Thursday, November 12, 2009

NM Ski I come

aaahhh...there's a nip in the air and some frost on the paws! and that got me to thinkin.......SKIING!!! And what better place to ski than in New Mexico! Great ski resorts around the state....even cross country skiing, fabulous scenery, great action on and off the slopes (so I hear through the dog-vine) and best of all very reasonable rates...compared to our snowy neighboring states!!!!

So, in my dog-intelligence, me-thinks it's time to check out the facts myself. What DO the ski resorts offer us canine slope puppies? And since it is still pre-season, I decided the BEST way to check out the facts was at the annual SKI SWAP in Albuquerque.

So I put on my Travel-Dog Back Pack and off we went to the Ski Swap. (hint no dogs allowed in the show, but I pulled out my 'press pass' credentials, my business card and Jill explained to the nice lady that I was there on a photo with a little dog-finagling, in we were at the 2009 Ski Swap!

I headed straight to the Ski Resort arena and went visiting with the various resorts to see how they would welcome me...and doggone it....I made some real finds!

For instance Red River has a great cross country ski resort called Enchanted Forest where they actually have some dog friendly trails. Gonna check that out once the snow starts flying! (hmmm...wonder if they make snowshoes for doggies?).

Anyway, while I was at the Red River booth, I fell in love. Yep, that's right...this pooch saw stars and snowflakes with this cute Snow Bunny, Lauren.....AND (let me clue you into a little bulldog secret)...if you hit the Red River Ski Area you might just be lucky and find her there...I hear she hangs out there a lot since she is the Marketing Manager! Boy, do I know how to pick 'em!

Pretty impressive, eh? This old dog....well young actually.....really learned one new trick at this ski show...and that is head to the hills.....Red River that is...and you're sure to find some doggone good bunnies and all!

...more on the Ski world in New Mexico soon, but signing off for now....

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!


  1. Hi Jack!!
    Switch the BoxerDog want's to invite you to come for a motorcycle run up the historic Pioneer Mining Rd in Red River NM. It is one of the most popular Forest Service Rds in Red and I like to run through the river and up the mountain. Come Play!!

    Switch the BoxerDog

  2. Thanks for coming to see us at the Red River booth, Jack! Can't wait until you and Jill have a chance to frolick in the snow with us this winter! See you soon!

  3., what bulldog wouldn't be thrilled with that invitation! Let's plan on boogying together soon!

    doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

    ps can't wait to come up to Red River...Jill clues me in that it is an awesome place!