Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Have Dog Will Travel".....FarewellTravels.com

Here is another article about Yours Truly...Travelin' Jack.  Why I was just so dog-cited to be featured in this great dog-blog website.  Just too doggone cool, eh?  So put on your readin' glasses for all the details...or hit the link to the actual website. 

These Paws Are Made For Traveling

By the Editors of FarewellTravels

When we started this section of the site a couple of months ago, we thought we'd just shine the spotlight on our readers' dogs who travel--whether it's in their home state or abroad. Little did we know that we'd be introduced to some seriously amazing canines, some who are professional travelers. Below we introduce you to three dogs who are always ready to roll.

What about your dog? Do you travel with your dog? If so, we'd like to meet him or her. Each month, we showcase dogs who travel. Some routinely jet down to Miami for winter weekends, others have done trans-Atlantic crossings. But most of them just like to get in the car and go on family road trips, sniffing around new beaches and trails wherever and whenever they can. We invite you to share a photo and a bit about your dog and have made it really simple. You can upload a photo and provide details (like those below) here. We'll be in touch with you if we need any additional details and to let you know when your dog will be included. We welcome all dogs who travel including big dogs, little dogs; pure breds and mixed breeds; puppies and dogs of a certain age.

Don't travel with a dog but love taking pictures of those you spot along the way? We also welcome photographs of dogs you see or meet while vacationing. Take a look at this pampered pup to the right. He's really got it made spending his days lounging in thermal baths and soaking up the Siena sun at the Fonteverde Natual Spa Resort in Italy. Wow.

Now, let's meet some of the travel professionals!

Jack la Lane   aka Travelin' Jack

Owner: Jill Lane

Breed: Olde English Bulldogge

Hometown: When not traveling, Jack divides his time between Albuquerque, New Mexico and the Elkhorn Lodge in Chama, New Mexico

Has traveled to: All over New Mexico, and some of Arizona and Colorado. He will be traveling cross country this summer to be a Dog-Speaker at the national BlogPaws Conference.

Favorite destination: Tough call. As New Mexico's Canine Tourism Ambassador, he would have to defer to the entire state. New Mexico's not called the Land of Enchantment for nuttin' after all! And because of New Mexico's dog-friendly environment, Jack has nicknamed it the "Land of Dog-Chantment".

A Travel "Tail": As New Mexico's Pet Travel Guru, Traveling Jack is always on the lookout for pet-friendly destinations, activities and venues. It's his #1 job to report on the state's canine travel and he takes his career very seriously. From pet travel tips, dog-fabulous lodging, tasty canine restaurants to unusual things to see and do on the road, New Mexico's Canine Travel Reporter is on the job 24/7/365. When he's not four paws to the road, he's on the settee catching a few zzzzzs. You can learn more about Jack's life at www.travlinjack.com.

Photo of Jack by Patricia Humphries

dog-friendly new england


Owners: Jane Pierce Saulnier

Breed: All-American Mutt

Hometown: Newburyport, MA

Has traveled to: Many destinations in New England

Favorite destination: As head researcher for New England Dog Travel, Mufasa loves to go anywhere that will have him but his particular favorites are boat rides to Gloucester, MA and visiting Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

A Travel "Tail": Mufasa and his owner share their travel ideas at New England Dog Travel.com.

Lily Cupcake

Owner: Justine Seligson

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Hometown: Westport, CT

Has traveled: Extensively in New England

Favorite destination: Compo Beach, Westport, Connecticut

A Travel "Tail": Lily is a model-in-residence at FarewellTravels.com. In a traveling household, she doesn't have much of a choice. She's expected to go places...and never complains.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fetch-Apalooza, Dog Dayz and Unlimited Fun!

It's Fetch-Apalooza!  The BIGGEST, the BEST Adopt-A-Thon Ever!  And if you missed it.....well too bad...so sad...you missed a doggone grand time!  Why there were dogs and cats and rabbits and just everything adoptable imaginable... from all over New Mexico.....and let me tell you! Things were a hoppin!  Why there were even some Celebs in the crowd!  I met up with RED RUFF.......not so sure I'm dog-dazzled by him....seems like he's a bit of dog-monster if ya ask me!  But he didn't do anything bad to any one or any dog...so guess he's OK in my books.  He works hard for Petco as their dog-ficial mascot. 

Petco was the main sponsor of the Big Deal which was held on the lawn at the Albuquerque Journal ...lots of grass, shady trees etc.  It was THE happening place this weekend.  Thanks PetCo...and thanks Journal! You really helped alot of furry kids!
I met up with lots and lots of nice folks......never fails to dog-stound me HOW many good people persons there are out there for the furry kids! Why did you know that in 2 days at Fetch-a-Palooza 416 pets found new Forever Families!  Now that's a BIG DEAL!  Good goin' Fetch-A-Palooza! Travelin' Jack was proud to be a little part of the big time action! I was supportin' the Albuquerque City Shelter this go round!  Good folks and lots of great critters!  One dog can never do e-ruff....er  ENOUGH! Thanks for buyin' my book ma'am....you know all the proceeds go to the shelter!
On Saturday I was at another fab dog shindig....Dog Dayz...a fund raiser for Watermelon Mountain Ranch. Now this was one dog-dandy day...let me tell you!  Not only did I help raise some funds for the furry kids...but I had LOADS of fun myself!  This was one dog-dandy day! 
First things first!  Had to have my toenails painted blue....oh no...wait you want a Paw Print?  WAIT just a minute....I don't think I agreed to that!  But here goes dipsy doodle toes in the paint!
And Voila!  Dog-Art!  Hmmmm...when I get tired of bein' a dog-journalist, maybe I'll become the next Van-Dog.  Oh YOU think I better keep my day job as Dog-Journalist and Dog-Governor do you?  Hmmm... I'll think about it!     
Now here was the Big Hoo-Haw of them all!  We were VERY dog-honored to be sharing the lawn with the good folks (and dogs) from Paws & Stripes. A WONDERFUL organization that helps Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) through the good work of a trained service dog.  Talk about an IMPORTANT  job.....
And here is the VIP (Very Important Pooch) of em all at Paws & Stripes.  None other than Staff Sargent Dallas Jordan....herself! And look at this will ya...she's a bully babe too! Sure does make me proud of my doggy heritage.  Dallas here's a super-dooper Jack Smack from li'l ol me. MMMWWWAAAHHH! 
And Here's Jack's Tip for the Day!  Wanna help out a Vet?  Check out Paws & Stripes...now THIS is one worthy cause!  
And there were games for pets....like this thing here....WHAT? You want me to crawl through that? DON'T think so...not in this dog-lifetime! I've never been the sporty over-achiever ya know!  I'm all about Brains and Brawn....not Agility!!!!!!

And we caught a glimpse of the Dog Parade.  Look at this fab setting will ya! It took place at the famed racing Unser family's very own fab  Museum grounds! Pretty nice place eh?  Loved the grassy campus myself!  All in all..this was one fab weekend of dog-to-do's! 
We helped raise some money for Watermelon Mountain Ranch
...and we saw lots of pets adopted at Fetch--apalooza.
...and there was fun all around!   
Now....I'm a tuckered dog-gent.....time to hit the snooze button!  ZZZZZZZZZZ...........

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time To Get A-Trackin' for Summer Travel Adventures!

Summertime....and the Travelin' is Easy!  And Hey There...I am one Ready-to-Roll pup!  Yep, Jill's not getting away without ME that's for sure!  But before we hit the road, she and I took a little trip to our local favorite Pup Store...to get READY for our Vacation Pet-Getaway!

So off we go to Albuquerque's Doggie Door Door Company....where I can find some of the newest hippest travel accessories........You know it's VERY dog-portant that we travel pups have all the right accoutrements when we hit the road on adventure.  
 Take a look at this snazzy leash.  It's a Wacky Walker leash....it stretches....so when I have to get to that special somethin' to sniff out, it moves with me...and keeps Jill standin' instead of being pulled around!  Now that is one doggone grand idea for the pooch and the person! 
 And what about those water adventures!  SAFETY FIRST...that's what I always bark about! Why doggies need life jackets too!  Check out this fab fit on this special doggie find......Gotta try it on for size to make sure it is a snuggle fit.....to protect me from any potential "DOG OVERBOARD" situations.  And I look pretty doggone handsome in bright yellow to...if I do say so myself!

Okay...so I have my brand new leash....my snazzy doggie life jacket...and of course all my other gear, like travel bowls, crates, bandannas, all the necessary travel stuff.  I'm now ready to hit the great water adventure spots in New Mexico.  Maybe we should go to Navajo Lake near Farmington......or maybe we should hit Elephant Butte Lake State Park for all their Memorial Day happenings....or maybe we should go up north to Heron Lake near Chama.......
But no matter where our next adventure takes us.....I'm stylin' in my new travel duds..and I'm ready to roll! 

And here's today's Travelin' Jack tip.....make sure to shop, buy and pack something brand new for your pup too when you plan your next that travel adventure!  We want to look good too ya know!  Now...LET'S HIT THE ROAD, JACK!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Little Helping Paw!

HOWDY there Travelin' Jack fans & friends!  It's that time again! Time for Travelin' Jack to get to work helping find new Forever Families for my furry friends awaitin' to be adopted.  And there are a whole slew of cutie pies out there!  Why just recently, I attended the Grand Re-Opening of the Eastside City Shelter.  The Mayor came to cut the ribbon together with my good pal, Director Barbara Bruin.  And a DOG-Dandy job they did of welcoming everyone and cuttin' that big ol' ribbon with a GI-GANTUOUS pair of scissors. Jill and I were just soakin' up the rays and the good times! 
Afterwards there were all sorts of fun things to do...why most EVERYONE who is ANYONE in the pet world was there....and of course the cute pups and kitties waitin' to be adopted. And GUESS WHAT...this little gal, NIKA was adopted that same day. She's now happily living in her new forever home with the Wilsons and their other pooch, Buster! So she is one happy gal! 
 It was a grand day.    

And it was a DOUBLE GRAND day for makin' people friends too!  Why, I just met the Koolest Kiddo ever--CAS! He and I made a KANINE KONNECTION to write home about!  He liked me...I LUVed him...and we were just there havin' a good ol' time..why it's one of my favorite things to do in the world....makin' NEW friends!  Thanks CAS for bein' my new bud!  You are Just the Dog's Meow....er somethin' like that!!!!! 

But that was LAST week.  We did adopt some furry kids but guess what!?! THERE's MORE out there waitin' for their new family......and this coming weekend is THE BIG weekend!  I'll be dog-ticipating in two.....2....fab animal events....and YOU ARE INVITED! 
The first one is a grand event for Watermelon Mountain Ranch.  WMR is Rio Rancho's NO-KILL shelter that does Dog-fabulous things for furry kids.  They take em in, they doctor em, they feed em, they love em ...but most of all, they look for great families for their four-footed kids.  This weekend they are hosting the 2nd annual DOG DAYZ  on Saturday, May 21st at Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School.  The address is 1776 Montano Blvd. NW and there are all sorts of fun things going on from 9AM to 1PM.

What kind of fun things you ask?  Well, there's a Puppy Parade, a Pet Obstacle Course, Pet Costume Contest......Breakfast, Lunch, Neat Things to buy for your Pet...and more! And ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT WATERMELON MOUNTAIN RANCH!

So dress up Fido...and head on over. I'll be there having a good time and Paw-digraphing my book...to benefit Watermelon Mountain Ranch too! 
AND it's double duty time!  On Saturday & Sunday, the Albuquerque City Shelter is hostin' New Mexico's LARGEST pet adoption and pet education event for ALL pet lovers in the state of New Mexico!   It's none other than FETCH-apaloozaAn all day event both Saturday & Sunday, May 21-22 from 10-4, it takes place on the lawn at the Albuqueruque Journal.  There will be pets of ALL sizes, shapes, color, and age! IF you've been hankerin' for a new family member...well, let me tell you-THIS is THE place to BEPetco will be there with other pet-style folks too!  It's goin' to be a SLAM-DOG-DUNK-DANDY DAY!  

And I'll be there on Sunday.....paw-digraphing my book....and of course....handin' out my slurpy kisses to whoever wants one! 

I'm hopin' to see you at either place...or better yet BOTH places! So come on over! We'll have a DOGGONE grand time, I dog-guarantee!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses.  

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Park....It's BARK IN THE PARK

Hello out there BASEBALL FANS!  Travelin' Jack....Roving Bulldog Reporter reporting here LIVE from the Isotopes Ball Park.  We're here for the 1st EVER "Bark In The Park" Day!  Now is that Doggone cool or what!?  And Hey...how do you like my 'Topes T-Shirt! Pretty snazzy eh?

And besides Bark in the Park....it's none other than MOTHER'S DAY! Now what...I ask...could possibly be better than spendin' the day at the ball park with your Person-Mom....catchin' some rays...and maybe even a fly ball!  Hey...check this out!  I caught a fly ball...EVEN with my back turned to the field!  Now that's some dog-dandy action if ya ask me!
Take a look at this crowd, wouldja? There must a been a dog-zillion pups here with their families...ALL havin' a grand time at the first ever "Bark in the Park" THANKS 'TOPES...for invitin' us pups to the party! We surely do dog-preciate the grand gesture!  And how did we say Thanks?  By being well-mannered dogs, that's how!  Why with about 200 dogs here (in my dog-estimation), I didn't see even one grumpy pup...and that's pretty doggone good in my books!
AW-OH....maybe I spoke too soon! Hey...are you sure you're a dog and not a horse?  Oh..you say you're a Great Dane...and your name is Thor?  Well, nice to meet you Thor...I'm Travelin' Jack!
Speakin' of makin' new  friends.......let me give you a Jack-Smack kissaroo, little Miss Annie!  SO glad to meet up with you here at the Park. LUV YA fer sure!

And of course, being the do-good  dog-bassador for my 4-footed furry friends, I had to check out the whole scene...and I came across the Animal Humane of New Mexico folks here at the ballpark.  Why they had an Adopt-a-thon for the 4-footed kids lookin' for a forever home.  AND they even had a sign-up table for their famous Tail Date Parties...Hey sign me up wouldja please?
Yep...a bee-u-tiful day at the Ball Park!  Thanks Isotopes....for invitin' us dogs to the game!  We do truly dog-preciate it! You're the BEST baseball team ever!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kallin' ALL Kids! Furry or NOT!

 Hey Travelin' Jack here to report that the Children's Fair at the Albuquerque Balloon Museum was one dog-dandy affair! I had loads of fun visitin' with all the kids and their folks who came by to see me!  It was MY job to gather the kids for my storytelling hour.....HEY KIDS OVER HERE!!!!!

That worked!!!! Why just take a look at this!  Not only did I gather the kids...but one of my Furry Buddies joined in on the fun.....ORBIT from the Isotopes Baseball Team!  WoW!  Talk about star power!  We were so excited that he was there......seems as if he likes my story!  And the furry kids at the shelter benefit, because we donate $$s to them from the sale of the book.

If YOU don't have a copy....here's how you can get one

www.travlinjack.com   and go to the STORE button...and VOILA! there it is! 

Oh...and I am so DOGGONE  excited because I...TRAVELIN' JACK am going to the Bark in the Park at the Isotopes THIS SUNDAY......it's my Mother's Day gift to Jill.....hope to see you there too!

YUP....one dog-dandy weekend of fun at the Balloon Museum...a great place to go and learn all about Albuquerque's favorite past-time...HOT AIR BALLOONS!

....now YOU better check it out yerself!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!