Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fetch-Apalooza, Dog Dayz and Unlimited Fun!

It's Fetch-Apalooza!  The BIGGEST, the BEST Adopt-A-Thon Ever!  And if you missed it.....well too bad...so sad...you missed a doggone grand time!  Why there were dogs and cats and rabbits and just everything adoptable imaginable... from all over New Mexico.....and let me tell you! Things were a hoppin!  Why there were even some Celebs in the crowd!  I met up with RED RUFF.......not so sure I'm dog-dazzled by him....seems like he's a bit of dog-monster if ya ask me!  But he didn't do anything bad to any one or any dog...so guess he's OK in my books.  He works hard for Petco as their dog-ficial mascot. 

Petco was the main sponsor of the Big Deal which was held on the lawn at the Albuquerque Journal ...lots of grass, shady trees etc.  It was THE happening place this weekend.  Thanks PetCo...and thanks Journal! You really helped alot of furry kids!
I met up with lots and lots of nice folks......never fails to dog-stound me HOW many good people persons there are out there for the furry kids! Why did you know that in 2 days at Fetch-a-Palooza 416 pets found new Forever Families!  Now that's a BIG DEAL!  Good goin' Fetch-A-Palooza! Travelin' Jack was proud to be a little part of the big time action! I was supportin' the Albuquerque City Shelter this go round!  Good folks and lots of great critters!  One dog can never do e-ruff....er  ENOUGH! Thanks for buyin' my book ma'am....you know all the proceeds go to the shelter!
On Saturday I was at another fab dog shindig....Dog Dayz...a fund raiser for Watermelon Mountain Ranch. Now this was one dog-dandy day...let me tell you!  Not only did I help raise some funds for the furry kids...but I had LOADS of fun myself!  This was one dog-dandy day! 
First things first!  Had to have my toenails painted blue....oh no...wait you want a Paw Print?  WAIT just a minute....I don't think I agreed to that!  But here goes dipsy doodle toes in the paint!
And Voila!  Dog-Art!  Hmmmm...when I get tired of bein' a dog-journalist, maybe I'll become the next Van-Dog.  Oh YOU think I better keep my day job as Dog-Journalist and Dog-Governor do you?  Hmmm... I'll think about it!     
Now here was the Big Hoo-Haw of them all!  We were VERY dog-honored to be sharing the lawn with the good folks (and dogs) from Paws & Stripes. A WONDERFUL organization that helps Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) through the good work of a trained service dog.  Talk about an IMPORTANT  job.....
And here is the VIP (Very Important Pooch) of em all at Paws & Stripes.  None other than Staff Sargent Dallas Jordan....herself! And look at this will ya...she's a bully babe too! Sure does make me proud of my doggy heritage.  Dallas here's a super-dooper Jack Smack from li'l ol me. MMMWWWAAAHHH! 
And Here's Jack's Tip for the Day!  Wanna help out a Vet?  Check out Paws & Stripes...now THIS is one worthy cause!  
And there were games for pets....like this thing here....WHAT? You want me to crawl through that? DON'T think so...not in this dog-lifetime! I've never been the sporty over-achiever ya know!  I'm all about Brains and Brawn....not Agility!!!!!!

And we caught a glimpse of the Dog Parade.  Look at this fab setting will ya! It took place at the famed racing Unser family's very own fab  Museum grounds! Pretty nice place eh?  Loved the grassy campus myself!  All in all..this was one fab weekend of dog-to-do's! 
We helped raise some money for Watermelon Mountain Ranch
...and we saw lots of pets adopted at Fetch--apalooza.
...and there was fun all around!   
Now....I'm a tuckered dog-gent.....time to hit the snooze button!  ZZZZZZZZZZ...........

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

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  1. Yes this is so fun for dog. Had to have my toenails painted blue....oh no...wait you want a Paw Print? WAIT just a minute....I don't think I agreed to that! But here goes dipsy doodle toes in the paint!