Sunday, April 3, 2011

TWO Time Trekking Alamogordo Way!

Whew I one pooped out Pooch! Just back from my 2nd trip to Alamogordo in two weeks....busy schedule I'm on these days ya know! No slackin' for this pupparoo!

What's in Alamogordo for a pooch and their peoples to do, yer askin'? Well...LOTS---that's what!!!! Maybe some fun tracking and tromping through the sand for this pup..........and speaking of tracks...where's the best place to run, slide and play in a gigan-tuous sand box? That would be White Sands National Monument of course!

Here's a dog-tip for all you trivia fanatics. Did you know that White Sands National Monument is the LARGEST gypsum dunefield in the WORLD!?!? It is....that's a fact. And you can bet it's true if this doggaroo is reporting.... All 275 acres of the white stuff!!!

And, here's another tip----it's not even cold on yer paws!

Yippee-I-O! LET'S GO...

.... run through the sand!!!

Picnic time at White Sands. Look at these cool picnic shadey spots. Just right for my mid-day munchies......tie outs for doggies too! Now that's what I call plannin' for the dog in your family!

Take a look at this family rompin' in the white sand....hmmm wonder how many grains of sand there are at White Sands???? Why don't you head down there....count them...and get back to me.... I'll add that extra bit of trivia to my report!

But on with work. This rompin' in the sand is just too much like fun. And as we all know this dog is a workin' boy....writin' books, raisin' moneys for the furry kids who need help...all that good stuff...SO, my second trip to Alamogordo was a quick run down to the local Hastings store to paw-digraph and sell my book, "Travelin' Jack's Story...From Shelter to Star". It's all about the shelter kids...and the proceeds (that would be money of course) goes to animal shelters. In this case...we helped out Animal Village of Alamogordo. It's a great No-Kill Shelter doing LOTS of doggone grand things for my canine and kitty cousins.
We had a super-dooper fun time with all the visitors. Sold about 75 books no is my paw tired from all that paw-digraphing! But it was ALL worth it because not only did we raise some needed $$s for them....why even 3 puppies got new homes and families as a result of the event! YAH....WoW-zee Gazowie....and all those good things!!!!!

And If you are so inclined YOU can help out too!




They're ALL good for the furry kids who need help. AND you'll be my newest BFF!!!!!

Now on to the next dog-venture...see ya' round the block!!! It's a RUFF job...but ya know...some dog's gotta do it AND That would be ME....Travelin' Jack.

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

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