Friday, November 6, 2009

Taos---rrrific's the real dog scoop.......or do I mean the real poop?!? matter what, Taos is good for the traveling canine! We found loads of fun things for me to do...but it all started at our overnight accommodation of choice.....the American Artist Gallery B&B. In addition to the fact that this posh place is "Pet Friendly"...well it's just doggone nice...that's what! Here I am outside before we checked in to our cozy casita. And since we hit Taos just after an early winter snowfall, there was a chill in the air...and that Pinon fire in our bedroom suite sure took the chill out of the air! And cozy too...what better way to spend an evening than in your room lounging in front of a crackling fire!

Morning time came around after a snoozy good night, and Jill goes off to the Main house for some tasty breakfast...said something about just for folks....harumph! anyway, I stayed in the car for a bit and watched the resident Peacock....yes you heard right.....strut and pose around their yard. That will certainly keep a dog entertained for awhile! So...a little while later (actually a big while later because she CAN be a bit gabby!) here comes Jill out to get me and what does she have in hand? Some tasty Bacon! Yep, that's downright dog friendly..and come to find out, Charles, the owner sent it to little ol' ME! Nope, they hadn't forgotten about me at all, thank Dogness!

We also hit the Plaza for fun things to see and do. Let me tell you...I recommend Bent Street...right off the Plaza. Wandering down the street, we came across a little boutique called Sapo..and what was right out front of the door? A dog bowl...filled with cool fresh water! Just for dog visitors! Now that's dowright my dog-book.....and sure dog-friendly as well! Not only do they put out the water, they even invited me into the shop! So while Jill was looking over the goods, I was making friends with other canine shoppers! just don't find that everywhere, now do you?

And right after that little goldmine dog discovery....well here we come upon a store DEDICATED to dogs! That's right. ..... 3 Dog Art Taos and get this...their motto is "Where Pets and People Are Family!" Well, they get a 5-paws rating from me! Not only are they friendly, but they have GREAT dog stuff! I left with a new squeaky ball (really squeaks good and loud too!) and some chicken favorite midnite snack! Wow...what a find.

Yep, I definitely recommend Bent Street for pooches in Taos! But for now, I'm getting hungry thinking about those tasty treats from to the kitchen and food bowl....

But as always,

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

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