Saturday, April 16, 2011

Major League EVENT for dogS!!!!!

Now this is JUST TOO DOGGONE COOL! Guess what dogs can do on May 8th, right here in Albuquerque!?!?

Here's a hint...put on your rally cap.....start singin'......Take Me Out to the Ball Game.......Take Me out with the Crowd!!!!!

If you guessed A Dog-Day at the Isotopes Ball Park YOU WOULD BE RIGHT! The 'Topes are openin' the game to the dogs!

It's Albuquerque's 1st-ever "BARK IN THE PARK". and dogs can come join the fun at Isotopes Park.

Now here's a bit of good advice from this dog-reporter. This is a VERY SPECIAL let's not blow it! All dogs must be on their best behavior.....and all the normal good doggie etiquette park rules apply. AND the dogs get in free on their owners purchased ticket! Your person needs to sign a release form (that's easy!), buy their ticket...and bring you canine kids out to the park for a fun day of Baseball! Here's the details right from the Topes!

Look for me there! I WOULDN'T miss this for ALL the dog bones in the world! I'll be sportin' my brand new Isotopes T-Shirt! See ya at the BallGame!

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