Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time To Get A-Trackin' for Summer Travel Adventures!

Summertime....and the Travelin' is Easy!  And Hey There...I am one Ready-to-Roll pup!  Yep, Jill's not getting away without ME that's for sure!  But before we hit the road, she and I took a little trip to our local favorite Pup get READY for our Vacation Pet-Getaway!

So off we go to Albuquerque's Doggie Door Door Company....where I can find some of the newest hippest travel accessories........You know it's VERY dog-portant that we travel pups have all the right accoutrements when we hit the road on adventure.  
 Take a look at this snazzy leash.  It's a Wacky Walker when I have to get to that special somethin' to sniff out, it moves with me...and keeps Jill standin' instead of being pulled around!  Now that is one doggone grand idea for the pooch and the person! 
 And what about those water adventures!  SAFETY FIRST...that's what I always bark about! Why doggies need life jackets too!  Check out this fab fit on this special doggie find......Gotta try it on for size to make sure it is a snuggle protect me from any potential "DOG OVERBOARD" situations.  And I look pretty doggone handsome in bright yellow to...if I do say so myself! I have my brand new snazzy doggie life jacket...and of course all my other gear, like travel bowls, crates, bandannas, all the necessary travel stuff.  I'm now ready to hit the great water adventure spots in New Mexico.  Maybe we should go to Navajo Lake near Farmington......or maybe we should hit Elephant Butte Lake State Park for all their Memorial Day happenings....or maybe we should go up north to Heron Lake near Chama.......
But no matter where our next adventure takes us.....I'm stylin' in my new travel duds..and I'm ready to roll! 

And here's today's Travelin' Jack tip.....make sure to shop, buy and pack something brand new for your pup too when you plan your next that travel adventure!  We want to look good too ya know!  Now...LET'S HIT THE ROAD, JACK!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

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