Thursday, November 12, 2009

Point A to Point B....along the road

RUFF.....travelin' Jack here again with more news from the road.

If you recall, Taos was our most recent road trip....and what fun it was, but want to finish up this piece with some good dog advice for travelin' on the road. It's NOT just about the's NOT just about traveling from Point A to Point B...but it is ALSO about traveling FROM Point A TO Point B along the road!!! and that is my advice for today from this cruisin' dog.

So here's my most recent report of Point A TO Point B ....or a sidebar on our Taos trip.

Point A-----Apples. The Rio Grande Corridor is very well known for its tasty apples that are ready to pick and munch on every October. So Jill and I followed the river road and came across a sign "ROMERO'S ORCHARD". So...we decided it was time for a stop and a little exploration.

A stop at the barn by the orchard, and we were greeted by Mr. Romero himself. Seems that they have been growing tasty apples of all varieties for 3 generations.....and still going strong. He took us on a hike through the orchard, and then packed up a big bag of tasty sweet juicy apples for us to take home with us.

Hey....and let me tell you, those apples were good! Don't think a dog likes apples? Well, you would be wrong because this pudgy dog appreciates a good apple! Jill and I munched all the way back to Albuquerque!....but on to Point B! from my list.

Point B......BATHROOM BREAKS! Yep that's right. We dogs on the road need bathroom breaks....the more the merrier! (and hint for my doggie pals out there reading and learning how to travel on the road....sometimes when you are going through some gorgeous back is a good idea to start wiggling around. Works every time.) And there are many forest roads, service roads, quiet country lanes along the way in New Mexico, let me assure you!

So off the road we pull at the next side road. Once we are parked and have walked a ways down this quiet country lane, Jill let's me off the leash. OF COURSE it is very important that I follow through on my "wiggling strategy", so the first bush....the second bush...even the third bush I see, I make my mark on.....and then off I go exploring while Jill tags along.

And a good time was had by all!

Yep, it's not just about getting from Point A to Point B....BUT it is about creating Point A and B along the way!...and that's my lesson of the day!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

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