Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Here's wishing all my good friends out there a Turkey Day filled with good friends, good times....and of course good FooD!!!! Yum.....can't wait for my own plate of turkey (no bones please)...and then a nice nap afterwards.

Happy Thanksgiving!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are you ready to roll yet? I AM

Time for this ol dog to hit the trail...and there is nothin' so aggravating as havin' to wait for Jill...harrummph! saying something about getting organized...well, I have my bandanna on...and I'm in my seat...that's what I call organized. get the keys already...and let's roll! wonder where we're off to today? can't wait...tune in and you'll find out too!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ski New Mexico comes ski season

Greetings from Jack-land! Just got back from snowy Chama...and that sure makes a dog want to hit the mountains and ski trails! So....reviewing my trip to the Ski Swap, I revisited my visit with the Big Guy at Ski New Mexico.....none other than George Brooks!

Now if there is anyone that knows New Mexico is George Brooks! He was the Ski Coach at UNM for many years...and thanks to him and under his ski leadership, the university took a National Championship.....the ONLY national championship that UNM has ever achieved. And after retiring from this important job...he took on the leadership of Ski New Mexico! WoW!

So...there I am, visiting with the various New Mexico ski resorts at the Swap...and who happens by but his truly.....the Ski King of New Mexico! Got a photo op with him as well....and he took time out of his busy business to visit with this ol' bulldogge!

I quizzed him about skiing in New Mexico and he shared all the great scoop with me. Too many good things to I recommend...head your mouse straight to the Ski New Mexico website and check out all the facts. You'll find everything from daily Snow reports to great ski deals...the whole doggone deal!

As for me, I'll check out the dog friendly ski destinations and action and report back to you later on that can count on Travelin' Jack...the curious bulldogge!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

NM Ski I come

aaahhh...there's a nip in the air and some frost on the paws! and that got me to thinkin.......SKIING!!! And what better place to ski than in New Mexico! Great ski resorts around the state....even cross country skiing, fabulous scenery, great action on and off the slopes (so I hear through the dog-vine) and best of all very reasonable rates...compared to our snowy neighboring states!!!!

So, in my dog-intelligence, me-thinks it's time to check out the facts myself. What DO the ski resorts offer us canine slope puppies? And since it is still pre-season, I decided the BEST way to check out the facts was at the annual SKI SWAP in Albuquerque.

So I put on my Travel-Dog Back Pack and off we went to the Ski Swap. (hint no dogs allowed in the show, but I pulled out my 'press pass' credentials, my business card and Jill explained to the nice lady that I was there on a photo with a little dog-finagling, in we were at the 2009 Ski Swap!

I headed straight to the Ski Resort arena and went visiting with the various resorts to see how they would welcome me...and doggone it....I made some real finds!

For instance Red River has a great cross country ski resort called Enchanted Forest where they actually have some dog friendly trails. Gonna check that out once the snow starts flying! (hmmm...wonder if they make snowshoes for doggies?).

Anyway, while I was at the Red River booth, I fell in love. Yep, that's right...this pooch saw stars and snowflakes with this cute Snow Bunny, Lauren.....AND (let me clue you into a little bulldog secret)...if you hit the Red River Ski Area you might just be lucky and find her there...I hear she hangs out there a lot since she is the Marketing Manager! Boy, do I know how to pick 'em!

Pretty impressive, eh? This old dog....well young actually.....really learned one new trick at this ski show...and that is head to the hills.....Red River that is...and you're sure to find some doggone good bunnies and all!

...more on the Ski world in New Mexico soon, but signing off for now....

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Point A to Point B....along the road

RUFF.....travelin' Jack here again with more news from the road.

If you recall, Taos was our most recent road trip....and what fun it was, but want to finish up this piece with some good dog advice for travelin' on the road. It's NOT just about the's NOT just about traveling from Point A to Point B...but it is ALSO about traveling FROM Point A TO Point B along the road!!! and that is my advice for today from this cruisin' dog.

So here's my most recent report of Point A TO Point B ....or a sidebar on our Taos trip.

Point A-----Apples. The Rio Grande Corridor is very well known for its tasty apples that are ready to pick and munch on every October. So Jill and I followed the river road and came across a sign "ROMERO'S ORCHARD". So...we decided it was time for a stop and a little exploration.

A stop at the barn by the orchard, and we were greeted by Mr. Romero himself. Seems that they have been growing tasty apples of all varieties for 3 generations.....and still going strong. He took us on a hike through the orchard, and then packed up a big bag of tasty sweet juicy apples for us to take home with us.

Hey....and let me tell you, those apples were good! Don't think a dog likes apples? Well, you would be wrong because this pudgy dog appreciates a good apple! Jill and I munched all the way back to Albuquerque!....but on to Point B! from my list.

Point B......BATHROOM BREAKS! Yep that's right. We dogs on the road need bathroom breaks....the more the merrier! (and hint for my doggie pals out there reading and learning how to travel on the road....sometimes when you are going through some gorgeous back is a good idea to start wiggling around. Works every time.) And there are many forest roads, service roads, quiet country lanes along the way in New Mexico, let me assure you!

So off the road we pull at the next side road. Once we are parked and have walked a ways down this quiet country lane, Jill let's me off the leash. OF COURSE it is very important that I follow through on my "wiggling strategy", so the first bush....the second bush...even the third bush I see, I make my mark on.....and then off I go exploring while Jill tags along.

And a good time was had by all!

Yep, it's not just about getting from Point A to Point B....BUT it is about creating Point A and B along the way!...and that's my lesson of the day!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Taos---rrrific's the real dog scoop.......or do I mean the real poop?!? matter what, Taos is good for the traveling canine! We found loads of fun things for me to do...but it all started at our overnight accommodation of choice.....the American Artist Gallery B&B. In addition to the fact that this posh place is "Pet Friendly"...well it's just doggone nice...that's what! Here I am outside before we checked in to our cozy casita. And since we hit Taos just after an early winter snowfall, there was a chill in the air...and that Pinon fire in our bedroom suite sure took the chill out of the air! And cozy too...what better way to spend an evening than in your room lounging in front of a crackling fire!

Morning time came around after a snoozy good night, and Jill goes off to the Main house for some tasty breakfast...said something about just for folks....harumph! anyway, I stayed in the car for a bit and watched the resident Peacock....yes you heard right.....strut and pose around their yard. That will certainly keep a dog entertained for awhile! So...a little while later (actually a big while later because she CAN be a bit gabby!) here comes Jill out to get me and what does she have in hand? Some tasty Bacon! Yep, that's downright dog friendly..and come to find out, Charles, the owner sent it to little ol' ME! Nope, they hadn't forgotten about me at all, thank Dogness!

We also hit the Plaza for fun things to see and do. Let me tell you...I recommend Bent Street...right off the Plaza. Wandering down the street, we came across a little boutique called Sapo..and what was right out front of the door? A dog bowl...filled with cool fresh water! Just for dog visitors! Now that's dowright my dog-book.....and sure dog-friendly as well! Not only do they put out the water, they even invited me into the shop! So while Jill was looking over the goods, I was making friends with other canine shoppers! just don't find that everywhere, now do you?

And right after that little goldmine dog discovery....well here we come upon a store DEDICATED to dogs! That's right. ..... 3 Dog Art Taos and get this...their motto is "Where Pets and People Are Family!" Well, they get a 5-paws rating from me! Not only are they friendly, but they have GREAT dog stuff! I left with a new squeaky ball (really squeaks good and loud too!) and some chicken favorite midnite snack! Wow...what a find.

Yep, I definitely recommend Bent Street for pooches in Taos! But for now, I'm getting hungry thinking about those tasty treats from to the kitchen and food bowl....

But as always,

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Mountains are Calling

Travelin' Jack on the Road! And off to Taos on a pet mission. Is Taos Pet-Friendly? A "RUFF" assignment fer sure.....but hey, some dog's gotta do it! And after all....that is why I get paid the big bones!

So, IS Taos pet-friendly? Well, we are about to find out! Jill and I took off from Santa Fe to Taos, following the Rio Grande and river road up to the mountains enjoying the views along the way!

Just look at this spectacular shot of the snow blanketed mountains peeking through the clouds...just as we were entering Taos! Had to stop at a road side picnic area to grab this shot. OF COURSE, I insisted that Jill pull off!

You know it is important to make those unplanned stops along the way. And it is true that part of the adventure is on the road! So my recommendation when you are traveling with your canine buddies....Stop often and stop to enjoy the view! Just a doggone crime to rush past these photo ops along the way...and hey, a bit of exploring and sniffing around the rest area is right up this pooch's favorite things to do!

gotta go now...lots more to sniff and snort about!

Doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Top Dog meets up with Top Tourism Dog!!!!

Travelin' Jack here with my bags packed and ready to roll!

We're off to Taos, but not before we prepare properly for a trip! That means research, research and more research! And what better place to check out the options than at the New Mexico Visitor Information Center.

Jill and I stopped in at the Santa Fe Visitor Information Center on our way north, checking out maps, Visitor Guides and the likes. And who did we meet up with? No less than THE TOP TOURISM DOG in New Mexico.....Cabinet Secretary Mike Cerletti! Talk about royal service. He stopped his important work to make sure I had all the right brochures and info for our trip! Doggone Good Service in my books!

I highly recommend this for your #2 important thing to do in planning a trip. What's #1 you ask? Well, going on line and checking out the maps, upcoming events, great things to do and places to go.....all that important stuff to ensure you have a 'top-dog' trip! Check it out's all there, just a paw click away at the New Mexico tourism website.

So get ready...get's four paws to the road...and off we go!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!