Monday, April 25, 2011

Flying Star Earns Travelin' Jack's 5 PAWS Rating

This dog-scriminating canine culinary expert is here to share the BIG SECRET with you! Flying Star Cafe has it all! Yup...this PUP is 'star'-struck by all the good things a-happenin' there.

Lookin' for great people food? Well....look no farther. Flying Star is known for their scrumptious salads and their delectable desserts....not to mention EVERYTHING ELSE on their menu too (that tip from Jill)!
And the good news...with nine locations in Albuquerque area and Santa Fe.... "You're never far from a flying star!"

So...we decided to check out the scene the other day. DOG-obviously I am not the only pup-in-the-know when it comes to Flying Star...there were other smart pooches there takin' in the scenery and the good times.

Ah...but here's the real thing! Doggie buscuits for the visiting pooches...and Flying Star's tasty people cookie.....with their very own super dooper fundraiser for Animal Humane of New Mexico. Its the 7th Annual "Buy A Cookie-Save a Life" cookie campaign!

Each year in April, Flying Star Cafe creates and sells this tastee-licious signature cookie and a portion of the cookie sales proceeds go to the kanine and kittie kids at AHNM. Now that's what I call a "TASTEFUL" fund-raiser, eh? Talk about a 'sweet' cause!
..and talking about sweet! Here's my favorite Flying Star server...serving up some fresh water and a tasty doggie biscuit JUST for li'l ol me! I better make sure to be on my BEST behavior...don't want to miss out on this grand treat!

Yup Flying Star earns the highly prestigous Travelin' Jack 5-PAWS rating...for lots of reasons...a great Pet-io dining experience for the dog and his person....great food all around...and fab-tabulous fundraisers like their signature cookie.

But...hey...don't take MY word for's my tip for the day....You'd better 'fly' over to the closest 'star' and check out all the tasty goings-on at Flying Star Cafe. You won't be disappointed...I dog-guarantee!

Doggie hugs and 'sweet' slurpy kisses!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

PeePster Bunny Jack

After a LONG night of delivering Easter Eggs, the Easter Doggie settles down for a nap....with his very FAV Easter Treat....Peeps...WHAT ELSE? Recovered from his nap, he wants you to know that THESE Peeps are For HIM...and NO ONE ELSE!!!!!

Happy Easter to ALL!!!!!

Doggie Hugs and PeePs Sweet Kisses!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Major League EVENT for dogS!!!!!

Now this is JUST TOO DOGGONE COOL! Guess what dogs can do on May 8th, right here in Albuquerque!?!?

Here's a hint...put on your rally cap.....start singin'......Take Me Out to the Ball Game.......Take Me out with the Crowd!!!!!

If you guessed A Dog-Day at the Isotopes Ball Park YOU WOULD BE RIGHT! The 'Topes are openin' the game to the dogs!

It's Albuquerque's 1st-ever "BARK IN THE PARK". and dogs can come join the fun at Isotopes Park.

Now here's a bit of good advice from this dog-reporter. This is a VERY SPECIAL let's not blow it! All dogs must be on their best behavior.....and all the normal good doggie etiquette park rules apply. AND the dogs get in free on their owners purchased ticket! Your person needs to sign a release form (that's easy!), buy their ticket...and bring you canine kids out to the park for a fun day of Baseball! Here's the details right from the Topes!

Look for me there! I WOULDN'T miss this for ALL the dog bones in the world! I'll be sportin' my brand new Isotopes T-Shirt! See ya at the BallGame!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Travel Tips from a Travelin' Pooch

Well, Springtime is dog-ficially here...and that means summer vacation is JUST around the corner. So, this travel-savvy dog is goin' to share some great tips on travelin' with your pooch! And here is Tip #1.......DON'T wait for vacation to begin. Start Now...doggone it! And that means gettin' your little Fluffy ready ahead of time! 1) Start with: taking your doggie on short trips around town. That way he gets used to ridin' in the car. Easy eh? And so too will traveling with your pooch be! 2)And don't forget those potty training walks too. WHAT is that you ask? Well, Fluffy knows full well how to go to the bathroom in the backyard..but what about strange places? He needs to get ready to sniff out that right spot on a leash in a strange locale. So...the easy answer......take him on walks in unusual places around your neighborhood or town. Take that pooper scooper or doggie pick-up bags with you...and off you go to teach Fluffy how to GO-ON-THE-GO! That is by discovering different places for preparation for those little vacation potty stops. 3) Is Fluffy crate trained? He should be! And that is easy. Just leave that crate in the living room with the door open, his favorite blanket and toys...and watch him snuggle down for little cat naps (or is that a doggie doze?) during the day. That way, when you pack the crate in the car...and unpack it in the hotel room...VOILA! Fluffy's home-away-from-home is his familiar crate. Works every time! ..... And those are today's tips. Stay tuned for more tips from Travelin' Jack. I'll share with you MY favorite travel secrets.....just so you can be a real hero to your Fluffy...come vacation time! Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Put Your Bones Where Your Bark Is!

That's dog-chat translated into people talk as "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!" And WHAT you ask does that mean? Well it's a long dog's tale....of takin' action about what yer sayin!
You know I am always promotin' Adoption from Shelters, right?
Well, I was sittin' around the house the other day, contemplatin' life...and Jill and I decided to donate some things to the City Shelter. So off we go, to visit the Albuquerque Eastside City Shelter...and visit with the Grand Dame of the place, Director, Ms. Barbara Bruin. Well just as we are entering her office....what do I see but this littlle guy sitting there nice and pretty.
So, I decide to take a closer look. Now you may think "dogs don't like cats"...but hey Travelin' Jack's here to dispel that myth......not true at all!
Once dogs and cats get to know each other and live in the same family...why, we can be BEST of Friends!!!!
So Miss Barbara, the kitty and I get up close and personal...and I start askin' lots of know, bein' the snoopy dog reporter that I am. Come to find out..this grand little guy....might have been headed for DEATH ROW if the good director had not intervened. See, she saw somethin' about this little guy so she jumped in and fostered him right in her very own TOP-DOG office till the right family came along.

Why do some good little kitties and doggies end up on Death Row, you ask? Well, for one thing, there are just too many animals needing homes....especially Kitties... and also this poor little guy was diagnosed by the Pet Doc as having Feline Leukemia. And that's not a good thing!

HMMM I I start to talk to Miss Barbara about the WHYS and the HOWS and all those doggone important things....and then whadya know.......

but SHE starts interviewing see if I would make a good dog-brother to this little kitty. Well, as I sat there contemplatin' the whole thing, and she filled me in on the fact that doggies can't get feline leukemia, which is a good thing in MY Dog Diary. So I start to thinkin'.... "if I don't adopt this little guy he might not live to see another sunshiney day"...and that was all it took.

Yep, I said...."Where do I paw-digraph on the dotted line?"

And before you could blink a dog-blink.... we were a happy little family. And Miss Barbara is handing him off to us to bring home...YAH!!! Another kitty finds a home!!!! And I, Travelin' Jack, now have a new kitty brother! Double YAH!!!!!
Once home he needed to check out things....I just watched quietly from my favorite settee and what does he decide to do....
...but come check it out...and me too.....
and before you know it....we settled down nice and cozy for a little 'cat-nap' (GET IT? kitty cat joke!?!)

So after a nice little snooze together, we'll get on with important namin' my new does Oscar sound? I DO LIKE the ring of that OSCAR he is and we are SOoooo doggone happy to have him in our family! Now maybe...just maybe...YOU should be thinkin' about adoptin' from the shelter too! And you too can save a pet's life!

Yep, it's true..Travelin' Jack is not all bark... I do indeedy put my bones where my bark is!

Doggie hugs, slurpy kisses...and sweet kitty dreams!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

TWO Time Trekking Alamogordo Way!

Whew I one pooped out Pooch! Just back from my 2nd trip to Alamogordo in two weeks....busy schedule I'm on these days ya know! No slackin' for this pupparoo!

What's in Alamogordo for a pooch and their peoples to do, yer askin'? Well...LOTS---that's what!!!! Maybe some fun tracking and tromping through the sand for this pup..........and speaking of tracks...where's the best place to run, slide and play in a gigan-tuous sand box? That would be White Sands National Monument of course!

Here's a dog-tip for all you trivia fanatics. Did you know that White Sands National Monument is the LARGEST gypsum dunefield in the WORLD!?!? It is....that's a fact. And you can bet it's true if this doggaroo is reporting.... All 275 acres of the white stuff!!!

And, here's another tip----it's not even cold on yer paws!

Yippee-I-O! LET'S GO...

.... run through the sand!!!

Picnic time at White Sands. Look at these cool picnic shadey spots. Just right for my mid-day munchies......tie outs for doggies too! Now that's what I call plannin' for the dog in your family!

Take a look at this family rompin' in the white sand....hmmm wonder how many grains of sand there are at White Sands???? Why don't you head down there....count them...and get back to me.... I'll add that extra bit of trivia to my report!

But on with work. This rompin' in the sand is just too much like fun. And as we all know this dog is a workin' boy....writin' books, raisin' moneys for the furry kids who need help...all that good stuff...SO, my second trip to Alamogordo was a quick run down to the local Hastings store to paw-digraph and sell my book, "Travelin' Jack's Story...From Shelter to Star". It's all about the shelter kids...and the proceeds (that would be money of course) goes to animal shelters. In this case...we helped out Animal Village of Alamogordo. It's a great No-Kill Shelter doing LOTS of doggone grand things for my canine and kitty cousins.
We had a super-dooper fun time with all the visitors. Sold about 75 books no is my paw tired from all that paw-digraphing! But it was ALL worth it because not only did we raise some needed $$s for them....why even 3 puppies got new homes and families as a result of the event! YAH....WoW-zee Gazowie....and all those good things!!!!!

And If you are so inclined YOU can help out too!




They're ALL good for the furry kids who need help. AND you'll be my newest BFF!!!!!

Now on to the next dog-venture...see ya' round the block!!! It's a RUFF job...but ya know...some dog's gotta do it AND That would be ME....Travelin' Jack.

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Dog Unearths Unknown Dangerous Serpent!!!!

The day started out nice...just watchin' the ol' telly for the latest morning news...when WHAT crawls up right on top of me? This ferocious serpent somehow got into our house.....BUT NEVER FEAR.......Wonder Dog is Here! I, Travelin' Jack grab this wild and "woolly" vicious serpent and head out to the back yard.
I take him on Face matter those big bulgy eyes are starin' me down....
Then I bravely move to the thrashing tail....this one's not gettin' away from Travelin' way!
Yes, I'LL give YOU a thrashin' you mean ol' serpent!
Whew...Think I conquered him! That's a relief......
OH....but here's one last attempt by this wild wiggly thing....I'm gettin' to him big time now...and check this out will ya? He's got fuzzy white guts no less!
Yep...he's dead. I done did him in....and THE WORLD IS ONCE AGAIN SAFE! Oh...and happy APRIL 1st!