8 weeks...that means NO jumping, NO climbing, NO running......doggone it...those are all the FUN things for a pupparoo to do...besides EAT of course. And wouldn't ya know it....they even put me on a dog-diet! WoW.....now this is a tuff role for a 'meaty' dog...but I DO know that Dr. Schwarz of the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Services of New Mexico is THE man...and he is taking grand care of me...so guess I'll just mind the doc for now.

But.....bein' the goofy kinda dog I am.....I'm takin' this new title all the way to the BANK! (well I can dream anyway, can't I?) And here we go...let's add this to my already fat resume......

Travelin' Jack....New Mexico's Bionic BullDogge extraordinaire! Ready to hit the road with all my great hardware keepin' my knees runnin' down the highway, reporting to you....on New Mexico pet adventures!

So...if you see a Big B after my name...and a T-shirt with a Big B on it....and maybe a big blobby blur of a dog with a Big D on his chest flying high up in the sky.....

...YOU'LL know that it is I---- "Travelin' Jack---BIONIC BullDogge-Man"----ready to take on my SUPERDOG role!

Watch Out! Here I come.....


  1. Hope you are recovering well! Just a quick question...Are you wearing an cone on your head??? Or are you trying one of the inflatable collars??? My Cassie didn't have much luck with her long Aussie nose and the inflatable collars...I was wondering how someone with a shorter nose fared with them. (To see my review of the inflatable collars see: http://dogshopper.blogspot.com/2011/01/places-ive-been-led-astray.html ) I'll update my review if you found something different! Thanks!

  2. Hello Jess the Dog Shopper. Well, I guess Cassie..poor little gal...will have to report on the dreaded 'cone' alone. My doc didn't give me one.....just told my person, Jill to not let me lick...and bein' the good dog-guy I am....I'm not lickin...that way I ensure NOT havin' to wear the cone. Just lucky I guess.

    Here's a Jack-smooch for Cassie....MWWWAAAAAHHHH!

  3. Cassie says thank you for the kisses! Hope you are feeling better and glad you didn't need the cone... they are not fun!

  4. Jill says I am feelin' TOO good...what with 6 more weeks of rehab. I do so want to Run, JUMP, climb steps and all...but she is followin' the doctor's orders...and any time I get a hankerin' to do one of those dog-forbidden fun things...into my kennel I go. Good thing I don't mind my kennel. It is my little comfy house when I can't snooze on my favorite settee. Tell Cassie....have a DOGGONE grand weekend! Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

  5. I don't think my dog can stand the NO jumping, NO climbing and NO running rule. Lol! I wish your dog will get well soon. I know he will because you're a great dog lover.